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  1. oh thought id already set up my signature EDIT : yay now its there
  2. Ok well ive got more or less the same problem as you, also bought from overclockers.co.uk, and spoke to tech support for about an hour in total, hes convinced its the mobo, and nothing else after conducting several tests, like swapping mem channels, and removing till only , so ive been issued with RMA number and gonna get a replacement ASUS board. Its a shame that this has happened, as my last DFI was amazing (NF2 ultra rev.B). But there we go :sad: 1 stick is there. Have also tested the PSU and it worked fine on anotherPC. Cant test the memory or GPU in another PC as none of them have compatible memory slots, let alone PCIE Give OcUK a ring and they will probably issue an RMA too. Hoep that helps you out a bit, and at least you know your not alone !!
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