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  1. will not connecting the FDD and on board 4pin power plugs affect my overclock?? i have seen the exact same stepping as mine at 2.9ghz on air but without the extra power plugs plugged in, mines crapping out at below 2.6ghz, could they be the reason why?? edit - the answer is no, it didnt help one bit
  2. just tried this, going from 1.5 to 1.35 with 113%, helped a little bit aka core zero lasted 40 seconds instead of 10 on sp2004. i think my core zero sucks as core 1 can keep going but 0 just fails tests in under a minuet
  3. hi guys. i have just d/led tmods tool as a recent attempt to update my bios to the lastest via winflash resulted in a no post. Now i have this tool and have been able to boot the cd, theres a whole bunch of bioses which i have to hand on the disk but dont know which one to choose. my kit is: Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-D, OCZ gold pc4000(2x512),x2 4400+ and a 6600. can anyone suggest which bios would be good to use or is it a case of just use any ? thanks for any help:) dreadi
  4. having a sig is a rule ? thanks for point out the bios part I will read and understand the forum rules before posting again.
  5. thanks steelballzz, i have got a floppy drive to hand....but no disks, which is typical. anyway, about that cd, i took a look and it seems that the sli-d is not on the list:confused: do i have to use one the other ones ?? I will read and understand the forum rules before posting again.
  6. i have also done this sort of thing on my sli-d and windows will not boot past the 'verifying DMI pool' i updated via the windows based utility and it said it work and now no post. i have no floppy drive though, can i re-flash via cd? kinda new at this? thanks dreadi
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