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  1. Mate...thanks for the effort there.. I ran memtest...8 hours + no problems...This is as I expected. I tried your BIOS settings.....(thanks) Still no go. So I am biting the bullet and picking up another OCZ GameXtreme 700W tonight on the way home....Cant beat quality.... I know and you know that its going to be the power supply.... Ten bucks says that it was dumb luck that it ran that board for so long in the past.... I appreciate your effort mate...
  2. Yep. Good thinking. Completely forgot about that. Will do this evening.. Only a short clear so far. May do an overnighter I guess. Yep, ram module is in the correct DIMM. And I hear what you are saying on the PSU...but. I ran this mobo, on this PSU for about six months, with this CPU and with the 2 cards on SLI. Never missed a beat. Go figure. I am aware of the recommended PSU units for DFI boards etc....sometimes you have to go with what you have....Still..It COULD be the PSU....Which I will swap out this evening just to be sure....
  3. Same mobo as in my sig...AMD Athlon 3000 single core. 6800GT Gigabyte GPU's (I have 2 of these) Thermaltake 480W PSU. 512 DDR400 generic ram. I have pretty much downgraded the mobo from the setup in my sig...Now ALL of these parts have run this mobo in the past without any dramas I need the case this rig was in for another project...So I downgraded the specs to some old parts I had laying around... The board has been so reliable it isnt funny. It has performed so well over the two years or so that I have had it. The minute I take it out of the case it all turns pear shaped. My intention was just to move the downgraded system (No OC...stock values) into another case and let the missus use it for her stuff. Now. I've set it up outside the case. Posts ok...I can enter bios no problems. CPU, ram recognised. All systems go. Then...... I get a Blue screen of death upon entry into the windows loading screen. Obviously a graphics error I hear you say.....The BSOD flashes up for a fraction of a second, I cant read it....damn annoying. I've been trying to catch it on a digital camera but I gave up after 45 minutes of reboots lol.... I have tried a single card....both PCI-e slots. I have tried BOTH cards seperately. I have tried both cards in SLI mode. Now I know that the PSU is not on the recommended list, but it has run this system with a hotter chip and hotter GPU's long time stable in the past. I am pretty assured that I can cross the PSU off the list of causes This really has me baffled. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong? Any opinion would be appreciated.
  4. ^^ I've done this before with positive results. You need to repair windows. You may need to write a new MBR on the hard disk...(close eyes and prey). lol its not that terrible. I have had to do this a couple of times....I have also done this to speed up windows booting.... After you run the repair, you will of course need to reapply the boot sequences.
  5. If you were not having issues prior to the BIOS flash, then most definately complete the CMOS clear, as stated above. Your CD/DVD drive needs to have a JUMPER set to either MASTER, SLAVE or CABLE SELECT as stated in the post above...There should be a jumper covering 2 out of 6 pins on the rear of the drive itself. Generally, the CD is a slave to your HD, which is the master.....Generally for a normal, non Raid setup... Dont flash your BIOS unless there is a specific issue that you cannot resolve by any other means.... If I can offer a hunch fix on the information you have given us.....Clear the CMOS....turn off the power, reset the jumper on the board, take the battery out, wait for a while....30 mins or so first attempt. Reboot, load your BIOS, load optimised default settings. Reboot. Set your devices in the BIOS. Reboot. Hopefully with your boot sequence in order and without any further problems. And create a signature as per the rules of the forum...Most of the guys here WILL give you solid leads to fix your rig, but you gotta help them help you mate...
  6. I've had this problem before...... Is the "clicking" coming from your CD/DVD drive? And the "wooshing" is your chipset fan.... I have had the EXACT same thing before.....A short CMOS clear fixed it. I also updated my bios shortly after. I dont know what caused the drama, but your symptoms sound identical to what mine were. I see that you tried a clear already....That fixed my problem....
  7. Howdy.....Basically I'm just looking for an opinion here... I use a Thermaltake "Armor" case which I absolutely love. I intentionally chose this case for the air cooling factor, and its versatility if I choose to upgrade. I'm running three five inch and three 90mm fans at the moment....The 90mm fans are quality, low noise TT's.. Anyhoo. When I first purchased the case, THIS: http://www.pccasegear.com/prod3764.htm was not available..... I sort of have this lunacy with lower temps.....anything above 40 degrees annoys me. I often just sit an extra 5" blowing straight onto the board for the hell of it....this drops a couple of degrees, even under load. The everclear on the chipset was a significant improvement... Is it worth the dollars for the new door with the fan already in place? Or would that money be better spent on a Dremel, and I start tracing circles? Tis a bloody big fan (25cm) that spins at 600 rpm which means pretty low noise..... Whatcha reckon....?
  8. Strange this one. World of Warcraft is not a terribly GPU intensive program. Its more dependant on system memory than graphics cards. This is an issue with your particular brand and model of card.... I cant link the thread as my work has all WoW sites blocked ..in the warcraft forums from www.worldofwarcraft.com there is a hardware fault forum....It lists several known problems/solutions for you....
  9. Thank you so much for this fantastic guide. Gave me the balls to give it a crack. This is my first higher end rig and I appreciate all the information this site can give. After hunting for about three days, I finally tracked down an Everclear in Australia, which believe me, is no easy feat. If anyone needs info on this, send me a PM....The dfi-street affilliated site wont send international unfortunately. The Everclear has dropped my loaded chipset temps by 10 degrees C. The idle temps are now negligable.....The stock cooler is, amazingly, such a piece of crap by comparison. Thank you very, very much.....Come summer here, this will be a godsend.
  10. There are quite a few good threads on this same topic on this site. Whilst 49 degrees is'nt horrible, most of the crew on here would seem intent on fixing it. Some of the information on this site is superb and will effectively show you exactly how to remedy issues like this one. The tutorials will give you confidence enough to attempt things that you perhaps would have avoided in the past. Get yourself Motherboard monitor 5 (MBM5) as it is the monitor program that everyone swears by. The wee Everclear cooler can make a significant reduction in the chipset temp and there is even an installation video on here.. Other than that, replacing the thermal transfer material on the existing DFI fan will also make a difference in the temperature. Once again, there are great tutorials available. Even a well placed case fan can make a difference here.
  11. Just this weekend I upgraded my cpu from a Athlon 3000+ to the x2 4200. As above, clear the cmos, load optimised defaults, change chip.... Reload windows. It should automatically pick up the hardware change. You will see straight as it posts. If it does not recognise it, clear the cmos again for another 10 minutes then try again. Then install the dual core optimiser and drivers. The way mine is running, there is no reason evident for a new OS install. Prime tested for 20 hours at less than 34 degrees peak. See hopw you go, if your windoze turns dodgy on you, make the call on a reinstallation. Sweet upgrade though.....
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