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  1. Has anyone used this on the Ultra-D with ATI X1900XTX or 1900XT? Is it mounted downward? If so can you show me some results in cooling? Passive or Active?
  2. I need to know if anyone has used this on the DFI UltraD with either an x1900xt or XTX card? I am also looking to see how well the temps do without a fan while overclocked.
  3. I know some of you have some ram laying around or you may be going to DDR2. I am looking for some DDR500 ram that can get me a decent OC, 260 to 280 FSB. I would like to buy from the original owner that has paperwork on the memory in case of RMA. PM me if anyone has something. Redneck
  4. No, Looking to buy ram. Cant seem to find any DDR 500 in the flavors listed above. I figured if some are heading over to Conroe I could pickup some ram.
  5. MSI X1900XTX 276.99 after 150.00 MIR Good Deal?
  6. I am keeping with the proven setup and going with the Ultra D and AMD x2 3800 Dual Core. That seems to be the best bang at the moment. I paired it with the MSi X1900XTX 512 from NewEgg (274.00) After 150.00 MIR. Anyhow I need some great running DDR. I want 2GB of either G. SHill DDR 500 HZ or 2x1GB OCZ Gold GX XTC PC4000. I would like to have all info needed incase I have to send to factory for replacement. Red
  7. I bought the Forton Epsilon 600w Quad. I also bought the X1900XTX and I need to know if the power out of the PS will have the correct hookups for this GPU? It comes with the twin molex into one 6pin for the Vcard. Are there molex connectors that tie to the correct 12volt rails for the vcard? The X1900XTX calls for a 30 amp supply on the card. Will the one 6pin be adequate? Redneck
  8. I need some help. Looking to build a X2 3800 machine. I understand it is a low end system but it is tried true. Well I have found some Patriot DDr 500 ELK with UCCC chips. There are several reviews at NewEgg. Does anyone have an idea if this ram will run well on the Ultra D and if so has anyone tested any? The price is 165 after MIR. Redneck
  9. I was incorrect it was 542.99 at newegg. Anyone able to answer the question on the motherboard?
  10. I found a great deal on a combo. Amd X2 4200 and X1900XT for 452.99 and 100.00 MIR. Question is the ability to OC the 4200 and will it drop on the Ultra D? Any flashing to the bios? Red
  11. Well 95% of my work will be on photos and webdesigns. I do some video editing but not often. I play about 4 nights a week and that is only for a few hours at a time.That is the reason for the GT card. I am still on a 9800Pro at 128 megs and I play fairly well in my games. I would rather spend more on the processing horsepower at first then move to a better Vcard later. We will just see on the prices. Red
  12. Thanks for the welcome. So you dont have nuch to say on the X1900GT's?
  13. DAB, On a retail HS, how cool and quiet are the x1900xt? I am looking for quiet as well as performance. I was also looking at the x1900gt from connect3d. It is around 199 after rebates on Newegg. But from a future standpoint the x1900xt and 512 ram looks good for 90.00 more than the GT. But I hear the GT is quieter. What says you?
  14. I am interested in building a new system and need some insight on how well these components play together? Are there and issues with ATI cards on the Nforce Motherboard. Also does the GSkill ram work well?
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