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  1. I'm wondering how much heat the chipset on the northbrigde can take, and what will happen when overheated, (system instability I guess?
  2. Well here it goes.. Thought It would be good to post my specs first. NF4 SLI-DR (bios: 704-2BTA) Opteron 146 (stock) Hiper 580 type-r modular team xtreem pc3200 2*512 bh-5 (zeus, dual) & Mushkin Redline xp4000 2*512 When I'm trying to boot my computer with both of my sticks I only get black screen and long beeps. So I check the red flashlights on the mobo and three are on which from what I've read is suppose to mean that it's a problem with the memory. First I used the xtreem ram and then I tried my mushkin only to get the same result black screen and long beeps and and three lights on the mobo indicating on memory probs. there shouldnt bee any problems with the ram since they have passed memtest86. and i've tried both the orange slots and the yellow slots with same results. So after that I simply just put one ram on the upper orange slot, and wow now it boots and no problems at all, but as soon as I put both rams in it goes beeping on me again. I have done a cmos clear for like 30 min but no longer, should I try a 24h clear maybe? Could there be a problem with my psu? BTW I get the exact same results with both pair of ram.
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on what kind of bios I should use for this mobo, I'm going to OC my system: dfi lanparty sli-dr (nf4) * opt. 144 * 2x512 BH-5 (3200) * x800gto I'm kinda new to this so help would be apreciated:D / tobz
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