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  1. The jumper on my WD 200Gb drive was really small and I could not see it when the drive was in the case. The Nvidia driver in the "Device Manager" has additional property pages that allow you to force SATA2. That said I never got much more than 190 throughput from the supposed 300 of SATA2.
  2. I had dropped my Ballistix timings to 3-3-3-8 1T so I could over clock and have found that they run a lot more stable at those timings so I left them there. When I won another two sticks I just put them in and set it to 2T, ran up memtest and found no errors. It will be interesting to see your final timings because I have the same RAM setup.
  3. You could try running one of the Live Linux distributions to see if the HDD's are in fact causing a problem. You would have a complete OS running from RAM and then you could see if it stays up longer. I believe Linux is more thouough in it's use of RAM than Windows is and can show up memory problems more readily. (windows tends to use the lower memory addresses where as linux cycles through all of memory) Try Ubuntu which is Debian based and quite fully featured. I use it to run BF2 and BF2142 servers for our LAN Parties.
  4. You could check that the poere button wire is connected to the correct Mobo header. It could be that it on the wrong pins and is effectively shorting out the PSU and causing it to trip out. Try the mobo power button instead of the case one to try this theory. Bottom right of the mobo.
  5. Could be that your router is not detecting the computer because it is powered off. Try using cheap eternet HUB between the laptop and the desktop computer because it will forward all traffic onto the desktop regardless. Also... With the desktop powered off, logon to the router and see if the router shows it as an attached device. The router might have the facility to reserve IP addresses based on MAC addresses so you set the computer to use DHCP and the router assigns the same IP every time. or... The router might have the facility to assign a static route so that the IP address is assumed to always be available in case the router cannot detect it automatically.
  6. There is a setting called something like "power off method" with the options "instant off" or "delay 4 seconds". The delay 4 seconds enables windows to handle the power off request according to the settings you choose on the Power saving options. Holding the power button for 4 seconds will cause the mobo to cut power giving you the ability to still shutdown when windows hangs.
  7. count your blessings and wait till it dies then get a Core 2 Duo or what ever is the next greatest thing from AMD-ATI
  8. http://www.techadvice.com/tech/B/BeepCode.htm Did you try loading the optimized defaults after the CMOS clear or setting the timings manually for the ram modules you have in at the time?
  9. Check any fan headers you have connected, in cast the pins are shorting. If the PSU comes on then stops, it sounds like a short somewhere.
  10. I had power issues with my DFI when I first got it and tried running off an Akassa Pure Power 400W. The Vid card would corrupt the screen in squares, parts of the text got scrambled on all buttons and things were unreadable until I rebooted. It is your PSU, The hotter they get the lower the output because their efficiency drops with heat. When I got my current OCZ PSU it fixed a bunch of cold boots, and corruptions and reboots under load. Trust these guys they have been doing this sort of thing for quite a while now.
  11. 250x10 ldtx4 cas 3-3-3-8 was the best stable I got, for the whole system. The Ballistix would memtest up to 312Mhz but I could not boot at that speed. I was hoping for a 270x9 overclock but the temperatures were getting a bit hot and BF2142 would not run for more than 2 mins. I hit 6000 in 3D06 which I am pleased with.
  12. Not likely, Like I said, I tried for a few weeks of and on to try to get the combo of 1Gb(2x512) Crucial and 1Gb(2x512) Corsair working but gave up in the end. The ballistix operate at 2.8v and the Crucial at 2.6v so you will be undevolting one set or overvolting the other. Same for the timings, one set will be running out of spec so it is not likely to work consistently. Your safest way off going to 2Gb is to get 2x1Gb sticks Dabs 2Gb is not that much more than the 1Gb(2x512) Scan.co.uk are quite reasonable as well as cclonline
  13. The Ghost support for USB is inbuilt in the Ghost application "-forceusb" causes ghost to use it's driver to talk to USB disks. The support was mainly intended to ghost directly to CDR to produce a backup. An alternative to Bart's PE with much more support and functionality is a Linux Live CD, Knoppix, Mandriva, Ubuntu to name a few all support booting from the CD and running from RAM so you can use the archiving tools built in to the distribution to backup your hard drives. Because it is a full implementation of the OS you have full access to USB 2.0 drivers and speeds. Bart's PE is a halfway house between Windows and a Live CD. You could also look at Ultimate Boot CD for Win (UBCDWIN) which does much the same sort of thing. Perhaps if you take a step back and ask yourself the question: What is the overall goal of the exercise? You might be able to see a different solution. I have used Ghost extensively in my work and there are a number of shortcommings that I find hard to accept but it meets the requirements so we use it.
  14. No, It doesn't work. I tried that exact combination and the timings and the voltages are too different between the Corsair and the Crucial for them to work. It will boot with all them in but only sees 1Gb. The Ballistix runs fine in my rig at 250X10 but I had to loosen the timings to 3-3-3-8. At 2-2-2-6 they would not boot past 213. I was not all that upset when they wouldn't work because I won the Ballistix at our LAN party. (shameless plug:))
  15. search is your friend turorial on cleaning and applying AS to chipset fan http://www.angrygames.com/chipset_clean-1.htm
  16. If your mem is anything like mine, which it sounds like it is, it would not go above 213 at cas 2. I loosened this up to 2.5 and dropped the cpu multiplier and pushed the FSB up to 250. The overclocking guide is very good and extremely detailed. I can't stress enough the benefit of reading and understanding it. (Print it out first so you have it on hand for that piece of info that could get your rig uo again following a tweek too far.) Just giving you numbers to try could fry your rig so it is best that you experiment and note the difference shown im memtest and the like.
  17. Make sure you get the red jumper not the blue one next to the onboard beeper. One nights frustration after setting my memory timings too tight and jumpering the onboard speaker on and off only to have a Homer moment and get it right the next morning.
  18. The Overdrive of CCC upps the clocks when full screen 3D apps start up. If You use "ATI Tray Tool" you can set up a hardware monitor to draw a graph of the Clock speeds and GPU temperature over time and you'll see them jump up when the tests start and down again when they stop. It keeps the card from cooking all the time. I believe "ATI Tool" sets the clocks for 2D Apps as well but I could be wrong.:confused:
  19. I had to do the same because of "Delayed Write Failure" while trting to write to my Wifes MP3 player. It seems that there is a windows bug that causes problems with USB 1.1 devices connected to 2.0 hubs and as the MOBO has an internal hub all the sockets are effectively through a hub. thinks: could have been bad taste in music Give it a couple of days and then change the thread title to RESOLVED:
  20. I can second that. My Toxic Cooler is in the first slot to try and keep any air in the resevoir away from the water block. 3D06 hit 5999 in either slot but the CPU won't stay stable enough to get that last point.:sad: Benches are all well and good but they are not all that much fun to play. Guildwars easily tops 150Fps (max settings) Fear 100% over 40Fps (max computer and Video Settings) Half Life Lost coast 118Fps This card really put a on my face when I got it.
  21. It will overhang the chipset fan a bit but there is enough clearance to allow the fan to operate correctly. Welcome to the street. You might want to create a signature with the proposed kit in it to give all here more info.
  22. If you are using a USB Hub it might have gone titsup and be causing a problem. I saw one where one of the 4 contacts in a socket got bent out of shape and sometimes caused the comp to fail during statrup. You could try to set the USB mode to 1.1 or enable/disable USB support keyboard/mouse support in the bios. When it is enabled the BIOS controls USB KB/Mouse, When it is disabled Windows takes control of them. Part way through my startup the keyboard lights go out and then come back on indicating when Windows takes over from the BIOS. It sounds like a windows problem. You could try installing the NForce 4 Chipset drivers again.
  23. I thought the manual specified a minimum of 480W:nod: I just did a test with a pre built compaq stock 3Gig Pentium and it didn't come out of standby properly. Like the others say, "It's not a priority" If you need standby to work then swap the Mobo out and try another and another until you get one that works just the way you like. I know I bought mine to overclock and it does that nicely where as my last abit board was pants when you clocked up the FSB.
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