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  1. And that doesn't even have to be the x8 difference. The 3DMark tests are not that accurate, it can differ from try to try.
  2. I love the looks of the new TT Mozart, quite original
  3. I'm no expert, but imho that's a good overclock. I'm a bit worried about the voltage though, but as I said, I'm no expert
  4. hehe, or Sweden, many bars close at 05 here ^^
  5. The taskbar button is empty I did solve the problem though - reinstallation of windows ftw
  6. Nope, that's not it :/ Here's a screenshot of the problem See the blank space below the start menu? The weird thing is that my Object Dock is in the space where the windows field should be, and the start menu acts as if there actually was a field there. edit: Just tried "explorer.exe" in run, the taskbar loaded for 2 seconds and then vanished again.
  7. Today something weird happened. My Windowsbar just vanished, and I have no idea why. I can see it for 2-4 seconds whenever I startup windows, but then it disappears. What could be wrong?
  8. I can vouch for the Evercool VC-RE, lowered my temps by 5 degrees, and my board is ALOT more quiet now
  9. There most be some controllers that'll work, been browsing some swedish forums and some people here keeps talking about it, I just don't know which controller edit: Fixed the sound problem, switched to 5V, and now it's not much louder than a normal 120mm fan, still moves alot more are than one though
  10. Was hoping for a more "right now" solution Guess I'll switch back to my old fan until I get a controller then
  11. Topic says it all, the delta is at 3 Ampere's. would that do something bad to my motherboard? Kinda want to be able to lower the rpm a bit
  12. hehe, thank you, priming 3.0Ghz at 1.62V atm, seems to work, but I don't like that 48/52 temp
  13. I see, so all the things I've heard about keeping the temp below 50 when overclocking, isn't actually the core temp then?
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