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  1. cant wait.... hopefully doesnt go out like the Asus Crosshair and be so expensive...but with that Digital PWM it might be....
  2. paladinchan

    Issues with UltraII-M2

    i have that issue with my mobo....its 939-pin Speedfan and SiSoftware makes my comp shut down
  3. hey ppl.... im lookin into gettin this board seein how Great my DFI board now is and im havin a hard time findin good mem....all these ppl are sayin its incompat with there mobos.... can anyone say that they know of any mem that has a very high chance of workin...
  4. paladinchan

    um..... X2 hates my Corsair

    dude...i just was bored and agravated....so i put my mem to 2.9V and 2t command rate.... IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! is there a diff between 1T and 2T
  5. paladinchan

    um..... X2 hates my Corsair

    and i thank you very much...but i have a habbit of breaking expensive stuff...not by over voltage or something...but by throwing it.....
  6. paladinchan

    um..... X2 hates my Corsair

    im gettin new ram..screw tryin to play with crap....
  7. paladinchan

    um..... X2 hates my Corsair

    i had my 3000+ @2.8GHz the problem is with my X2 3800+ im runnin with a 5/4 divider @ stock 2.0GHz m Geil Value RAM works at recommended V and timmings..so Corsair RAM is a pain to figure out i have ran Mem86+ before and it did pass but that was before i got my X2 in fact i have two X2 3800+ 's one with Manchester core and other with Toledo so far i tried 3-4-4-8 1T 2.8V failed to boot windows 3-4-4-10 1T and 2T 2.8V cant run games
  8. paladinchan

    um..... X2 hates my Corsair

    it boots..but when i play any game windows crashes within 5 min's i have them in my Orange slots with 3-4-4-10 2.71V 1T Timing in yellow slots it wont post.... but my Geil DDR400 512 DC value ram works..but its horible to play BF2 with only 512MB of mem i have latest drivers and bios updates
  9. i cant get my new X2 3800+ to work with my TwinX2048 DDR500 but it works with some other spare RAM i have... but it worked great with my 3000+ does that make any sence.....
  10. i cant play a game more than 15min with my X2 3800+ with everything stock...but my mobo says 1.3V is stock for the cpu..but i bumped it up but still nothin....