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  1. I suppose I can update this thread a bit by the end of the week it will be revamped a bit. -yonton228/timmy
  2. Once again, I still need to update this. I will also be adding a few new things. I will do a little day by day. -yonton228/timmy
  3. LOL, I totally read/understood that the wrong way, sorry mate. -yonton228/timmy
  4. When in the BIOS hit (CTRL F1) this will enable "advanced features" in the overclocking area of the BIOS. Yes I think this is stupid being an "enthusiast" board. -yonton228/timmy
  5. A great place to get lots of info on widescreen monitors is WIDE SCREEN GAMING FORUM -yonton228/timmy
  6. Me niether, however if I could switch to the Rev 3.3 for free right now, I prolly would. Granted the overclocking on them are just as good if not better than the Rev 2. However next year quad core 1333 FSB chips=teh win for Folding @ Home. -yonton228/timmy
  7. Yeah you will have to remove the backplate. No big deal really lol. -yonton228/timmy
  8. I belive Clubit.com tells ya what Rev. http://clubit.com/search.cfm?cat=Motherboa...te&opt=1&view=0 -yonton228/timmy
  9. Please read the other post. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74926 -yonton228/timmy
  10. How is this unimportant? Please read the following interview before you make such a comment. I make sure when I say something, I damn well have the facts to back up my comments, this is not a personal attack however I do know I am correct on this matter. However I wish they would make a BIOS for the Rev 2 boards that supports the 1333 FSB nativly. INTERVIEW HERE -yonton228/timmy
  11. Me personally, quad core over dual. Think of [email protected],encoding movies etc etc etc. And the DQ6 if you gots the cash. I own one atm, and my 6300 is at 3050MHZ up from 1860. And this is with very very little tuning lol. I am going to fine tune my system one of these days. ** Also try to get the Rev 3.3 MOBO, it supports the upcoming 1333MHZ chips. -yonton228/timmy
  12. For the price you cant go wrong with getting a DS3. However make sure you try to get a Rev 2 or 3.3 -yonton228/timmy
  13. I have abosolutly no complaints with my DQ6, thing is a beast lol. So far my 6300 is at 3050 24/7 stable no probs. -yonton228/timmy
  14. Sorry I havnt updated in a LONG butt TIME. However some much need updates are in the works. -yonton228/timmy
  15. I have ordered over 3k worth of stuff from newegg over the years and everything was delivered via UPS. Everything was fine and on time. However the couple of times that I have ordered something and it was delivered via FedEx. The package was allways late, box was beaten to hell. dropped off and nothing was signed for, etc etc etc. -yonton228/timmy
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