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  1. Thanks Angry, the hook and wire retention bracket the 975 has worries me with putting an aftermarket cooler on that has the reach of the SLI version. Was thinking it may not be able to hold it down over the die.
  2. As the sig says I'm on 12/1/06. I've been using it since I got the board so I doubt it's the problem, though I guess no harm in trying. Now I have to figure out where the heck I put my one working floppy drive... I'll post back once I find the drive and do the update. FMC, I like the Eddie in the Sig
  3. One of the first things I checked was the bios. But I didn't see a setting to enable / disable it. Which I'll admit confused me as I thought there was one there, but just figured it was my Ultra-D that I was thinking of.
  4. A question for you guys with the TR HR-05 coolers. Would the SLI version have any problems mounting on the 975x/g? I'm forced to go with the SLI version or to turn my HSF and mount the fan on top blowing down twards the graphics card due to the size of the Ultra-120. While the HR-05 SLI looks like it would reach around and sit right near the CPU HSF intake fan and get cooled very well. Thanks!
  5. Actually the 975x/g uses a Realtek chipset for the onboard NIC. At least that's what the DFI site says and I've been using realtek drivers for it. And no dice with reinstalling the drivers. Guess I'll have to RMA it. Anyone know how to set up a RMA though DFI as I'm not seeing anything about it in their support section of the website. Only thing I see that is somewhat close is the tech support email for the San Fran Office. Guess it's time to get another of my computers working so I can keep working while it's off RMAing.
  6. The thing is that Windows doesn't even see it, but it's worth a try. I'll have to use the drivers off the RealTek website as I think I threw out the cd the day I got the board...
  7. Hey all, I think my onboard LAN gave up the ghost but I figured I'd see what you all think. So I got a system freeze and restart while loading up a web page a lil bit ago. Since then there is no wired LAN to turn on in my networking devices section. And there is no unknown pci-e device of any kind so it's not recognised and not installed and it's not installed either. Normally I'd concider getting a pci card and just throwing that in instead of the onboard, but I don't have any free pci slots to do something like that with. And yes I need the wired LAN as well as my wireless so not having it working isn't an option. Anything you can think of to try, or should I RMA it? And if RMA is the way should I go through DFI or NewEgg? EDIT:: I just checked the port itself and the green connect light is lit and the amber activity light it blinking at a regular interval of about 1 second if that means anything. I'm still thinking it's quite dead myself though.
  8. Besides upgrading the video card, if your getting just a little bit of hitching in game. You can always grab coolbits or something and do an easy OC on your current card that very well could eliminate it.
  9. Ok, so I'm looking to start the building of my new pc. I say start as some things I'll be waiting a while to get due to not needing them for current gaming right now. I'm planning on getting the mobo now, the cpu when the 45nm quad cores are out and at decent prices and the gpu's early next year when the new game I'm waiting for comes out. But first I guess I should make sure that the mobo I get will support the 45nm quad core chips. I'm remembering NVidia stating that their chipsets will support them with bios updates from the board manufacturers but I could be off there. Anyone confirm / deny this? But on to boards. I plan on getting a SLI board due to the fact that I mainly play MMO's which have game graphics engines designed to be scalable for years and adding more gpu power can do wonders for being able to turn the graphics up... And I now have a job that pays me enough money that I can do things like that The board doesn't need to have the highest OC potential as I'll also be getting a higher multi chip so that will be less of an issue and all. I'm looking at 4 boards. Some are the 650i SLI boards which only have 8x pci-e lanes which may be an issue down the road as I try to not upgrade my cpu / mobo for as long as possible while just upgrading the graphics system if needed. They are: ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI - Which has a nice color scheme and price. Mainly I like the look GIGABYTE GA-N650SLI-DS4 - All solid caps, 2 usable pci slots when using SLI and a brand I know and like. Foxconn N68S7AA-8EKRS2H - Don't they make the reference boards for NVidia? It also has all solid caps and no annoying heatpipe coolers on the NB / SB. DFI LP UT NF680I LT SLI-T2 - I like DFI boards, but this one has me perplexed. It's not using solid caps, and has the retarded hook clip for the NB heatsink. However I do like the LanParty look and it would have 2 usable pci slots with SLI going on. They all seem like decent boards, and should fit my needs well (Except perhaps the dual 8x ones if newer cards need more than 8x to run at full speed). Even though I would like two pci slots when using sli for sound and wireless, but I can get usb wireless or something. So I'm sitting here wondering if it would be worth spending the extra $ to go above the 650i or to get the DFI over the Foxconn. Or heck I could just get an eVGA like everyone else, though I like the solid caps on the Foxconn. So I need some help deciding on a board. And just to be sure, has anyone heard of NVidia releasing a new chipset anytime this year? As if they are it would almost make more sense to hold off until then I would think? And thanks much for advice and the like!
  10. AnUknownSource actually posted the thing that came to mind to me as well. It's the closest I've seen to the stuff on your psu.
  11. You do realize that 30c is only 86f? That would be 10f over the ambient you mentioned or 6c. I don't think that's going to happen with air or water.
  12. A Trio 650 should be able to put out more than enough power for your setup even if you had a GTX in it. So I'd guess it was the card not the PSU. Perhaps you should give reseating the card a try if you haven't already.
  13. If they did, they failed to mention that they did... Other than a Sandra and Cinebench benchmark which I don't think qualifies as stability
  14. That could be causing the problem, but at least it doesn't look like they leaked. You could try pushing them back down onto the board and see if that fixes it? And if your good with a soldering iron or know someone that is, you can replace them (Or see if a local electronics repair place would do it for a decent price). While I wouldn't say for sure that's the problem, it does make sense that it would be.
  15. You should be able to just transfer all your bios settings to another Ultra-D and pop the old HDD's in and not have to do anything. So as Angry said, unless you need the features just get another Ultra-D.
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