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  1. No kidding, screw Conroe LOL I used to have my voltages at 1.66 for my 3800+ X2, but I discovered I was getting trigger happy with the voltages and could obtain the OC I have now with ~1.62 on h20 which is a wee bit safer. Oh, and temps are below 38 for load, around 24-26 idle. Great h2o is one thing, but when I stepped it up and made my air cooling great too then I noticed even a drop on my CPU/GPU which are on h2o. boo
  2. I've got 5mbps Cable, and that is perfect for me. I actually notice quite a difference using a good cable modem and changing to the wireless setup I have now which is much faster than the wired I had. I wasn't realizing even half my download capabilities. Cisco or Linksys I always wanted to visit for an extended stay at Melbourne, but now I need to check their high-speed speeds...ugh boo
  3. The only drawback I can see going SLI (other than higher costs) is the fact that the memory will not become 512MB in SLI, but rather it will be 256MB shared. The SLI will most likey gain you the most increase in what you initially want due to the increase in actual graphics processing. In effects, as far as I can see the MSI GT's and the eVGA GTO's (as well as other brands) have same pixel pipelines, shaders, etc. I personally would go SLI. I mean, your PSU can definitely handle the load. I think if you were just going to go for the 7900GTO, I would wait. But that is me. Good luck boo
  4. The most common issue to cause this is when IE discontinues as the default browser. Did you ever set Firefox or another browser as the default? To check it out go to Tools>Internet Options and then select the "Programs" tab. Click "Make Default" and possibly if you want to continue to use it this way check the box below to let you know when IE7 is no longer the default. Click "OK" and this will reset your registry values. Also check in Outlook Express's settings and ensure you have e-mails set to HTML. Good luck boo
  5. Wow, 1-5 hours a day. My daughter takes all my time up, so we settled for an indoor Siamese cat who wholeheartedly refuses to be trained at anything boo
  6. Right, so here we go... LAN party, 23rd hour, what else was I supposed to do, all that Dew went straight through me. boo
  7. Our jobs are never done Good luck boo
  8. Way back when I was wee feller (13 maybe) my father did this and some dude reacted and accidentally bloodied his nose. :tooth: Another cool trick is to find some people fishing the good old way: with sinkers and corks. Simply get that wet suit you got laying around, the full oxygen tank, and go in down stream as they nod off. Then, yank their line a wee bit and jump up exclaiming "Booga booga booga" and streaming water everywhere. People can run really fast when they want to. boo
  9. Windex. And some RainX for preventative measures. I RainX all my boards and electrical contacts. This way, if anything spills on 'em it just rolls off without getting 'em wet! Ok ok, don't attempt that *sigh* No, but thanks ExRoadie, might come in handy in the future. boo
  10. Wikipedia too...that site is friggin' amazing! Oh, and bump. boo
  11. Here at Hartsfield in Atlanta they have information about the scanning technology used. Their business-class customers are through the roof, 1 in 2 having a laptop. The technology is guaranteed not to cause harm to the laptop but they recommend you shut it down. So, just don't power up your HDD and you'll fine dude! Course, they might also think you made it look factory sealed because you are a terrorist with secret military information on the HDD because a flash drive would be too easily concealed. So, they'll make you hand over your HDD BUT you can take the 2.75" switchblade on with you because it is a toiletry implement under 3". :confused: boo
  12. OK! Enjoy that E6600, love mine. I got the OCZ DDR2800 working perfectly and Zalman 9500 copper HSF on the puppy. Still an AMD man, but dayam. boo
  13. I just hope you have no problems with yours. It sounds like you love 'em quite a bit and I hope it stays that way I have read that they MIGHT be a solution, but then I can also understand the moral implications involved. Maybe Bank of America bought Crucial out at that point in time *shrug* boo
  14. The X2 3800's were a nice lot eh? What stepping will I get? What steeeppping? I just recently (yesterday) got the HTPC listed in my sig setup and running. The E6600 is pretty awesome, although I am still an AMD fan. It seems to overclock easily (it is on air right now, Zalman air) and seems to be up there with my AMD on pretty much most things except the most demanding multimedia tasks. However, I have not really tried much heavy core gaming like I do on the other rig, so I might be surprised there (though I'd have to put the x1900xtx in there to get a true test). Personally, I would never have traded in my X2 3800+ for a Conroe, but I was able to get Congress (my wife) to allow a temporary budget increase for a HTPC. If I only had a choice to upgrade and still have only one PC and considered RAM availability an issue, I would most likely wait for a suitable AM2 DFI mobo and go that route with an Opteron. But then I AM an AMD junky. Remember, Opterons for OC'ing and X2's if you don't plan on much OC'ing. You might seriously want to consider how much it would cost for a decent AM2 Opteron setup. Good luck boo
  15. Good setup. My E6600 is a killer in my HTPC setup. BTW, I do NOT use a TV Tuner card in my HTPC since quality is the name of the game. I use a DVR with HDMI connection to the Aquos (52"). The problem I have with pretty much all tuner cards out there is the quality. DirecTV provides my DVR and the Sharp Aquos decodes for HDTV. The DVR comes with USB so that is where the super large video files make their way to the HTPC or direct to DVD. It's nice because I can do anything else while the transfer is occurring. boo
  16. Now now, ASUS mobo's work just fine...like coating your mobo in insulation works great. boo
  17. I am a super big fan of h2o but tend to stay away from watercooling anything but CPU/GPU. Two reasons: Better efficiency on what you ARE watercooling. and By not watercooling the chipsets, it makes you have good h2o on CPU/GPU and also decent air cooling for ambient, HDD, NB/SB and memory temps. Otherwise, you would need to have blocks all over the damn place to watercool it all which is in my opinion a bit of a waste. Of course, doesn't mean you shouldn't do something like that, just remember to post plenty of pics If you are dead serious about this, then go with the best of the best, Danger Den. boo
  18. Actually...you could wait until the true surround headphones reach America's shelves. Prob be around a grand a pair, but they work on the facts that two ears - two speakers - good sound. These things are remarkable indeed, pure hi-fidelity surround sound like you've never heard before on friggin' headphones. This is probably the only time two drivers will sound better than 7.1 drivers. boo
  19. It's like one of those things such as golf. Many people do not see the point while the others get the enjoyment The demo offers pretty much little customization in ANYTHING, so it doesn't make me feel any better about buying "unseen". I just got the HTPC listed in my sig below installed and it is using the awesome 52" Aquos in the living room. Only got the x1650PRO on it, but I am thinking many games will be newfound gems on that sucker! boo
  20. I agree, but unfortunately some people tend to use guns the same way as they drive: without their brains in gear. Therefore the government thinks it has to pass these laws to "protect" us all from our own stupidity. Problem is, for the most part their problem close to correct boo
  21. Anyone do any old "traditional" type celebrations? You know, celebrating ancestors and the dead? Good reason for a feast before Thanksgiving I can definitely see how old prunes think of today as an evil devil-worshipping day. Who wouldn't? *shrug* boo
  22. BOO! Saw? Ugh, that is definitely not my idea of a great thriller! I haven't seen any of them and never plan to. Grossing myself out doesn't seem to have the same quality as actually thrilling myself I think I'll be watching Bela Lugosi in Tod Browning's "Dracula" (1931). That is a classic thriller. Of course, I might also follow it with Boris Karloff in "Bride of Frankenstein". boo
  23. Yes, Checkdisk will find errors and correct them. With bootdisks with the running OS on them you have to reboot and get that blue screen. Other disks shouldbe able to be completed inside Windows. On my board, I was having this problem with my drives in the SiL SATA connections, and when I moved them to the ULi they work flawlessly now and have never had to do CheckDisk since. I usually recommend trying the software from the manufacturer as well, and also look to see if your SATA controlling chip has any updates to it (just to be 100% sure). Good luck and BOO! Happy Halloween! boo
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