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  1. Well, I tried DDR 266, which was pretty low (memory speed around 180), but still no luck.
  2. You know what's wierd, I tried to test it again at 2.7Ghz, but for some reason it's not stable at all. But it was yesterday right after the BIOS flash...this is really wierd. It's only stable at 2.67Ghz, the previous max stable with the "Stock" 4/6/06 BIOS...this is frustrating, as with most overclocking experiences is. Do you think another BIOS will help, or should I just give up?
  3. Yeah, for some reason, any voltage past 1.525v is read as 1.52v in software, but is read correctly by the BIOS. Why? And it might be a voltage problem that I can't reach 2.8Ghz. And my Ultra PSU was tested and works fine. All voltages and rails are working like they should.
  4. I just flashed to OCZ Tony's Modded 4/6/06 BIOS, and I was able to reach 2.7Ghz stable, and all the way to 2.8Ghz. BUT, there's always a but, it still only reads 1.52v no matter what if I pass it. Any voltage at 1.525v and higher it only reads as 1.52v. The BIOS reads it as the voltage I set it to, but SmartGuardian and CPU-Z (and other programs as well) only read 1.52v. Why is this?
  5. Well, I have the system specs below in my sig, and they're currently at: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.67Ghz (267x10) @ 1.55v GeIL Ultra Platinum DDR 400 @ 222.5Mhz (DDR 445) @ 3.4v Everything else (Chipset, HTT Voltage etc...) is at stock. Now, I can't seem to get it to be stable at 2.7Ghzm yet alone, won't boot. So, I changed trc and trfc to 16 each, and I was able to get to the Windows Loading screen, but it froze there. Is there a BIOS that isn't too old, that'll be better (for overclocking) that the "Stock" 4/6/06 BIOS? I really want to reach 2.7Ghz amd beyond. Also, for some reason, if my voltage for the CPU is past 1.5v (1.525, 1.55v etc...), CPU-Z and SmartGuardian only read 1.52v, is this also a BIOS problem?
  6. Hmmm...still nothing. Not even 2.7Ghz. Still stuck @ 2.67Ghz. And it's not stable @ 1.5v. It'll boot @ 1.5, but not stable as heavy apps come. Same w/ 1.525v, it has to be 1.55v to be stable. But then, anything from 1.55v to 1.65v won't keep 2.7Ghz stable. What could it be? My CPU's max?!? Damn I'm pissed at my 3200+
  7. I just got mine to boot @ 1.5v, which is .5 lower than previous. I'll use Prime95 to see if it's stable.
  8. It's getting 33 Idle and around 43-45 Load, which I think is OK. I can't afford Liquid Cooling right now, so that's not an option, and my case cooling is good. Front 120mm 78CFM Intake, Rear 120mm 78CFM Exhaust, side 80mm 30CFM Intake blowing on GeIL Ultra Platinum (3.4v). My divider is low already, and I tried it at the lowest divider and still nothing. If I increase the HTT Voltage or NB (Chipset) Voltage, will that help at all? Also, I just noticed you have yours at 270x10 @ 1.45v! Mine has to be 1.525v, and still not too stable so it's at 1.5v. Why?
  9. Well, I was recently overclocking my AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (E6, Venice) and the most I could reach was 2.69Ghz (269x10) @ 1.5v. But, I couldn't get past or boot @ 2.7Ghz (270x10) @ 1.55v. I even tried all of the voltages up to 1.65v, and still no boot. Is it my Athlon's limit? Doesn't it seem pretty low? Also, my memory (GeIL Ultra-Platinum) won't work right in the Orange Slots (Currently at Yellow). At first, I cleared the CMOS, then moved the Modules from Yellow Slots to Orange Slots, then rebooted. It booted to BIOS and everything, I reset my RAID Array (Striped) and a message appeared saying that Windows couldn't boot, because the file "Windows/System32 etc..." was missing, and it told me to repair it with the Windows XP CD. But when I moved the modules back to the Yellow Slots, it worked and booted fine. What could this be?
  10. Almost broke my new board, but I got it out! So happy that the board still turned on. I really need to be more carefull next time. Oh yeah, the CPU came out too, and I was happy no pins were bent. Thanks for everything. -Azn ALSO-the new DFI came w/ the 4/6/06 BIOS, is that normal? My old one came with and older BIOS. And also, no matter what, my memory won't work in the yellow slots. It works in orange, but in yellow, it just boots, but not to Windows. Is that a major problem? Same thing happened on previous board too.
  11. Well, I just installed it, and used it for less than two minutes (to make sure it boots), do you think it's really going to be "stuck" to the CPU in two minutes of being turned on?
  12. I know this might be an easy question for most of you, but for some reason I'm having a hard time removing my stock AMD CPU cooler. I just got a new Ultra-D after an RMA, and I wanted to lay it out in the open, so instead of the Big Typhoon I used the stock fan, but it's really hard to remove, and I don't want to break my board. How do i remove it safely.
  13. Lol, I really hope it'll work, or else there's more weeks of waiting and maybe spending too. I contacted AMD, and they said if the processor is the problem, I can RMA it for a better one since the 3200+ is discontinued.
  14. It gets here tomorrow, so I'm just waiting. Hopefully it does, because it might have been a BIOS problem.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys, I wish I was rich...
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