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  1. Hmm i have only 2 of the 4 Powerconnectors connected to the Supply (The two ATX Connectos are on power), could that cause such a Problem. What is the use of the other two connectors? Any special, or are they needed in any case?
  2. many users in our german foum point out the same problem occuring whenever using 2 sticks of 1 GB Memory each. I can't imagine, that every person including me makes it wrong. Especially because many of them want to run DDR 500 Memory on FSB 250 without any Ramdivider. Timings are to be read out of the SPD table. But also setting them manually has no effect. The memory wont even run in his own specifications. So it seems to be a problem with the board... Different Biosversions don't solve that. MFG KJ
  3. Hello all, at first: Excuse my bad english, but I'm from Germany. Okay the Problem: yesterday i got my new Ram from G.Skill (see below in signature). Put dem directly in my Computer and reconfigured the Bios. Old Bios config: FSB: 300 LDT/FSB:2.5 Core Voltage around 1.45V and the DRAM/FSB (I dunno the word):1/2 So that resulting in 300MHz FSB, 2,7GHz CPU frequency and 150 MHz DRam Frequency My old Ram (not in signuature) was 2x 512MB Infineon Cl2,5 or so. Ram Timings was entered manually as specified by SPD table. That system was stable for over an half year. With the new G.Skill Ram and the following Biosconfig: FSB:300 LDT/FSB:2.5 Core Voltage around 1.45V DRAM/FSB:2/3 Ram Timings also entered manually as specified on product package i would expect, that my ram runs with 200Mhz and my CPU with 2.7GHz But system start failed. Right before the Boot manager appears, it restartet again and again. Fot the following Procedure i use "failed" and "works" which means an starting system to a running windows, or even restarting and sometimes resetting to CMOS defaults, I tried: 1. setting DRAM/FSB to 1/2 -> worked 2. setting FSB to 200 and DRAM/FSB to 2/3 -> works 3. setting FSB to 250 with same DRAM/FSB -> works 4. FSB to 270, same DRAM/FSB -> failed 5. DRAM Voltage from 2,6V to 2,7 V --> failed 6. CPU Voltage to 1,475V -> failed 7. Updating my Bios (dunno what was the old version, to the actual Bios from www.dfi.tw File name: NF4LD406.bin --> same results as above 8. updating Bios to current Version (see below) --> same results So the problem: Is there a possibility to bring my new ram running with 200Mhz Ramfreq. while having the CPU at 2.7GHz at 300MHz FSB? My tries to do so failed all. So i am lokking for a solution or i will send my Ram Back to seller and get anoter ram with other chips. greetings KJ
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