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  1. What about your CPU temp??? i know with mine i have a naked 165. and i have had my water pump not turn on once and it would not go into windows. cause it would reach the shut down temp i had set of 60c and turn it's self off. at first i did not know what it was but found out it was that the bois was shutting down the PC because of the temp being high.
  2. so you can run your HTT past 1000??? i though you were to keep it below 1000? if you can run above that might help me out also.
  3. ok just a question. if i were to take a speed of lets say 3.2ghz but i used two ways to get there. which would run faster? 400x8 = 3200mhz or 356x9 = 3204mhz is the lower multi better for speed? but even still if i took it 400x8 = 3200mhz 400x9 = 3600mhz i am just trying to figure out what kinda of ram i should be getting.. cause i not a high fbs with lower multi faster than high multi with less mhz? or do i go something wrong.
  4. i had a 3800x2 running at 2.6ghz on the stock volts. would hit 2.8 with 1.4v it was a pretty good chip that i had.
  5. i am running kingston value ram UCCC and i can run mine up to 250, at 3-3-3-8 1T 2.9V after that it may or may not crash while gaming. mine has the samsung chips on them. i have seen some g.skill uccc ram running up to 290
  6. If you are a gamer though, your game play off your ram... your CPU only take the infomation off the HDD and moves it to the RAM. but the slowest will be the bottle neck. I like faster memory read and write times. and for me at 300cpu and 245ram i keep the reead and write close to each other at 7800mb/s. If you are have reboot issues while gaming then there is either one of two probs. the ram can not take that speed or the memory setting are too tight.
  7. use everest and run the Cache and Memory Benchmark and you can see the read and write times of you memory after the changes. and you can see what is transfering more. my memory transfers more at 300cpu/245ram 2.5-3-3-8 than it does at 334cpu/255ram 3-4-4-8, and the cpu transfer is faster but not enough to make me run it at that speed.
  8. With my 165 i have found that at 2.7Ghz (300x9) it seem to run the best with not alot of heat. i can run it at 300x9 with only 1.4V and the less volts the less heat you are making. mine would do 3.0ghz but i had to put 1.55V to it. and for the extra speed i did not notice i did not want to run it that warm. My 165 at 300x9 (2.7Ghs) and 2G of kingston value ram at 245mhz. and a sata HDD i can load into BF2 maps faster than a FX-60 at 2.8ghz same amount of ram and a raptor HDD. we have loaded them side by side. i can get in about 2 seconds before him. not much time you might say but. i spent way less on my CPU then he did. for temps at 2700mhz 1.4V on water room temp at 22c, IDLE cpu 23c, LOADED 30C at 2700mhz 1.4V on air room temp at 22c, IDLE cpu 32c, LOADED 46C at 2800mhz 1.475v on water room temp at 22c, IDLE cpu 26c, LOADED 35C at 2800mhz 1.475v on air room temp at 22c, IDLE cpu 40c, LOADED 55C at 3000mhz 1.55v on water room temp at 22c, IDLE cpu 35c, LOADED 50C so i just keep mine where it is fast with less volts. keep the temp down and the performance up. it will do 3.0 but i don't notice any faster loading into games or while doing stuff.
  9. i am running some UCCC ram. what is the best bios version to use to help get the most out of this ram? and orange or yellow? 2x1G sticks of ram
  10. is UCCC stuff good ram? I got a set of kingston value ram with DDR400 samsung 534 k4g510838c-UCCC now i notice that a set of Corsair ddr500 ram has the exact same chips. so if they are the same should they run as the same speeds? they also said that 300mhz it could hit but not 100% stable. but is at 280mhz.
  11. i got mine up to 312mhz with 1.425V and runs 34idle and 47loaded. with ram running at 255mhz plays BF2 great.
  12. I am looking at getting one. looked t the specs but not really sure, 520W or 600W????? 520W: +3.3V(28A), +5V(40A), +12V(33A) 600W: +3.3V(28A), +5V(46A), +12V1(20A), +12V2(18A)
  13. i have mine at 300x9 = 2.7g ram is at 245, 5/6 ratio cpu volts 1.45v + 102% to keep it at 1.45v cpu cooler is only a xp120. but i am sure a full copper cooler would drop my temps more. idle 36c loaded 50c waiting for my water block to come in then i'll be going higher.
  14. ok just too see if something was up i set bios to default and left all settings on auto. prime runs fine.. so could it be maybe the 500W power supply i have is not good enough for higher clocks. or my cpu can not go that high. i was only at 300fsb and i seen people at 334. so would i be wrong in maybe suspecting the PSU? you would hear the fans slow down when testing at 300 at 200 you do not hear them slowing down a little. and test runs fine.
  15. i'll give that a go and see thanks
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