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  1. hi all.i was the person who sold him the ram. i did have that ram up to 270fsb at no more than 2.8 volts, with more relaxed timings on my expert board,with an opty 170. never a problem. it took me a lot of testing,etc,and learning all the bios settings. what i realized is that 1 mem setting,if not set right and you would receive memtest errors. dave contacted me thru email,and i told him i would help him out as much as possible.it has been a few months now since switching back to intel,so i am really out of the loop with dfi amd boards. i see he has been getting some great advice here,and hopefully this gets resolved. roger
  2. 1 more karajan sound module available!!. i found it today rummaging thru some parts. infektion has dibs if he still wants it,otherwise its available. cover the shiiping and its yours.
  3. lol sry man.ya snooze ya lose.
  4. okay.1x sound module shipped to pattobw last week. a whole box of dfi stuff,out tomorrow to soundX98
  5. pms replied to. i also have 1x sli bridge thanks
  6. hello all.i have some misc dfi parts i no longer need io plates for venus,expert etc karajan sound modules 2 or 3? cover the shipping and we are good. nothing will be shipped out till after xmas. i am in canada fwiw. no longer using dfi,or amd so i am just trying to clean some of this out,or it just gets tossed. lmk
  7. the person i bought the board from is a top trader,has never sold a doa piece. the board was tested by him,and it worked fine. he gave me a phone # in the usa,i will make contact about an rma,and even though i am not original owner perhaps they will help me out
  8. hello.i will try an provide all pertinent info 1st time starting up my venus board barebones -1 stick ram -vid-8800gts640 -hd all connectors plugged in on psu-1st go round was with an ocz700 watt i cannot access the bios screen at all at 1st i had the 4 leds on the diagnostic -cpu was an opty 170,so i switched to an x2 3800, -i did a long cmos clear as per the guides here,before i 1st fired it up i tried 1st a 1 gig stick of ocz-orange slot farthest from cpu next i tried a 512 stick i have tried 3 cards-8800to7800gtx-to a 6800 i then put in a pcpnc 750 quad same thing-no bios screen,and it will vary on the diagnostic leds from 4 lit up to only 1 this setup is on a tech station fyi. this board was bought 2nd hand. i have no 2nd monitor to try,but i have tried to do everything i can to get this board running.any help here appreciated.
  9. rj2


    well i got it working-here is what i did. set in bios 8-4-nc-8 booted up with 1 card.uninstalled drivers shut down.put in 2nd card and bridge start up,installed drivers.i am using 158.22 with the old control panel. i never did get the message about sli on the desktop after the 2nd startup but it is working.
  10. rj2


    the monitor is connected to the top card i can boot into safe mode floppy connector is plugged in
  11. rj2


    i will try doing that all at once and see what happens.when i tried to set the bios to 84nc8,i would get a black screen as the os was loading.set it back to the 2-16 and it would post fine.
  12. rj2


    that option is not there currently.playing around with this is driving me bonkers LOL
  13. Hello all. Playing around with 2 bfg 7800gtx cards-256mb Trying to get sli going,with no luck so far.i will try and post all info I can think of. I have searched a long time here today with no luck Mb-dfi sli dr-expert bios 4062006 Psu-750watt quad silencer Drivers are 163.44 Here is what I have done,and where I am at. Installed card 1 in top slot-installed drivers Shut down. Install 2nd card bottom slot-install drivers Shut down-put sli bridge on-seated firmly Start up enter the bios Sli aperture is set to auto Reboot,get to desktop -no message about sli-enabled devmngr shows both cards properly ntune shows both cards in the temp readout tab,but nothing else in regards to two cards being present. I have switched the cards top-to bottom WHAT AM I MISSING HERE??
  14. thnx for reply.i have split off the rpm sensor on fans before,and ran it off a fan controller,just ends being a little cleaner-wiring wise this way. thanks again
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