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  1. nice....yeah I thought that using a seperate controller might free up the m/b just a tad
  2. hey guys!!!! I'm swapping my set up into a case shortly (Antec 900) and am wondering which wood be better??? running 4 case fans from m/b case fan headers or using a fan controller????? cheers
  3. hey guys! I read a few posts in here where guys are referring to their Ultra-D's having diagnostic lights. According to my manual the only nF4 to have diag lights sis the SLI-DR model??????
  4. ok guys i decided to giving flashing my bios a go....so should I put the new cpu in first or just flash with my old 3500?????
  5. i'm only using XP pro with SP1 just swapped cpu's back over and my old 3500+ is running sweet. in the bios the 4600 was running @ 1.3volts 3500 runs @ 1.51 volts.
  6. g'day guys....... just replaced my old 3500+ with a 4600+ dual core now system is very unstable. sometimes when I boot up I get a long then a short beep which indicates a m/b prob I think, and sometimes I have to reset CMOS to get it to run at all. anyone had this happen to them after installing a new cpu????? I've also run the patch from AMD for dual cores. cheers
  7. hey guys..... ATM i'm running a 2 year old 64/3500+ on my newish Lanparty UT Nf4 Ultra-D and am thinking of replacing it with a new X2 4600+ dual core 2.4Ghz 1mb cache cpu. has anyone had probs with this cpu on my m/b???? cheers....
  8. I've been running 2 sticks of 1Gb basic speed Kingston and she's running shweet........but was just given some generic ram ( 2 x 512 ) and have been trying to get it to run but my Ultra-D just won't have it... is that the "norm"???? do I need to have all the same size sticks????
  9. it's been happening for a month or so on and off. I did a firmware update a few days ago on my router but it hasn't helped any. I'm just starting a lan game on one pc and the others are joining. MTU setting??? and i haven't got my pc's networked, they're just all hooked into the router and nuthing is shared.
  10. thanks guys! I wouldn't have thought I'd need to shut down stuff just to stay online and keep network going for lannage games.
  11. hey guys!!!! been driven almost insane by some bloody connection prob I'm having with my pc. I get intermitant drop outs and can't connect via my router to play lan games with my other 2 pc's but they connect with each other without a prob. My set up and what I've tried so far.... Optus Cable Modem feeding a Netgear router feeding 3 desk tops and a lappy. i've tried swapping cables...ports on router....connections on m/b....ATM I'm d/ling 6.86 nforce driver so I'm hoping that'll fix things as I'm using the drivers supplied with the m/b. This is really pissin me off as my other pc's are running basic NF7-S m/b's and just keep on going and going...... I've even tried a diff network card and still am having issues so I'm hoping it's a freakin driver thang. any ideas guys????????
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