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  1. I was thinking about 3x 250GB in RAID 5. 3x 80GB or even 2x 80 in RAID 0 would be okay I think... Ive got time to think about this still.
  2. Well, for the price of 1, 74GB Raptor, I can get 2 more drives like the 250GB I have in my sig, and set up a RAID 5 with the 3 drives. How would that work in terms of performance? How is the quality of the onboard RAID on this board?
  3. I dont know what was up with my ripping - I was ripping at 2x with a 16x read drive. The songs I was playing at the time were skipping due to the ripping process I think - as soon as the rip finished, the songs stopped skipping.
  4. Seeing as I dont have much cash for anything right now (I will after Thanksgiving Break), Ive been prowling parts sites looking at things I cant afford. I was thinking about RAID 5'ing 3, 250GB Seagate drives like the one I already have, but RAID 5 doesnt really give me a huge performance increase for all the hassle, and Im not too terrified of data loss because Ive got separate partitions on my current drive for data security. I was thinking about getting a single, 74GB Raptor for programs and Windows. My computer is fast enough already in terms of program loading, but sure, for the sheer bad butt-ness of a Raptor drive, I guess I could get one. Sure, Windows loading in 20 seconds instead of 30 isnt worth the $150 price tag (circa NewEgg), but I, um, create "back ups" of friends's DVD's on my hard drive, and having multiple partitions on this single drive when ripping the DVD causes massive data bog down, and songs skip due to my 8MB cache. I was thinking of getting the Raptor and ripping the DVD to it, then cutting/pasting it to the storage drive later, so my songs dont skip. Other than those reasons, I dont really have any to get a Raptor. I hate when my drive bogs down when ripping a DVD and programs loading faster is a plus, but Im not sure if that saved time is worth the price tag. Fellow forum users who have Raptors - can you feel a difference between your Raptor and other 7200RPM drives? Does a single Raptor have a noticable performance increase over a single 7200RPM drive?
  5. Theyre back at stock now (my whole system is). Is there some cooling you would recommend for these, or should I just have a fan blowing in their direction? I have an 80mm fan I can ad-hoc rig near them if need be. I will probably overclock to 3.2GHz and have the RAM on the 667 divider so about 850-875Mhz on hopefully 2.25 or 2.3v... Im paranoid about going any higher because I cant afford to truly fry these. I might just leave it at 800Mhz or something... I have to think about it. At the point of making the thread, I didnt know the warranty, I just had a feeling I voided it. I guess I didnt see it on the package anywhere... :confused: Im very pleased with these sticks... 430MHz above stock (albeit I needed +.65v)... Impressive. If youve got some RAM you want me to push to the limit (and probably break it)... send it over my way.
  6. I looked closely at the "dead" stick of RAM I had and noticed a black smudge on 3 of the contacts... the plated part that goes into the DIMM slot. I scratched/wiped it off the best I could, stuck it back in, turned my computer on and they worked like a charm. I guess it was corrosion or something from the +.65v above stock.... :angel:
  7. My first ticket wasnt really a ticket, just a warning. 78 in a 65... it was one of those "Oh ., Im going too fast" and when I looked up from the spedometer, I saw a cop sitting there in the highway median.
  8. Oh. Im pretty much SOL then in any respect... damn it. Thanks for rousing someone to answer my question.
  9. To the Corsair rep: Happy pointed me here outside of my thread and Im hoping to get some advice about new RAM since I toasted mine. I had the RAM in my sig heavily overclocked and heavily overvolted to get it stable, and when going back to stock, it fried :confused: . Dont know how, it just did. I called Corsair and asked them at what point my warranty was void and they told me 2.1v and since I had mine at 2.45v, well, warranty is void. Im hoping there is some new light you can shed on my problem about needing some new RAM on a very tight budget. Im looking for 2x1GB sticks of atleast DDR2-667 that can overclock well, DDR2-800 or even -1000 would be great if it can be had for under $275 or so. Im looking for RAM that can overclock higher than what I had, and yet require less volts so its harder to void the warranty, if such a product exists.
  10. I know Mushkin cant honor a warranty of Corsair's.. just curious if they had a product that had a warranty that was harder to void. I'll talk to the Corsair rep and see what they can do... I called Corsair about an hour ago and asked them at what point my warranty was void and he told me 2.1v - so much for 2.45v. Oh well. Im hoping for some RAM that can run at 948Mhz or even 900 and not need 2.4v to be stable.
  11. After killing some my Corsair RAM (1 of my 1GB sticks, :mad: :sad: ), and now knowing you guys are here to stay for tech support, I was curious if you guys had some RAM to recommend to me. I HAD a heavy overclock with my RAM, stock was 675MHz and I had it cranked to 948 and then 1005MHz, .35v above their "warranty ceiling" and thus, voided my warranty. :mad: I know it was my fault and I have no one else to blame, but still, Im not happy. Being in college, I dont have tons of cash to pay for RAM, and I was hoping you guys had a decent deal on a 2x1GB pack of some DDR2-667 or better. It would be even better if it was rated so some higher voltage than 1.8 or 1.9 so its harder for me to kill. I know your RedLine is some top notch stuff, but frankly, I dont have the money for that, I barely have money for new RAM regardless, but I need it, so I come to you guys or other forum users for some great overclocking RAM. Specs in sig minus that Corsair RAM and the overclock, everything is stock now.
  12. I cant wait a month to get these back, Im at college and this is my only computer.
  13. Should I call them first and talk to them about it or just RMA it. Many programs crash as well, even on this "good" stick.
  14. I had my computer running at 3.0GHz (1.35v) on the 800 divider, so my DDR2-675 RAM was at 1005Mhz (2.45v). I was getting corrupt downloads and some programs stopped working, so I decided to downclock my RAM a bit. I dropped it back to the 667 divider and 2.30v. I restarted and it wouldnt POST, it just gave one long beep, stop, another long beep, stop, etc. I checked the manaul - DRAM error. .. I took the stick out that I had in slot 3, ran it with 1 stick in slot 1. No go. Put the stick from slot 3 in slot 1, booted up. Tried putting the sticks in 2 and 4 and it booted up. I have my RAM in slots 2 and 4, and it only recognizes 1GB. Everything is at stock now and everything is working fine, as far as I can tell. Should I call Corsair and explain to them what happened? Can I get new RAM if it is damaged or does overclocking void the warranty?
  15. Ironic that I said something about my RAM... I just killed a RAM slot on my board.... I was getting some stability issues, corrupted downloads, etc, so I set my RAM back to stock, restarted, and got some extremely annoying beep. Checked the code in my manual - DRAM error. I think I killed slot 3 somehow.
  16. Damn dude - those are my hobbies too. If I hadnt bought a Taylormade R7 Quad driver a couple weeks before my computer build, I couldve gotten some better RAM... Oh well. Paintball just got flat out too expensive - I had a Freak barrel and the insert I had needed this paint that was $60 a case. Before I left for college, I helped my buddy and his dad put a 400 (overbored .004) in their Camaro. 1970 Chevelle... :drool: My old boss had an SS that was bone stock except for a cam... very nice sounding. Sold it for a Vette, which is ok I guess.
  17. If you want a 965 chipset, you cant really get the Infinity 975XG because it, well, has a 975X chipset. The 975X chipset is geared more towards the enthusiast - its got more BIOS options for overclocking.
  18. Engines and racing are my other hobby next to computers. I loved my summer job 2 summers ago... I worked at a boat repair shop. I loved it when they would fire up the engines they just fixed... Theres nothing like triple 600 cubic inch engines full throttle... idle wasnt half bad either... :drool: The only downside to that boat was that it consumed about 90 gallons of 93 octane gas an hour at full throttle. None of the guys there could put an estimate on the horsepower. My boss (hes a family friend) has a boat with 2, 542s, and hes in the process of putting some blowers on 'em. Nothin like 2000 horses.
  19. Im Orthos'ing my DDR2-675 @ 1008MHz as we speak. 54 minutes and counting, hopefully is passes this time at 2.45v. *knocks on wood*
  20. That shouldnt be an issue, I have a Core 2 on a 500W SmartPower and its fine. The best one around that price range may be the Gigabyte 965G-DS3. Ive heard good things about it, but I dont think its a beginner board. My buddy is just getting into computers and he bought it and hes having problems... the settings arent labeled clearly in the BIOS (unlike my DFI :cool: ). I love my Infinity 975XG. Havent heard that bit about the G.Skill. Ive seen many users here with OCZ, a few with Geil, a few with G.Skill and a few with Corsair. Ive heard about compatibility problems with OCZ, not Corsair... maybe you have that backwards? The RAM is my sig was $170 when I bought it mid-August, and it is just flat out amazing - I have it at 1008MHz right now (working on stability... ) and its rated for 675MHz. DDR2 prices are through the roof now, so I dont know what to recommend. A few people have been putting the Evercools on there. Myself, along with a few other users here have the Thermalright HR-05 or HR-05-SLI and they are great. After overclocking, my temps are still 10C+ lower than stock. OldGuy here at a Core 2 Duo E6600 (stock 2.4GHz) running at 3800MHz, or a 1400MHz OC. I had my OC'd 1000MHz above stock until last night when I decided to see how far I could push my RAM. These Core 2 Duos, after overclocking, are unstoppable. There is nothing out there that has more processing power.
  21. A few of my recent ones... I usually stick with one for a few months. Desktop 1 Desktop 2 Desktop 3 Desktop 4
  22. My 1/8" mic jack wasnt working on my POS old computer at home, but USB mics would work... I was baffled. Anyways, yeah, with a sound card, you should use a stereo headset with the 1/8" jacks.
  23. Ive got the Plantronics GameCom Pro 1 USb headset. I bought it off of NewEgg about 2 months ago for like, $50... I just tried to find it on there and I guess NewEgg doesnt carry it anymore... anyways, they sound great. It feels kind of flimsy, which is due to the um, part that goes over your head that supports the whole thing... its very flexible while still maintaining decent pressure to hold the ear pads onto your ears. Its marketed as circumural, or whatever the term is that means it completely covers your ears, which is kind of false advertising or NewEgg had the wrong info. The pads rest on my ears, not on the side of my head, which kind of dissapointed me. The pads are very comfortable though, I can wear them for hours without discomfort. They block out a significant amount of noise, I can still hear someone talk though if they talk loud enough. It also has an inline mic mute button along with a volume control for the headphones. Um, other than that, I dont know what else to say. Its got an inline sound card thing near the USB plug that is ginormous. If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, I would say 8.25/10
  24. Fresh install? I installed XP when I built this rig at the end of August, hardware hasnt changed at all except for a PCI NIC and some heatsinks. I havent had time to run driver cleaner yet... Ill try and do that sometime today.
  25. Dont know if any of you have seen these over at XtremeSystems or not... found this posted by a guy naked kunaak on another forum. Very nice. :eek2: Rumored that these G80s draw 250W+ each, seems true due to the 2x PCI-E connectors. Looks like a bunch of us are going to need some new $450 PC P&C 1kW's for SLi of these G80s :sad: ... as if any game will see an improvement with a pair of those over a 7950GX2. Kentsfield looks promising except for the fact that its a decade ahead of software that can/will push it. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=120598 Kunaak also said a friend of his has a pre-release RD600 and that its due for release in 2 weeks. He hasnt gotten back to me on his source of that info yet, so I dont know about that.
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