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  1. i dont have the fillport on right now, the tube is just taped to my case. im going to do what t ski said and take the top off, its only 6 screws so it isnt that bad. also the water isnt cloudy anymore, it was ust because of the little bubbles. im getting pretty good temps also, last night when i first turned it on my gpu was 35, and my cpu was going between 26-28, now it stays at about 23 and the gpu is at 33
  2. got it all installed tonight not a single leak...so far. ran into a few stupid mistakes, i counted how many clamps i would need, got 4 for my two rads, 2 for my maze4, 2 for my tdx, 2 for my pump, figured i need 10, so i bought 12 just to be safe, but i never tought about connecting the tube to my fillport or the 3 i would need for my poly T. so i had to run back to homedepot for some more clamps. that was stupid mistake one, now after i got everything together and went to go hook my t line to the fillport, i realized i didnt drill a hole for my fillport and i totally forgot about it. i dont really feel like taking everything apart just to drill a hole for my fillport right now. i got it all filled with liquid, and all the big bubbles are out but the water is very cloudy from really small bubbles, will those go out eventually or do i have to do something to get them out? well im off to bed gotta go to school tomorrow, ill post some pics tomorrow after school.
  3. thanks osama thats actually a really good idea, i never thought of that
  4. did some more work today when i got home from school, getting everything assembled. does anybody know of a place where i can get a 120MM fan grill?, i dont think the blowhole looks that great with out a fan grill
  5. i had a spare class today so i came home and finished cutting the hole, hope to start getting everything back together tonight
  6. i dont have a maze4 chipset block, its the maze4gpu block
  7. ill defenitaly have some more pics up tomorrow after the holes are cut and i start mounting my rads and getting it all setup. I already mounted the TDX and Maze4, but i was wondering if there was a certain barb for inlet and outlet or does it matter?
  8. lol yes it was very easy, but i used the cheaper discs that it came with and those 2 got ground down to nothing pretty fast, almost got the hole done. Im gonna pick up some of the better discs tomorrow and finish cutting the hole and also cut the grate out of the fan in the back to improve the airflow
  9. just got back from homedepot, picked myself up a 60$ dremel, it came with 2 cutting discs and i thought that would be enough but it wasnt..., got almost the hole circle cut then i ran out of discs, ill have to wait untill tomorrow after school to buy some more discs, then finish cutting the hole. i just cant wait till ill get to start hooking everything up. I was suprised how easy it was to cut with the dremel, im restoring my 57 ford with my dad right now and im always using grinders and welders and working with sheetmetal, so it wasnt new to me but so far it went pretty easy.
  10. ok i think ive found what ill need for cutting the hole. homedepot has a Black & Decker 3-Speed Rotary Tool for 30$ then i found some Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels for 7$, is there any differece between getting a black and decker rotary tool or the dremel brand, or will either do? i guess i should also get a tool for deburring the hole after it is cut?
  11. yea i have thought about using a dremel and i see they can be bought for about 30$, but would it be hard to cut a circle using one?, what kind of attachment would i have to get?, or would i just get a cutoff wheel?
  12. just got back from homedpot, didnt buy a holesaw yet because for a 4 1/2" holesaw and arbor is was gonna cost bm over 100 dollars. is there any other way to cut the hole or is there somewhere i can take it and pay to get the hole cut?
  13. didnt get anywhere with the case, havnt had time to go to homedepot yet, im gonna try and go tonight got the maze4 and tdx installed last night, hopefully ill get those holes cut today and i can start mounting my rads.
  14. My water cooling setup finally arrived from danger den today.. Ive got my computer all torn apart right now, im gonna start planning out the setup and cutting some holes in my nice case. I need to cut a 1"hole for the fillport and i also gotta cut a hole for my 120MM fan. I gotta run to homedepot tomorrow after school to buy a drill, some hole saws. Ive never cut a hole in a case or done any kind of mod so im gonna need some help, i need to cut a 1" hole for my fillport and so im gonna buy a 1" hole saw for this but i dont know what size to buy for a 120MM fan? To cut the holes all i need is a drill and a holesaw right?, and maybe some sandpaper to deburr the hole. im also gonna pick up some cutters for the tubing. after i get the holes cut ill keep you guys posted with whats going on. ill remember to take alot of pictures.
  15. all the colored Fluid XP+ EXTreme is out of stock, i guess i got to get the boring clear one. i just placed my order, i got D5 pump TDX waterblock Accetal maze4 with ramsinks 2 stealth gts 120 black ice rads Fillport with poly T 7/16 tubing(15ft) Fluid XP
  16. for coolant im going to use Fluid XP+ EXTreme, danger den sells a 32 ounce bottle for 34.99. do i have to add any additives to this stuff or is it good to go?
  17. im not going to buy to the clamps, my dad has a box of metal hose clamps that im going to use. i think im still going to get 7/16 tubing, its ok if i have to cut it off the barbs its not like im going to be taking them off very often. watsonte i heard it was best to use distilled water in your setup, but i also see that you can buy liquids and additives from dangerden. can you give me some ideas of whats good to use?
  18. ok my new order, does it look like i have everything ill need. 2- Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice Rads 7/16 Masterkleer tubing(15FT) Acetal Maze4 with 8 ramsinks TDX waterblock D5 pump Fillport and poly T 30 plastic snap tubing clamps i just noticed im getting 1/2 clamps but im getting 7/16 tubing, and those are the only clamps that Danger den sells...is there a better kind of clamp for 7/16 tubing?
  19. ok im just about to place my order, does it look like i have everything covered... My Order 2- Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice Rads 7/16 Masterkleer tubing(15FT) Acetal Maze4 with 8 ramsinks Fill Syringe TDX waterblock D5 pump Fillport reservoir with fillport and poly T 30 plastic snap tubing clamps
  20. ok i am able to cut my 80mm fan to 120mm then mount the rad there. but after watching the video from dangerden where the guy mounted the rad and fan almost right at the front of the case like in this picture... i kinda like that idea, so im thinking im going to leave my 80mm fan and put the rad beside that towards the front like the guy from danger den did. im just getting ready to place my order and im ordering the maze4 with ram sinks for my GPU, but there are so many versions of the maze4... there is the acetal maze4, and i dont know what acetal is... there is the brass maze4 there is the chrome maze4 and there is the plain maze4 im assuming that the brass and the chrome ones are just for personal preference but what is acetal? and when i go to order my rads it asks if i want high flow fittings or perfect seal fitting, again im assuming that this is just personal preference of whether you want a better seal or better flow, but i just want to be sure im ordering the right thing? for clamps danger den sells these http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?...2&cat=33&page=1 are these good clamps or what should i use for clamps? for tubing im going to buy the tygon 3603 but how do i know how much feet im going to need, what is a good amount to buy to be sure i have enough? sorry to ask so many questions but i just want to be sure im doing this right. thanks to anyone that can answer any of my questiuons
  21. ok so im going to get the Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice and not the x flow version. does anybody now where i can find the dimensions of the rad, i cant find it on dangerdens site. i need to see if i will be able to cut my 80MM fan on top to 120MM and fit a rad on there. does anybody know why people use 7/16 instead of 1/2? is there any right way to run everything, do i have to go thorugh my GPU first or my CPU and should i go throguh the rads first or last or does it matter?
  22. i heard it is very easy to fit 7/16 on 1/2 barbs if you dip it in boiling water for a second, but what is the point of using 7/16 tubing instead of 1/2? i just got home from work so im going to start measuring and see if i can pull off using two rads, im getting a stealth GTS radiator but danger den sells a Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice and a X-Flow Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice, they are the same price and im just wondering what the difference is, im thinking the x flow has to do with how the water flows through the rad but im not sure?
  23. ok ive drawn a new picture, im planning to cut my existing 80mm fan in the top to a 1200mm then mount a second rad there, im also ditching the reservoir and im going to instal a fillport on the top of the case, heres my new idea im not sure if i will be able to fit a second rad in the top, but im off to work for now, ill do some measureing when i get home
  24. thanks seandude ill go have a look at the specials section. im not sure what i want right now, i just thought it was better to have a reservoir, im fairly new to watercooling so im not sure. heres a drawing of my ideas i dont know if they make sense or if they are going to work, can you give me some suggestions on my ideas. im was going to mount the rad with my 120MM fan in the back of my case but the fan is exhaust so it will be blowing the warm air from my case through the rad I also have a spot for 2 80MM on the front of my case infront of the hard drives i was going to try and mod that to fit my rad and 120 MM fan there but the air flow is very restricted there i think.
  25. ok im planning my order from dangerden right now, im going to get a single 120mm fan radiator, is there much difference between the Stealth GTS 120 Black Ice and the Black Ice Pro Radiator or the Black Ice Xtreme Radiator? For the GPU im thinking of going with the The Danger Den NV-68 because it cools the ram too, or i could go with the Maze4 and buy some ramsinks? ive still got to decide on a reservoir, im going to buy tygon 2303 for tubing then i just got to get some clamps. does it look like i have everything covered that i will need?, im having alot of trouble deciding what to buy because dangerden so many different waterblocks and radiator and i dont know how to tell which is best...
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