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  1. If you are so concerned about a proper signature (I assume you are refering to no BIOS listed), how about you come over and find out yourself. I could care less. "If you sign up here and wish to post a question for support, you MUST have a signature, or your posts WILL BE DELETED without question. " I never posted a support question so it seems I am not required to post a proper signature at all. I will read and understand the forum rules before posting again.
  2. While everyone blames every other component in your system, I am going to say it's the motherboards fault. What is hard about admitting this motherboard has 'issues'. My OCZ PSU worked fine on my old build, and the memory did also. OCZ is letting me RMA the PSU, but I know it's not going to fix crap. I need to RMA the motherboard and that's too much of a hassle.
  3. perhaps a bios update will fix it? I havent personally tried that yet
  4. Yeah it's a pain in the butt, but atleast have am using a big old Antec 1080AMG server case so it's not too hard to reach it.
  5. I dont think anyone knows. I place the blame on the motherboard. I already RMAed one which wouldn't even boot period so I am really don't want to spend another $10 to ship and wait 2 weeks. I'll just have to flip the damn switch everytime I want to boot up.
  6. I have the same problem with my g.skill memory. I am in the process of getting support from OCZ but I am sure they will blame DFI and DFI will blame OCZ (supposedly made by Fortran). Just can't win... just deal with it or RMA Return
  7. I have this same problem too. I have a 600W OCZ GameXStream and the NF4 Ultra-D. When I shut down through Windows, the DRAM LED turns off and I cannot power back on the computer until I flip the power switch off, then back on...and wait approx. 10 secs for the DRAM LED to come back on. It's a big pain! Should I be contacting OCZ for a RMA?
  8. Hey, I got two of those Promise TX2 133 cards that I don't have any use for. One is the promise and one is a maxtor branded tx2 but it's the same card. If you want to save some money I can sell them to you for $35 ($15 ea and $5 shipping) shipped for both. Let me know...I just built a new system and have no use for them anymore.
  9. No go @ 3.2. It wouldn't even post. Had to reset CMOS. Wasn't expecting that, I had the voltage at around 1.6. Right now I am back at 3.0/250 mem @ 1.375 stock voltage and priming as I type this. Passed the first test without any errors so it looks like I will stick with this.
  10. That's odd, I recall setting it to the compressing level that brought it down to 47KB in Photoshop. I am recompressing it now and upload. Thanks for the heads up. And I am back to doing some more testing. Going to boot 3.2 in a minute [edit] Hmm...Photoshop CS is compressing it to 64KB no matter what compression setting I use.. used Jasc instead...
  11. 3.15GHZ at 1.47V. Maybe I should http://nthony.com/146-2.jpg I know it's only 1M SuperPi, I need to get some sleep now. Work is in 5 hours. It sucks that 3.15 Ghz gets 28 Secs just like 3.0 at 250 on the ram. I will try some looser timings but I doubt I'll get them much lower. Wish I could use some 2 X 512MB with great timings/high speed but I need the 2GB for Battlefield 2. I am going to try for 3.2+ tomorrow. What's a safe voltage for these chips? I've heard 1.55-1.6 is safe for everyday use. My temps are pretty good so I have some room for more voltage.
  12. This is my first overclocking build. I am coming from a KT400 ASUS board and a 2500+XP with a 1GB of value memory. I think it was only around $700 total for everything so I think it was well worth it. I got sick of my poor performance in Battlefield 2. I'd barely manage 40FPS if even. This build was pretty frustrating. First board was dead. It refused to boot. The dram led would never come on. After I received my RMA, I was able to get it running (except that I can't start the computer until I flip the power switch off and back on). When I got started with some overclocking, I made a rookie mistake. I booted, or should I say attemped, to boot into Windows with a untested (in Memtest86) memory overclock. Well this memory is a very poor overclocker. I corrupted my install. So I had to boot into the recovery console on the install cd and do a 'chkdsk /r' to fix my mess. The end result was a pretty satisfying overclock. 3GHZ @ 1.4V. I was running SuperPI32M stable at 3.1Ghz w/ 1.425 (might have been 104%..can't recall) but I am forced to use the next divider dropping the memory down to 221mhz. I might be able to hit 3.2 or higher with a little more voltage. With some advice I got here, I picked up the Evercool VC-RE for the chipset. Keeps my temps at 37 idle. I then decided on the Thermalright Ultra-90 for the cooler which was only $22 and a Panaflo medium for $7. I am at 29-31 degrees idle and around 38 max load temp. Then for the 7600GT, I went with the Zalman VF900, but the damn fan was dead (fan's can be dead on arrival too?) so now I have to RMA that. In the end though, I don't regret a thing. I am a fan of DFI now, even though it's a pretty damn finicky board. I now max out BF2 at around 70-100fps w/ AA+AF and the awesome 7200.10 seagate lets me be the first one to spawn in every map change.
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