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  1. Thanks a lot. I will buy a new power supply and hopefully that will fix the problem.
  2. I checked out the links that Ex gave me, but is it necessary for me to get a PSU that is that large?
  3. In that case, no, I did not test it at all like that. It had lots of RAM compatibility issues, that were resolved by changing the BIOS around a little, but then it ran fine after I did that for a few months.
  4. When you say 12 hr prime, do you mean that the computer ran fine for 12 hours continually? If so, the answer is yes. If you need any information please ask, I am fairly new to computers so I might not know what you are talking about (12hr prime as an example), but I will try my best. Thanks for all the help so far.
  5. So you don't think that the hard drives are bad, or that the mobo is bad either?
  6. I am just conused because my computer worked fine for about 3 months now. And I have not added any hardware.
  7. Hello, I have been running my machine for about 3 months with no problems when yesterday i started to have problems with getting my machine to read my second harddrive. Then today, every time I boot my machine, it takes me to a screen where windows is "checkin file system on E:" It attempts to check but all the segments are unreadable. This is my second drive, so I disconnected it, and attempted to boot. Now it does the same thing but for drive C:. After running this, the machine gets a BSOD and says "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION" It seems unlikely that both harddrives died on the same day, when nothing happened to the machine. If anyone has any ideas please help.
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