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  1. Hi, just wondering what the best/fastest/latest nforce driver is that i can grab from the nvidia site?:angel:
  2. Ive got mine set at 125mhz, and deep freeze doesnt artifact at all at this freq. Must be said though, that it only artifacts at High OC stages.
  3. yeah, we want pics, pics of everything.
  4. I had the same probs in going from Single to SLi, however, not one of my cards had issues when in single mode, unly when SLi-ing. Anyways, sorted it by upping the PCI-e bus to 115mhz. now 3dmark06 9324mhz http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=442018 No lock ups/artifacts at all anymore
  5. Hi guys and gals, Id like to thanks you all for the help and hints over the last couple of weeks. It hasnt been all applle pie, but the trouble has been well worth it. I can now say that my little Ultra-D is a full fledged SLi rig that runs stable @2607mhz and has performance under the hood that isnt to be sneezed at. Its been a long road, but for those of you who are thinking of it, its well worth the satisfaction to see both cards purring along in BF2 with all options cranked up. I initially had a little trouble with getting the cards to be stable, but apprently this problem has been documented before with the 7900 series of cards. As advised by the thread, i upped the PCI-e bus to 115mhz and its been rock solid. Just so there is no confusion next time for other builders, the DFI genie bios reports the pci-e bus as 8X NC 8X 4X (once the mod and jumpers have been set) and this is in reverse to some of the other boards. It is in fact correctly set. so now it purrs along quite nicely. Not too much room inbetween both cards though, id recon only about a 2 mill gap at best. http://www.geocities.com/vannearcade/Mods/vanne15.jpg Once more, thanks heaps again to everyone who offered thier assistance in my quest. Thanks for making it work guys. One happy little DFI-Street member :cool:
  6. I was having issues after going from single to SLi, it was all very frustrating, but finally sorted it and upping the PCI-e bus from 100mhz to 110 did the trick for me. Stable, no artifacts, black screens and or lockups at all. 3dmark runs like a dream. 9324 marks in 06 for anyone who's into that. i must admit though, i wonder if its a problem with the mobo though, and not the card, as mine ran flawelessly in single mode (both of them) so id recon its got something to do with 8X instead of 16X. i dunno, all i know its working now
  7. hehehe, all sorted, the DFI UT ultra-d when modded to SLi shows X8 NC X8 X4. no mater what ive done, it cant be changed. I also recon this is what its supposed to say (maybe the bios string ($) is back the front.) at any rate, ive got it sorted now and it kicks butt. 9324 3dmarks in 06 also the funny thing was that it was corrupting something in order of the PCI-e lane, and works perfectly when setting the PCI-e bus to 115mhz. Temps seem to be stable, but the GPU1 seems to run about 7 degrees hotter than gpu2 at any rate, its finally all nice and stable.
  8. So there are other jumpers that need to be moved besides the ones in between the 2 PCI-e slots that go from Single to SLi? where are they located? i guess i should have added that in my original post that i moved the jumpers to SLi, (2-3) all the rows. also, iam gonna swap the cards around and clear the cmos for 10 mins. maybe that will do something...
  9. also i just updated to the latest bios and still no luck. still locks up.
  10. Hi guys, as you can see from my sig, i did the Hard-mod to SLi on my little Ultra-d. The mod went fine and was using the mobo with one gtx for about 3 weeks. Alls well and happy. Then my SLi bridge arrived in the mail and it was time to chuck the other card in there. After an initial scare that the bottom cards fan was on continuesly, the guys here told me that was normal and it was as after installing the nvidia drivers, it all worked fine. SLi detected and set up in winxp pro (no service pack) While benching, in 3dmark06, the cimputer locks up on the loading screen for the cpu test. :confused: so iam in the bios checking all the settings, and what not, now while looking at a lot of posts, they have to the PCI-e se to 8-4-NC-8. in my genie bios, i cant change that setting. and its set to X8 NC X8 X4 ?????? whats going on here? I also set my bios to SLi broadcast to Auto. also of note is that i can complete 3dmark03, but then the screen isnt responsive and has black boxes all over it.:eek: any help would be much appreciated
  11. ahh, ohkay guys, thanks for that. re-installed the drivers, and the fan goes to normal. thanks heaps for solving that problem. Now however, ive got another little problem, it seems that after running 3dmark06 and 3dmark03 the screen corrups before completting the benchmark. It completes the benchmark, however, the screen is distorted. (thats in 03) In 06, it hoots along for the first 2 tests and then takes ages to load the cpu benches. and there something wrong evident with the screen aftyer that, and then when the 5th test runs, its slow as. even slower than with one card? Also, i noted in 3dmark in the system screen, it only shows one 7900gtx, with 512mb. Shouldent it say SLi in there or something? also, in the bios, theres a couple of settings iam not familair with? SLi broadcasting? should that be enabled? and LDT 16 (arrow up) LDT 16 (Arrow down)? option are 8 x 8? id much appreciate a run down on the optimal settings for SLi. kindest regards guys and thanks for helping out in my initial problem.
  12. Hi guys, just wondering if you can help me sort a problem, Ive just got my SLi bridge in the mail and plugged my extra 7900GTX card in my mobo, after swapping the jumpers to SLi. i boot up in post , and normally, with only 1 card, the fan on the 7900gtx goes max for a sec, then goes to nearly off (nice and quiet). Now with 2 cards, one of the cards does the normal, max fan speed for a sec, then goes to normal, while the other one stays at max fan speed. (ie like it would go when under full load) anyone know why the other (the bottom PCI-e slot) card doesnt go back to low rpm on the fan? has anyone come across this before? is this normal?
  13. as in my sig. 3dmark 06 - 6059 (vid card everything stock)(cpu @2.6ghz) Asus EN7900GTX2DHT/512 Part 90-c3fg0-juay
  14. Yup, ReelFiles, your 100% correcta-mundo. Just did a 3dmark06 test and it provides no improvent at all. Though i havent tested it out with SLi yet. ill do that when i get my bridge.
  15. Good stuff and congrats. did you have to scrape off the e-poyx from the other contact under the hood? Mine had epoxy on it, which required a steady hand with a scalpel to remove it before being able to connect up the 2 contacts. Have you got a sli bridge yet? and a 2nd vid card? make sure you the same card/bios for your 2nd card.
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