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  1. I have been a little busy and haven't had a chance to do anything with my system lately. Whenever I get a chance to try with the 133 divider I will post back.
  2. Thanks Sharp! For ZOldDude and bldegle2 I threw that PSU out when I got the Case because it was junk and if you even looked at my sig. you would have noticed I have a OCZ 600w PowerXStream in both my systems. Plus I keep an OCZ 850W PowerXStream just incase one of my PSU's happen to go bad or for when I build the Core 2 Quad, SLI system that I am going to build in the near future.
  3. Memtest ran fine with x11 so I tried memtest @ x12 and it ran through 3 passes and then I ran 10 passes each of #5 and #8 and it ran fine. I tried to boot into windows and I get the BSOD. So I went back into the BIOS and set the VCORE to 1.35v @107.2% = 1.447v and I still get the BSOD just as it gets to the windows startup. So I guess that is about as far as this 180 is going to go. The next setting would take me to 1.476V @109.4%.
  4. Ok I just tried 166 RAM divider with x10 @250 and it would boot part way through the BIOS startup but would just reboot before it got to the windows startup. I then just changed the multiplier to x11 and it booted into windows with no problems so I just came here to report what I have found so far. I am going to try going to x12 now and will report back soon. Well I just upped it to x12 and it made it through the BIOS startup but as soon as it got to the windows startup I got the BSOD. ROFL I knew that was going to happen. Now what's my options just upping the VCORE and trying or is staying at the x11 multiplier and increasing the FSB an option? Which is the best of the two choices?
  5. Thanks for the fast reply! I will have to wait till Sunday to start this but I will get back to you when I find out the results.
  6. Sorry about that Sharp! I wrote it wrong, what I wanted to know is why start at 166 x10 @250FSB and test it then up the multiplier to x11 times then if it passes up it to x12. I know if I get it to x12 x250 its at 3.00GHz which would be GREAT. BUT what I wanted to know is why start at 250 x10 then go to x11 then to x12. Do I just set it to 166 RAM 250FSB x10 then test? Then if it passes do I just go straight to x11 250FSB or do I start with a lower FSB and try to get to 250?
  7. Just one quick question before I start changing the multiplier. Just out of curiosity why am I doing it this way? Why don't I just lower the RAM to 166 with the multiplier at x12 and try hitting 250FSB that way? I just want to know what I'm doing for future OCing of my other system. It's a DFI expert also with a X2 4400+, G.Skill DDR500 RAM and a OCZ PowerXStream 600w PSU. It's my next project.
  8. Have you tried setting your RAM's voltage to 2.74v-2.75v and set it to 2T for the Corsair set. Doing that helped me with my OC. I even have mine set to 2.74V 2-3-3-6 2T at 180 9/10 and it has helped me get my OC higher than I ever could before. That RAM will hold you back until you up the voltage to the 2.74vor 2.75v.
  9. Try resetting the BIOS with the jumper on the MB to see if that helps.
  10. I had the same problem and I bumped the voltage to 2.74V and changed the settings to 2-3-3-6 2T in the BIOS and now I don't have the problem anymore. PLUS change TRC to 11 , TRFC to 14 , MAX ASYNC LATENCy to .08ns , DRAM Responce Time to NORMAL , and READ PREAMBLE Time to .06ns and it should work for you.
  11. Do I set it at 166 and x10 and start at 200FSB and work up or just set it to [email protected] and see what happens. If I have to start at [email protected] and work up do I do that with every time I raise the multiplier? OR do I just keep the FSB @ 250 and just switch the multipliers? I just want to make sure so I don't screw it up like last time.
  12. The settings that you gave me before are all the same TRC @11, [email protected], Max Async Latency @.o8ns, DRAM Response Time @ Normal, Read Preamble Time @ .06ns and that is all running with the RAM @ 180 9/10. Why am I changing to the different settings? Since I am at 180 9/10 RAM divider now. Is it to lower the multiplier to see if I can manage a higher OC on the lower multiplier? I will have to try the different settings after XMAS since I will be at my Sister's till then and I'm not taking my system. I couldn't believe just by taking the RAMS VCORE that was set by default to 2.66V and then setting it to 2.74v that it actually let me get out of the lower 230FSB and allowed me to use the 180 9/10 setting on the RAM. It also gave me the option to go from the 3-3-3-8-settings to 2-3-3-6 2T. So far today my idle is @ 26C which for me is normal. Even @ the stock settings it was running at 24C-26C idle so it's not doing bad for a very cheap $39 case that I purchased 2 years ago that came with a 350W PSU.
  13. OK I have been working with this thing all day yesterday and today and have got it stable right now at these settings. 234FSB x12 @2808MHz @1.41v and the RAM is at 180 9/10 @2.74v 2-3-3-6 2T.:cool: Temps are 27C idle and 42C 100% PWMIC temp is 34C, nf4 chipset temp is 44C. What is a safe voltage to take this Opteron 180 to? I was wondering if I could try to take it higher to see how high of an OC I can get on air (ZalmanCNPS9500) before the temps get to high. Plus is 65C the top temp for this CPU? I would never take it that high because I never take any of mine past 50C or 51C on air to be on the safe side. Thank you for the help you have given me.
  14. OK I have it stable at 230FSB x12 @1.38v and 180 9/10 @ 2.74v and that is DDR 394and 197 MHz, so is that close enough to 200MHz? It won't go to 231FSB with out being unstable so I might try upping the VCORE to 104% and seeing what happens but that will be in a couple of days since I won't be near my system now till then.
  15. While I was reading some posts here on DFI my system froze SO I guess raising to 2.74v didn't fix my problem like I thought it did. Seems funny it ran stable in OCCT but froze while surfing DFI. I'm going to try a couple things then I'll start with the X8 and see what the RAM will run at. It seems it doesn't even want to run at 197MHz like I had it in the top post.
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