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  1. Removing the heatsink and replacing it without cleaning off thr TIM will introduce loads of tiny air bubbles into the mixture. Much like whipping marmite. You should always clean the thermal paste off and reapply, really thin.
  2. I would suggest getting your Gtx470 and enjoying it as it comes, air cooled for a while. Then if you want to go H20 you could get it up and runnign on an old bit of kit to familiarise yourself with the process of water cooling. The last thing you want to do is shell out 300 on the gtx and another 300 for the water setup only to have one fry the other.If you get the water setup on an old rig then you don't care too much if it leaks first time round, you can fix it and move on. Then when you are ready all you need to get is some more tube and clamps and probably a different waterblock which will help spread the costs.
  3. Hiya, I run at 333 x 9 to get to 3Ghz. I enabled the C1E support to allow multiplier switching by the bios at times of low load which drops the speed back to 2Ghz. (this is not recommended when going for max OC settings) Ram is running at 1066 on a 5/4 divider. I did have it stable at 3.2Ghz but the constant high temps put me off. I was doing it in the winter with a fairly low ambient and I didn't think that there was enough head room to allow for summer.
  4. I suggest that you agree a test and return day with your friend. If it fits and your temps don't go through the roof then it's up to you wether you keep it or not. Some friend he'd be if he shafted you with a cooler that you can't use and wouldn't swap back.
  5. I remember reading that some of the Bios files were 1Mb rather than the previous 512Kb and that some tools will accept the 1Mb file but only flash the first half to the card. Which is bad. So since bricking and resurecting My Sapphire 4870 (reference design) I have not strayed into flashing them again.
  6. Been there done that, fixed it. I have a pair of Sapphire 4870 that idle at 70 and load at 80 under the CCC Auto fan profile. I was not happy with the heat they were pumping out so I was impressed with MSI Afterburner tool(based on Riva Tuner) that supports Software Fan profiles. I have them both idling at 50C and, with my custom fan profile, load stays under 70C now. I tried with the fixed fan speed at 30% but although it dropped the idle temp to acceptable levels it did occasionally get too hot and wig out causing screen corruption. Plus 30% was noisier than the rest of my case so it annoyed me. MSI Afterburner is free and supports non MSI cards, ATI and Nvidia and also has a nice display graph, that comes in handy.
  7. CrackJiver


    Modding a SuperMicro Double Wide
  8. If you get a board with SLI support you can upgrade the graphics at a later stage and still use the 8800 as a PhysX card. I have just replaced my HiPower 1000W PSU with a PC Power & Cooling 750W Silencer PSU because I fried it with the crossfire. I have learn't my lesson "Get a quality PSU" everytime. Pushing the Q6600 to 3Gig was the easiest OC I have done to date. It loves it.
  9. You should not have too much trouble reaching 3GHz. I managed it quite easily. Running 4 sticks of Ram I had to loosen up the timings to get it to run at 1066 . I approached it in a number of different ways, first off pumping up the FSB and leaving everything else on auto. Got to 3.2GHz but not stable. It would drop out of Prime Blend test at around 20 mins, Dropping the multiplier and fsb got more stable but memory was not happy at design speeds. Fixing the voltages at sensible values and dropping the Multiplier was what worked in the end for me FSB @ 430 FSB strap at 400 Ram loosened to 6-6-6-18 Voltages up 2 or 3 steps. You will like the Raven, Nice case, Big and great air flow.
  10. Nice Setup, I found that with a big tower cooler that having the fan pushing air upwards and out the BigBoy at the top got slightly better results than pushing the air horizontal and out the back. If you can route the 24pin main board cable through the case and back in through the holes in the antec case you can get a better air flow from the front fans. I also slapped one of theseCard Reader and Temp Monitor Panels into the top bay with the DVD drive under it and the top bay blanked off so I could use all three of the front fans.
  11. Have you tried turning off the Vista UAC when installing BF2142, I heard that it can prevent files etc being installed or services etc from being configured correctly.
  12. I have the Xigmatec HDT S1283 im my Antec1200 and it doesn't interfere with any components on the motherboard. I had to fit the Heat sink first then attach the Fan because the fan overlaps the push pins(I know I should have got a base plate for better retention but I didn't want to pull the MB out again.) There is only about 10mm clearance between the top of the heat pipes and the side window of the case so you might want to take some measurements before the purchase.
  13. Crucial do have lifetime warenty on their ballistix range so you can RMA them to see if that solves your problem.
  14. You can get one from DFI, I e-mailed their support department and they sent me one free, gratis and for nothing. They were most helpful.
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