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  1. From the album: ServaLan

    I cut out the section at the rear of the case to fit in the switch, I made sure that I left a tab at either end that I could bend over to attach the front plate of the switch to. A couple of hours with a hack saw, and appart from the aching arms I had a pretty clean hole. Bent the tabs with the pliers and slotted the switch in from the inside, attached the switch front panel to the case with some case screws and the switch to the front panel with it's original screws. it looks pretty tidy but it needs a sand down to remove some burrs. Stage One Complete.
  2. From the album: ServaLan

    This is a mock up of the placement of the second motherboard. There is no backing plate on this side so I will need to fabricate one. I have an urge to go with plexiglass just for effect. This board will be running the game servers so I don't need access to all of the ports. Administration is done through VNC or RDP so all I need is the network leadpassed out the back and routed to the switch.
  3. From the album: ServaLan

    This is the Front panel that attaches to the chassis. The louvres on the left are a perfect fit for a 140mm Fan. They are deep enough to easily accommodate the fan outside the chassis. Cut out 5 louvres and the fan slides in easy leaving enough room in front of the fan for some filter material. The fan filters will be custom made to fill the holes that I'm left with.
  4. CrackJiver

    Case Rear

    From the album: ServaLan

    The case originally housed a PSU and a redundant backup on the lower left, I plan to use this space to fit a second motherboard to be used as the game server. This also shows the vented panel I intend to cut out for the switch to go in.
  5. From the album: ServaLan

    This is the mock up of the switch fitting inside the case. There is a nice vented panel along side the expansion slots that I plan on cutting out to fit the switch inside the case.
  6. From the album: ServaLan

    This is the front of the chassis. The 80mm fan fittings are getting a make over. The door panel is deep enough to accommodate 140mm fan on the outside of the chassis instead of on the inside. The metal grill holes already in the case will be cut out to allow a better flow of air. Dust filters will be fitted on the outside of the case for ease of cleaning.
  7. From the album: ServaLan

    The plan is to take this double wide case and add two motherboards a gigabit switch and a shed load of drives to make a semi portable Rack unit for our Lan party. NinjaGeeks Lan Party
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