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  1. I haven't tried that as much as i should yet i had trouble getting it to boot with one stick in but im sure i could get it working. I'll give it another go this weekend.
  2. doesn't change anything for me unfortunately
  3. This board is amazing for overclocking and has fantastic performance. The support for it is just horrid. It should never have been released in the state that it was. I would like to go DFI again but this makes me think.
  4. being forced to boot up twice is hardly a solution to this problem. It is a work around.
  5. The board is great but I shouldn't have to start it up two times for every time i have to shut it down.
  6. I'm running out of ideas on this. I don't think dfi is going to be helping much.
  7. I can't even get my board to boot in single channel with 2 sticks of kingston pc3200. So i can't confirm any results yet.
  8. Thanks I'll try that. DFI really needs to fix this if thats what is causing this. Seems like this board has nothing but problems. SATA uli problems, memory problems, cold boots seems like it never ends.
  9. Are you talking about the freeze issue ? this thread seems to be getting offtopic I can't tell.
  10. I have 16x16 set and pice reset enabled and it was continuous. I fiddled with ATI fancontrol until it stopped. I ended up with the same freeze after cold boot with both settings however. :mad:
  11. Ok well im trying 16x16 but i have a strange problem now since i booted with that my x1900xtx keeps jumping fan speeds for no reason. its at 41c and its whining between 50% speed and 100% very quickly. :confused:
  12. Anyone learn anything new from trying that setting?
  13. Have you tried it in another system? Just to narrow down the problem problem a little.
  14. I noticed awhile back that after I turned off my box for the night I'd be lying in bed and I'd hear a little pop sound about 5 minutes after the box was turned off. I tried booting it up after I heard it and it froze like it does after a cold boot in the mornings. What the heck could cause that! A pop sound.
  15. Is this happening to anyone who does NOT have a CFX3200 ?
  16. Could be nothing but i tried something today that has worked so far. I normally get the reboot within about 10 minutes however today i tried flicking the power supply on and off and unplugging the cord and replugging it before turning on the computer. I haven't froze yet after doing that. Gonna try it again tomorrow.
  17. well this is strange. Its got to be a board issue i've swapped out lots of different parts and it still remains a problem.
  18. sits around 49 to 50 most of the time. its rated up to 70 tho isn't it?
  19. This can't be an RMA issue its gotta be some setting i think. It runs flawless except after a cold boot. after that its golden.
  20. Enabling pciE reset delay didn't resolve the freezing for me.
  21. I enabled pciE reset delay in genie bios. Is that what you were refering to? Haven't crashed yet today with it but i'll have to watch it a few days to see if its really gone.
  22. is it a driver problem with ati or something? o_O
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