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  1. Rivatuner, Everest, or hardware monitor don't read my fan speeds, therefore I believe it "may" be overheating and underclocking. I wonder what I've done to create this problem?
  2. Man, I think I'm gonna go crazy with this GPU. I uninstalled Rivatuner 2.07, and installed 2.08. I haven't touched the settings in Rivatuner, so the GPU is still running stock. Score=13,279, SM2.0-5882, HDR-5841, CPU-3469 MAX GPU temp - 77C Rivatuner must be screwing things up for me or something...
  3. OK, now it looks like I have a decent steady 3D Mark '06 score for stock GPU. I just hit 12,418. CPU score=3470 this time. Score1=11,342, SM2.0-4844, HDR-4793, CPU-3408 - 69C max GPU temp Score2=12,397, SM2.0-5263, HDR-5471, CPU-3466 - 72C max GPU temp Score3=12,418, SM2.0-5272, HDR-5480, CPU-3470 - 78C max GPU temp These are all with the GPU @ Stock, CPU @ 3.824, and System RAM @ 851mhz. I'll start upping the core like you said. At what point do I want to start raising the shader and memory? (Thank you for bearing with me on this technodanvan)
  4. My system must be a fluke. I just now am hitting nearly 12,400 with stock GPU and OC'ed CPU as before. The CPU score is 3466 this time.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that they were coming out small. Anyway, the CPU score was 3408 @ stock GPU speeds, and 3452 @ 663/951/1657 (GPU/Mem/Shader) speeds as shown in GPU-Z version 0.1.9 and Rivatuner. I have "Everest", "AVG", "Volume", and "Nvidia Settings" running in the taskbar. AVG is not actually scanning, it's just in the taskbar.
  6. Ohhhhh, I see your point now. I'm using Rivatuner 2.07. Here is round 2, the CPU score is very close: [ATTACH]6397[/ATTACH]
  7. OK, for some reason when I revert back to stock GPU speeds, I now only get 11,000+ 3D Mark score: [ATTACH]6396[/ATTACH] Max GPU temp: 69C I wonder how I got 13,300 earlier? I had the RAM running 975 OC'ed through Rivatuner
  8. Technodanvan: I'll rerun and check the CPU scores, I made the mistake of not taking screenies of them earlier so I don't know if they changed or not. I basically run rthdribl (1 large and 2 small instances at the same time) while OC'ing with Rivatuner. Once I reached 700/975, I ran 3D Mark '06 and got like 12,500 or so. I clocked down to 675/975 and received 11,900. As far as other timings (630/930, 650/950, etc.), I don't know where the dropoff begins. I was hoping I was doing something wrong before starting all over again. I have seen temps of 87C, but was hoping it was a glitch. The rest of my system has great airflow and runs extremely cool.
  9. I'm trying to find out what I'm doing wrong with OC'ing my video card. With default card settings 600/900, I can get over 13,300 3D Mark '06 score. When I set it to 675/975, the score drops down to 11,900. I see no artifacts during the stresstest, so I'm a little confused. I'm using Rivatuner, for some reason ATI tool always reads my clocks @ 0/0.
  10. Kaxx

    754 Cpu

    I currently have a 2800+ Sempron, need to upgrade to a non-Sempron CPU for this board. Needs to be cost efficient, let me know what you need INCLUDING shipping to 65201. Kaxx
  11. Oops, sorry. They are both PCIx16
  12. All items are priced with shipping uninsured in the continental US. If you live outside the US, PM me and I'll see what I can do. I have bought all of these items brand new, and guarantee that they work right now, but cannot guarantee that beyond the time they leave my doorstep. (sorry, I gotta save my own butt on that). I highly recommend you fork out the extra $ for insurance, although UPS insures everything up to $100 standard, and that's how I plan to ship them. 6600TD Leadtek PCIx16 video card. Nothing too complicated, just a decent card. Good for Backup! [ATTACH]6356[/ATTACH] $35 shipped SOLD Opteron 165 CCBBE0610DPMW, No IHS (it is included). Runs 2.8 GHZ @ stock voltage. Box, paperwork, unused HSF, etc. [ATTACH]6350[/ATTACH] $85 shipped - Sold SOLD AMD 3700+ KAB2E 0546FPBW, 3.0 GHz Stable, includes box, paperwork, HSF, and photocopy of IHS before it was lapped. [ATTACH]6351[/ATTACH] $20 shipped - sold SOLD AMD Sempron 3400+ socket 939, OEM, used for like 2 weeks. Includes Thermaltake HSF [ATTACH]6352[/ATTACH] $15 shipped - sold SOLD Intel E2160, Brand new in Retail box. I prolly won't be able to sell this, but it's worth the try. [ATTACH]6353[/ATTACH] $80 shipped - sold SOLD EVGA 7800GT PCIx16 recertified with Zalman HSF and controller. A capacitor "fell" off during installation one day, but I soldered it back on. It looks a bit on the ugly side, but it functions perfectly. Has 790/1200 BIOS mod. Ran 3D Mark several times with the same scores since the solder job and played hours of Supreme Commander as flawlessly as it ever did. [ATTACH]6354[/ATTACH] $55 shipped - sold I also have more pics of these items if you are interested. Kaxx
  13. Thank you for asking. It's currently set to AGP.
  14. Sorry, I've found if I leave too many details people tend to ignore the post more often. It's an old TNT2 Riva made by Asus going in an ECS K7S5A mobo with an AMD 1800+, 192 MB of RAM, with Windows XP operating system. I tried loading the latest TNT2 drivers (ver.78.01) from Nvidia's website AND some older Asus drivers I found on Driverguide.com. Both said something along the lines of "no supported/compatible hardware found"
  15. If an old VGA card is bad, would the drivers from NVidia's website not load even though Device Manager shows it's there and there are no issues with it??
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