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  1. noisy and scratchy are the parts of old songs you want to keep.... =-)
  2. drmalenko

    Dell E248WFP

    i have the 2407 dell... (the 2007 24" model) it is an awesome beast and i highly recommend it... i love it and dont know that i could part with... in fact if the house was on fire i think that would be one of the things i grabbed on the way out the door... i had been wanting to make the switch to lcd from my crt a couple of months ago and when i walked by the dell stand in the mall it was over, i went home and ordered it... im so weak sometimes... me sighs... it has a great picture and faced with the decision to make the purchase again i believe i would spend the money... it also has some great features that i didnt know about until i got it out of the box and after having used these features for 2 months im addicted.. these are simple things that most of you have been acustomed to long before now but i never had the pleasure of due to be to lazy to get an lcd... things such as a complete card reader and multiple usb ports on the side of the monitor and they all plug up to the pc via a single cable and they are usb2..... thats cool cuz i never had it before... lol... also their is almost every single type of connection on the monitor that you can dream of... from dvi to vga to rgb its got it.. it can work as a tv monitor and will do picture in picture ....lol thats sweet even though i will never use it... hope this helps ya out!
  3. pump sold, back from page 2 bump
  4. Command and Conquer: Renegade The best FPS ever made. then EA killed Westwood and Renegade 2 never hit the shelves..../me screams..
  5. sold a few items, daily bump... accepting offers for the mb and cpu combo,
  6. I was going to include a 120*25, not sure of the specs as they came out of a Lian-Li case, I do have a Delta 3 blade 120*38 that I can include, I paid 15.00 bucks for it and it moves alot of air quiietly... drop me a pm and well discuss it..
  7. pics added, watercooling stuff added,
  8. hey guys, looking to sell my DFI 590 and AM2 6000... anyone intrested pm me... going to make someone a great deal on this combo.... =-)
  9. dont know if it will boot from usb but I have a DFI Lanparty 590 and a 6000+ that Im getting ready to list for sale, if intrested drop me a pm
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