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  1. Yeah I'm reading next year if possible at all for the DFI. Asus are claiming compatitbilty for it now, but the last time I believed them I ended up with a pig of a board.
  2. Anyone know or dared to try one of these beaties yet in this board. I assume we need a bios update of some sort for starters. Was wanting to take the plunge but not wanting another board if avoidable. I also have a forced bios Asus M2N-E ( 32 bios ) kicking around if the 570 chipset would be better, but being Asus I'd rather use the DFI.
  3. Firstly have you updated the bios to the latest version, and I wouldn't worry about it freaking and saying things are not set correctly... mines does it randomly too. Ok I would suggest dropping your CPU multi to 9 or upping it to 10, half numbers have never been good in my opinion. Next drop the HTT link to 3x, and your ram settings to 400... I have 6400 ( 800 ) and have to have it at 667 to get anywhere so I assume setting yours lower will help. Oh and set the voltage for the ram slightly higher. Now you can start upping your FSB/Cpu clock settings, I would suggest aiming for jumps of 10 to begin with. The first time you hit a failure or unstable setting, adjust your CPU voltage to the next step and see if that sorts it. If not go into the main individual ram timings, basically the ones listed in Cpu-z and set those accordingly. That should get you on the road to a nice little overclock, just dont get too greedy as I have no idea what type of cooling you are running.
  4. Learned a long time ago to never install codec packs for various issues. Just install the individual codecs that you require, oh and for a system like that why you running onboard sound anyway??
  5. As the title suggests mine seem to have gotten messed up, I seem to have a mismatch of Nvidia and MS ones. Like I have Nvidia NF4 Serial ATA controllers in device managers but no drives show up on them. And multiple Standard dual Channel PCI IDE controllers and so on. I know there are seperate schools of thought on which is best anyway, but my main bugbear is that when I'm burning a DVD I'm experiencing slowdowns in writing speed more than I used to. Any thoughts on the best way to resolve this.
  6. I've been unemployed for a bit now so not been able to do much on the old upgrading front, but it's my birthday coming up and the missus has promised me a present. Do you think I'd benefit any by replacing existing CPU with the Brisbane or would I just be better off adding another gig of ram. Hows the overclocking possibilties on the Brisbanes and so on?
  7. I'd cancel if I was you guys. It's awful and full of bugs, true III was full of bugs but at least it looked decent. Better off getting hold of the expansions for III and continue playing that.
  8. My ram is usually at 2.3v, I only start getting problems over 300 HTT. Drop your HTT multi to 3 as well and depending on the version of your X2 ( ADO or ADA ) you may have to up the vcore like empoy says but not to 1.7 :tooth:
  9. I have XP on the Seagate C: drive already, and made a partition on the Seagate which comes up as G: which I installed Vista on to. So I have no way to select the G: drive in bios. I tried to edit boot.ini on the XP drive and it was set multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) so I added a line for Vista and assumed it would be paritition(2) but it just hangs if I select Vista. Maybe I got the numbers wrong?? As for Memory theft if you select display properties on Vista it's taking 256m system ram and sharing it for display purposes, it was stealing 512m when I had 2 gig in. The card has it's own 256m ddr3 onboard so why would it need to take ram from the system, it's a PCI-e card and not an onboard thing. I've googled and rooted around on the system but can find no mention of it. Surely someone else must have noticed.
  10. Been trying Vista 32 Ulimate for a few weeks and on the whole been ok with it, but have a few niggling problems with it. Firstly have googled about a bit for dual boot but getting nowhere, I made a small partition for Vista on an exisiting drive with Acronis disk director. Installed ok but cant get to boot from it unless I have the Vista DVD in my drive. I tried doin a selector on XP, maybe I picked the wrong partition number but no joy. I found a page on Microsoft but couldn't understand it for Vista using Bcdedit. http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista...3.mspx?mfr=true Maybe someone who speaks MicroSquish can translate it for me. Next problem it seems to want to steal memory for my graphics card, 256 meg to be precise or more when I stole the ram out the kids computer temporarily. I've hunted around but cant find anything on this. And lasty nvidia drivers for the onboard Lan, they dont seem to have gigabit settings on them. So I can only set my Lan as 100m/bit. Thanks in advance
  11. I purchased one of these when the AM2 first came out, and I would never buy an Asus again. No DDR voltage and not much selection on voltage for the CPU either. Also it managed to eat two bios chips. When it was first launched the advertising for it claimed 15 step vdimm when it's only 5 and great overclocking potential. I've ended up giving it to the kids, admittedly it's working better since I forced on the bios from the m2n sli which let me get the vdimm up to 2.1 and above. But it still wont let me select a 9x cpu multi so I'm stuck at 2.5 with it. It say 9x in the bios but never implements it and fails to post. Ps it did this with it's own official bios as well
  12. While I dont have the same board it's a very similar layout, and yeah it is fairly tight. Can just about get the ram in the first couple of slots so I keep them in the last two for now. I suppose it would depend more on the size of the ram module and their heatspreaders, I could easily see some types not fitting.
  13. Err yeah. :shake: The problem is that every time you run the prog it puts itself back into startup again, gets rather annoying.
  14. I have the 65W version as well, but I have been over 2.8 with it... although had to drop to just over 2.7 recently dunno why. You need to drop your cpu multi to 9x and your ram to 667 divider, should get more of an overclock then. As for voltage I've had it posting briefly above 2.9 but for 2.8 was 1.5. Got it at 1.425 just now.
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