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  1. No, I'll try, but the drives worked flawlessly in my last built, and are relatively new (less than 6 months)
  2. Yes, several times. I think is not OS problem, because some of the problem comes when the system boots and check the RAID, and that is before the OS take control. I also recreated the array several times (errased and created the RAID 0)
  3. There are other threads about this issue; however I want to tell my story. I am having problems with my Raid 0, have two 160Gb HDD connected to nforce sata ports 0 and 1. My mems are stable, 10 hours of Microsoft Memory Test and 10 hours of BIOS Memtest without a single error. Latest RAID and nForce drivers. Problems: When the system boots and the SATA controller check the RAID array some times show healthy and sometimes with errors. When it show the error message I just reboot and with a probability of 99% the next time show healthy RAID status. Weird. Furthermore, from time to time even when the RAID controller shows healthy status, and passes that point, then when Windows its stating the drives stop working, the Windows start black screen with the logo stay forever (the HDD led stop). Nevertheless, most of the time, when the RAID controller shows healthy status Windows is more likely to start normally. The most disconcerting thing about all this is the “apparently” randomness of the events. I cant tell when is going to fail the SATA controller check. Power issues? SATA controller issues? Any ideas?
  4. Use this one, is basic, manual, simple but it works, also it recommends you what multis to use. You can play with several dividers and see the results... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...65&d=1156366215
  5. Please forgive my English; I just made this tool in order to calculate the best combination possible of FSB – HTT Multi – CPU Ratio, maintaining the HTT Speed in range. Obviously you have to find the CPU and Memory potentials first. This is not rocket science. You can see various scenarios and combinations very quick, I think. I just made it during my lunch time in the office. I hope it will be useful for you. You will need Excel :cool: Any recommendation to make it better will be gladly accepted. Remember, this is just a simple excel sheet.
  6. Chrism, Please forgive my poor english. Regarding your original question, if its not answered yet, remember that in order to find whats going to be your Mem Bus you must do the math: (FSBxMULTI)/(Ceiling=(MULTIxDRAMratio) So, asuming your DRAM ratio is 1:1 then: (275x9.5)/(C=(9.5x(1/1))) 2613/10 (remember the Ceiling function, it always round up the divisor to the next whole number) So, 2613/10 is 261MGz for you Mem Bus. Conclusion, there is no rule for Overclocking, but in my opinion try not to use half multis. regards,
  7. Absolutly!!!, is booting perfectly. Installed Windows, drivers, etc… no problems so far.
  8. Incredible... unbelivable... I was alone and working with my system, changing stuff, reseting, clearing cmos, etc... suddenly a neighboor stop by and then I left my rig (turned on still with the 3 diag. leds lit and the power led blinking) in order to attend the visitor. We talked like 20 min. say bye and then returned to my computer room... surprise!!!... the system booted, do not know when and how, but now its up and running. The only "logical" explanation besides "God" is that the system or the motherboard or the BIOS chip needed some time in order to recognize all the componets and then boot (remember this was a brand new rig, never booted)... this is possible? I don't know, was I lucky? I don't know... just give it a try, anybody with the 3 leds lit and the blinking power led, left the system untouched turned on for about 30 min. and see what happend.
  9. I am in a very frustrating situation. New rig incapable of booting :sad: I just bought my new system (see my signature), 2 days ago arrived. I prepared everything as usual. (+10 years building PCs and gaming rigs DYI, I am from the years of 486 and Pentium MMX and Voodoo video cards, and from Falcon 3 and Fighter Anthology games), I am not an expert but definitely not a nooby. I prepared the case, the mobo, CPU, RAM, watercooling, etc… everything carefully installed and connected for its initial startup. I had never seen an all new rig failing at the first boot, only one exception due to DOA part, and this one. This system has never boot yet, it shows 3 diagnostic leds lit and the power led blinks 2 times per second or so. I think this should be the alerts and diagnostic to look up. 3 leds lit should mean CPU detected and checking RAM, and if stuck there should be problems with the memory, ok, but what about the blinking power led? I already tested the RAM in different systems, one with the ABIT Fatal1ty board, and the RAM performed flawlessly. I seriously doubt the new FX-60 is the problem as well as the PSU, the new eVGA GFX card? Could be… however everything is pointing towards the EXPERT board. All board’s power connections are in place; floppy, EPS and ATX24. Tried to boot with the minimal hardware, no good. Tried “up to 10 min. cmos clear”, no good. Tried all RAM possible combinations, no good… still 3 diag. leds lit and a blinking power led I will try 24 hours cmos clear. But I doubt this will solve the issue. (I hope it does!!! ) Tomorrow I will attach some pics of my system... Probably someone can see what I can't So, anyone over here can help me? any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Thanks for your welcome, Tasr... Can I configure timings if I can't even boot?... I will open a new thread as you recomend Thanks again...
  11. Could you be more especific? do changed the ram? do you mean the brand? I am having the same problem, blinking power led 3 leds lit, but I do not think is my PSU, could be my RAM? everything is brand new (2 days in my home since delivery) and it couldn't boot even once... I already try to clear the cmos, try every RAM combination, unpluging everything except for the necessary (CPU, 1 ram stick, Vid) -> no good... still with the same problem... any ideas???
  12. I have the same problem. Although I have a different board-chipset, seems to be the same symptoms. Besides the blinking power led, it also show 3 leds lit (CPU Detected, Checking RAM). This is a brand-new rig, it never boot even once, always the same problem, no video signal, no power to keyboard, 3 leds lit and blinking power led. I’d try cmos clear and multiple RAM combinations with no results. Have anybody a solution for this? Is VERY frustrating buy a new rig for not be able to boot even once!!! Any help will be highly appreciated!!!
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