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  1. after using a divider, it overclocks like a charm. Right now i have a 3/4 divider with the HTT @ 267MHz. I tried upping the voltage(from 2.6 to 2.8 and then to 3) and booting with the HTT @ 210MHz with no luck. If i losen the timings i might be able to run at 210 or above which leads me to this question. Should i loosen my timings to gain more MHz, or would there not be a difference?

  2. The system runs fine with everything stock, but when i try to bump up the FSB (with all other settings set to defaults) the system will hang at the moment before the "Verifying DMI Pool Data" message should be shown. Then after about 5-10 seconds the system reboots.


    I have been able to boot into widows with a FSB of 201, but anything 210 and above(have not tried 202-209) it goes into the reboot cycle.


    Any thoughts/ideas on what may be the problem?

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