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  1. It's me "Clay" I logged on as a diffrent user so I could have 2 entrys in the superpi race.(I hope) Overclocking. this is where we need to know exactly which IC's are on those sticks. In order to Id those IC's. You'll have to pull one and get exactly the right model and revision of those memsticks. Then we check the website in my sig.(Memory look-up) And hopefully they don't have more than 1 IC' listed in that revision. BRB I'm gonna' come back as me.
  2. Is this race open platform or just nf4? I'm not ascared to be last! LOL
  3. It's me "Clay" I'm gonna show some superpi screens in the superpi race in amd overclocking three ghz club's thread. But allready have some fairly nise post with my nf4 as "Clay"(Currently 3rd place) I believe that is open platform. (I expect to be in both platforms about in the middle of the pack.) @TheWizzard not very many nf2 riggs can run with yer's. Possilby 3-4 It would a heck of a race. As far as memstick's go poeple have been showing with every type of mems I've ever seen this thread and the other 1. I'll post my nf2 screens as "Harvey" in the superpirace race thread. And if "TheFlowerKing" post the results Then that's a good official way of racin' em'. That's 1m and 32m for overall standings. Post yer' pi's here but be ready after I post this. Screenies Like this: And this respectivly: If the other thread they don't want nf2s then I'll try to round up all the standing in this thread an post em'
  4. "Palamino"? XP1700 JIUHB If I remember that right isn't that a "Famed" stepping.sometimes 2.5ghz+ core? Nice find....Edit wonder why my sig isn't showing up. All the right boxes are checked. Guess that'll have to do til' the server realizes theres a sig there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lan-Party Ultra-D(Modded 7-04bios) Opteron 148. 2X512 OCZ pc4800 2.5-4-4-10 6600-256 "Albatron" Pci-e Sound-Blaster Audigy LS BA 735 Digital Spkrs 2#74gb Raptor2's Raid-0 250gb Sata 16mb"Cuda" for pg-file storage. OCZ powerstream 520watts. LG Combo drive. Floppy-Drive. Sure hope I did this right.
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