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    Removing the thermal paste

    Gasoline? Cheap?!? lol, jk.. ~Ibrahim~
  2. ikjadoon

    Removing the thermal paste

    Yeah...Make SURE you use a Q-Tip. It seemed small at first, so I tried a napkin: bad idea. You get little bits of napkin all over and they are hard to get off. ~Ibrahim~
  3. ikjadoon

    4pin CPU Fan header

    Awesome PWM explanation, cleared up a lot for me! ~Ibrahim~
  4. ikjadoon

    DFI-Street Forums Logo Contest!

    Tachometer looks nice, but does it look a little tacky with it racked up so high? Maybe like 3-4? I like the idea of 5 for the "hot" forums and then 3 for the "regular" and 1/2 for the "dead" ones. Can this be active, so it is able to change by itself? Have you tried maybe getting it 3D? With the center bulging out slightly? With it a bit more shiny so the reflection stands out a bit more? Like there is a piece of glass over the scale? Is that a motherboard around the frame? Nice, maybe a bit more of a mirror finish? ~Ibrahim~
  5. ikjadoon

    unstable, advise please

    Interesting. I'm sorry if you've already said so, but is there any positioning of the slots in which you can use both sticks without restarts? ~Ibrahim~
  6. ikjadoon

    unstable, advise please

    Weird. So switching the slots did help? What configurations worked? Do this, put a sticker on each stick labeling them 1 and 2. Try messing with them and try to pinpoint which stick is bad. Maybe neither is bad and the slot location is the error. Sadly, I think the only way to find out is just trial and error. I've heard that Corsair doesn't have the best compatibility with DFI, but it should be fine. ~Ibrahim~
  7. ikjadoon

    unstable, advise please

    OK, those voltages seem good to me. Hmm...Try upping your memory voltage to 1.9-2.0V. That 1.8V stock rating seems too low for any DDR2-800, IMO. NTFS, weird. That is the file system. But do up that DDR2 voltage. Oh, I just saw you aren't using a sound card, just the on-board, which is perfectly fine. They, the sound card drivers,should be included with the chipset drivers which are found here: Version 9.35 Yeah, that bug with moving through the devices was fixed in a BIOS update, which can be found here: BIOS Yeah, go ahead and update it. I'm not sure where the DDR2 memory settings would be. Try looking through the Genie BIOS for things like tCL - tRCD - tRP - tRAS... 5-5-5-10 tCL = 5 tRCD = 5 tRP = 5 tRAS = 10 (Try 12 or 15...May work better) The DDR2 Voltage settings should be in here, too...Don't mean to be rude, but doesn't it list these things in the manual? Maybe not.. Here, download SuperPi, here: Super Pi Run some tests, they shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Any problems/resets? Good luck! ~Ibrahim~ P.S. General tips on that BSOD:
  8. ikjadoon

    4pin CPU Fan header

    Yup. PWM, I believe, is the name. Pulse Width something. Can't you plug a 3-pin fan into a 4-pin slot? Don't think it requires an adapter. ~Ibrahim~
  9. ikjadoon

    unstable, advise please

    Hm...It is better to run MemTest overnight..Your PSU seems fine, but what are your voltages? The BIOS preferably, a volt-meter would be best. Do this: Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Settings (under Startup and Recovery), uncheck Automatically Restart (under System Failure). Then when it resets, you should get a blue screen. What is the file, near the bottom? Update your GPU drivers and sound card drivers. The GX2 is natively supported by the nF590SLI, right? Have you updated your BIOS? What timings has it set the DDR2-800 to? What are the stock timings? Because of these restarts at minimal CPU usage, I'm pointing towards software. ~Ibrahim~ P.S. Know exactly what you are going through.
  10. I mean, what drivers for a motherboard would speed up your computer? Chipset drivers, maybe? Your hardware is kick-butt, so it is probably software. You've shut down all useless processes and services? No spy-ware, etc.? You've installed all that dual-core hotfix and what not, right? There is someone here with a sig about proper RAID setup, no idea who it is though. Forgot their name. I'll tell you their name if I can remember it later. Expand more on this drive problem. You don't list what optical drive you have...Try updating its firmware. GL! ~Ibrahim~
  11. Are you using Vista? 64-Bit version? Vista doesn't allow some driver installtions: Co-Processor is nVidia's SMU device. Currently, nVidia doesn't support installtion for that driver right now. I would just leave it be if it isn't causing problems. Check out this installtion guide. It may get rid of the Yellow Exclaimation point. nVidia Vista Installtion Instructions Again, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it." ~Ibrahim~
  12. Yup and I am extremely happy that DFI has done this. It makes a great overclocking AM2 motherboard at a great price. I recommend this board for anyone needing a cheap AM2 rig: DFI FTW! Oh yeah, I found that link if you're still looking: SLi Mod Guide ~Ibrahim~
  13. Ah, compatibility issues and the such. Got it. Which drive can you not see? The RAID'ed Raptors or the 500GB? The 500GB is internal/external? Look in the BIOS for something like Integrated Peripherals or something of the sort. All the port functions should be in there. Something like USB Mass Storage... ~Ibrahim~
  14. ikjadoon

    Smart Guardian?

    Smart Guardian may be reporting it wrong. To get the "real" temp, check the BIOS. You can't check load temps, AFAIK, but it works great with idle temps. This cooler is highly recommended: Evercool VC-RE ~Ibrahim~
  15. Ah, so it changes with each processor. The X2 3800+ 89W version costs $169, the 65W version costs $159. Looking at the pricing, on all the CPU's minus the 3800+, the 65W version is more. ~Ibrahim~