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  1. last week-end i've tried to populate all DIMM so i've added two crucial ballistix pc 4000 tracer (512 x 2) to my OCZ for a total of 3 GB ram. well, they worked fine, didn't wasted much time in tweaking, but worked fawlessly at 220 with 3-4-4-8, played for hours with oblivion and gothic 3 without a single crash. with the 711 bios. so i don't think you need a beta bios. well, maybe some specific issue with bios 711 and 4 x 512 ocz platinum...
  2. Are you sure that your RAM is working right? Do you have done a long (at least 8 hours ) run of memtest? Your issues may be caused by something not related to the vid card… Is your system overclocked? Voltages are set right? And temperatures? I found my system a little more stable putting a little overclock on the AGP ( 67 Mhz). Someone reported that disabling AGP Fast Write may solve some issues. But I still think it may be something related to your PSU. How do you connect the vid card? I’m using the PCI-E 6 pin power cable. I’ve noticed that using the two molex cable adapter doesn’t assure you enough power especially if there are HD on the same power line.
  3. I've got your same mobo and vid card, but never got a problem. By now i've the 711 bios installed, but previously i've also tried the 1912, and never had any issue with the vid card. i think it's something related to your PSU
  4. when abit put something like that on its fatality motherboard nobody noticed it and who got it just threw it away. Now that corsair and ocz produces them, everibody seems to love them... When this summer i've assembled my rig i've encountered a lot of problems with ram's temperatures, so i've managed to build something like that whit a pair of 40 mm fan and a simple staff attached to the case. well, memory temperatures dropped down by 15° C.!!
  5. I suggest to verify EVERY cooler, even the high end ones wich shows a mirror finish base. I've had a Zalman CNPS 9500 led wich worked very well, but after a LONG and HARD work (i've found it very difficult to handle...) lowered my CPU temps by 5-6° C at full load. Then i've moved to a thermalright si128 wich initially shows very good performance (very close to the lapped zalman), since i've took it down to change the CPU. A very bad surprise when it scrached the CPU IHS in the removal operation: the base was concave! So i've had to lap also this one. So my suggest is to don't trust the product's name: check every base, the cheaper one or the expensive. Personally i don't like to lap the IHS as you are going to void the warranty and risk to tie the pin during the operation.
  6. i'm not an expert, but i think that it's nforce drivers wich shows the sata disk as removable one. also mine are shown as removable device. so the long boot time is not caused by this issue. maybe it's your antivirus software or other drivers wich fails to load during the boot that cause this problem. you may take a look in the windows event registry to se if there are some warning messages about this.
  7. A very good board, i've managed to build a cheap rig based on this board and found no issues. With passive cooling on the chipset it's also very quiet. I've only two advice: - heard that may have some issues with certain type of PSU, especially with enermax liberty series, and generally with the one wich has two or more power rails; - it overclocks very well and is very stable, but i've found that it needs a little more voltage on CPU to get stability (the same CPU on a DFI NF3 Ultra needs 0,25 - 0,50 vCore less)
  8. I've owned a Zalman 9500 and have to admit it worked very well, but the fan was'nt as quiet as i like. think that the new 110 fan will be louder or at least as loud as the 9500 (lowering rpm will decrease performance a lot!). i've also lapped the base of the 9500 and have to tell it took me a LOT of time (it's very difficult to grab it...). Now i'm pretty happy with a thermalright si128, lapped it and installed a 120mm fan: very silent and performs much better than the Zalman 9500. Reading some review I saw that the new 9700 performs very well, but still lack of giving airflow around the CPU so your memory and PWMIC won't be cooled as well.
  9. Or you may clone the disk with a image software. After you've moved the OS i'm afraid you won't be able to boot and have to fix the mbr with the winXP console and edit the boot.ini file. But if you want to add a second SATA and create a RAID, i think it'll be a little harder as you will have to install the raid drivers...
  10. Ok praz, i'm going for max CPU oc and use wathever divider on ram thanks dede, but i have to set up an RS482, the NF3 Ultra-D is OK!
  11. Im'm triyng to setup a budget rig assembled with component got from my old rigs. The main components are: Mobo: DFI RS482 Infinity CPU: a low performer AMD X2 3800 sk939 Mem: two VERY BAD 512MB no twinmos ram (2,5-3-3-8 1T) wich i'm not able to push over 202 Mhz, no matter what timings i set So i'm trying to get the best form this rig and i finally found two dual prime stable setup: 1) CPU @ 2400 (240 x 10) - 1,4 Vcore - RAM @ 200 (2,5-3-3-8 1T) with a 166 divider 2) CPU @ 2500 (250 x 10) - 1,475 Vcore - RAM @ 166 (2,5-3-3-7 1T no way to get lower timings...) with a 133 divider Now the question is: wich among the two setup would you choose? Is the 100 mhz advantage on the CPU worthing the lower ram speed?
  12. Just stopped now a dual instance of prime95 after 9 hrs and max CPU and cores temperatures registered by everset are 2-3 lower than the ones i've reported before under S&M.
  13. @ 2960 (296 x 10) and 1,425 v. my max temps under S&M (wich i found generates higher temperatures than a dual prime95) are: CPU: 52° - Core1: 52° - Core2: 46° - PWM 43° and room temperature of 23°. all readings from everest, wich are the same of coretemp and MBM5. what struggles me is that i can't reach 3 ghz and get a stable config with 1,475 v. where temperature raise to over 60°. evidently i got almost the max from this CPU and the last little step needs a lot of juice, but until i'll get a waterblock i don't want to give 1,5 v on the core to see CPu smoking...!
  14. Got this cpu a couple of day ago and very surprised in what it can do: - at stock voltage it reached 2,53 Ghz (230 x 11) - with 1,375 v. dual primed at 2,86 Ghz (260 x 11) the bad things is next steps needs a lot of voltage...now i'm stuck at 2,96 Ghz (296 x 10) and giving it 1,425. Tried to raise voltage to 1,475 saw temperature raised very quickly but never managed to reach the 3 Ghz.... As I'm using air HSF i don't think to give more voltage just to reach numbers, i'm looking for a stable 24/7 overclock and think that's a good result. But if anyone of you has a good waterblock and is looking for a good CPU with chanches to break the 3 Ghz barrier, i think this one may be a good one
  15. I've moved from an ABIT AN7 to this Mobo, and i've lost everything on it. Also tried to restore an image i've made before, but was useless. Think it's a matter of driver, but don't know a trick to change it... sorry
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