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  1. Impressive raju, really. Howd you manage to kill your 975X/G, H_G? Woops on that one, haha. I had my Corsair XMS2 DDR2-675 @ 2.45v on the 800 divider (CPU was at 3.1GHz, I think) when I was pushing the RAM to the limit... I had it at 1005MHz before it crapped out. I havent gathered the guts to start pushing it again just yet... guts or stupidity, who knows.
  2. Amps are shoved through at a given voltage. I'll try and relate it to water.... You can have 100 PSI but only move 1 gallon per hour... thats like 100 volts and 1 amp. Conversly, you can have 1 PSI, but move 100 gallons per hour... thats like 1 volt and 100 amps. Basically, voltage is the "force" pushing amps (coulombs per second, in short, its an amount of electrons moving past a given point at a certain time) through a wire/conductor/semiconductor.
  3. Never actually done it, I just remember reading about it. Put the black lead from the DMM into the black ground of the connector, and stick the red one in on of the yellow ports on the connector. Start up your system and put some heavy load on it. Check to see the voltage fluctuations and how close it stays to 12v. I think +/-5% is allowed. Im sure google or some other web forums have more info.
  4. ...except a shoulder isnt an organ.... :shake:
  5. Polizei

    FireFox Issues

    If I go back to Firefox 1.5 instead of 2.0, how would I get my theme installed? I have to download a previous version of it, and I can only download it as a .jar file.
  6. Polizei

    FireFox Issues

    Should probably add that I cant install any themes, I get the same error for all of them. I can download the theme as a .jar file, but I dont know what to do with it.
  7. Polizei

    FireFox Issues

    I removed that and when I do, the twitching text starts again. I dont know how, but I managed to stop the text twitching. Still cant figure out the theme error and the spell check.
  8. Polizei

    FireFox Issues

    Im assuming uninstalling through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs gets everything?
  9. Polizei

    FireFox Issues

    I updated to 2.0 for some unknown reason... Im asking myself why now. I uninstalled it when it appeared that the text within the window would twitch and jump around when I would resize the window. When I opened it, it would be fine. If I resized the window, the text would twitch, and wouldnt stop until I changed the page I was on. I uninstalled it and went back to, and the twitch was still there. I went back to 2.0, and now I cant get my theme, Noia 2.0 eXtreme to install for some reason now... it keeps giving me an error - Download error -228. Also, I cant figure out how to turn off the spell check thing. If I leave an apostrophe out of a word like I'm, it says I spell it wrong and Im sick of it... how do I turn this off? With the tabs... I used to have it set so that I would only have 1 tab bar and all of my tabs would get jammed into it. I could have 20 or more tabs open, and every time I opened 1 more, they would all squish together to squeeze in 1 more. Now it just lumps them into another tab bar... yes, I tried the settings and I tried messing around with the Tab Mis Plus extension to no avail. Help, please.
  10. Hmm... alrighty. Im not going to worry about it then, 64k seems fine enough. Thanks for the help everyone.
  11. I got the array up and working... just thought I would let everyone know. Is a 64k stripe size ok?... it recommended 128k. I think I saw that in the NF4 guide, but Im not sure. Anyways, its smooth as butta now.
  12. I'd be more worried about the triptophan from the turkey putting people to sleep as they drive... Anyways, yes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  13. 1988 Chevy S-10 with a 1986 Monte Carloe 3.8L V6. First engine died at 280k miles and this one is at 162k. Got it used... that was the day I got it. Yes, funny look on my face because the sun was in my eyes. Its got this molded head liner that has 4, 4 inch round speakers in it and this uber BAMF 200w head unit... lol. It gets loud. Since I got it a year and a half ago, Ive put 2 radiators in it (the guy gave me another one when I bought it), a starter, battery, and a completely new exhaust. My buddy helped with my exhaust, otherwise, I did everything else myself... I just used my buddy's driveway and tools because I dont have that many and hes a car guy, so he kinda taught me how to do everything.
  14. The cores can get to 80C easy during overclocking. Just because the cores are 60C or 70C or even 80C, that does NOT mean that the fins of the heatsink are that hot. That would mean the air coming off the heatsink would be that hot, and I dont know about you, but I dont want my room temp to be 70C... whats that, like, 175F? The fins of my Thermalright SI-120 are luke warm, barely above room temp, and the air coming off of it from the fan is that warm at all.
  15. SI-120 isnt bad either. I would have got the SI-128 but no places had them in stock for less than $55 and I got impatient and just bought the SI-120.
  16. First one is in my sig, and for sure, it will not be the last.
  17. Crossfire is ATI's version of nVidia's SLI. Crossfire = 2 ATI videocards SLI = 2 nVidia cards A motherboard will either be SLI or Crossfire. Sometimes you can use hacked drivers and run SLI on a Crossfire, but assume you cant.
  18. My dad had back surgery this time last year, or maybe it was the year before. They took out 90% of 2 disks that were severly herniated and putting pressure on a nerve running into his thigh. He was out of work for 3 months, couldnt sit for 2.
  19. E6600 @ 3000MHz, 1.325v, Thermalright SI-120 paired with a 50ish CFM 120mm fan Temps are 35/54 idle/load in a 23C room.
  20. Good review. I like how it looks, very, hmm, industrial? Modern? Who cares, looks are great. Cable management really does look like a nightmare with that case.
  21. You forgot a controller card for that SCSI drive. Probably about $5,800 now.
  22. Ive heard using a mechanical pencil works as well... take the lead out of the tip and then stick the pin into the tip of the pencil and bend it back that way. Never tried it, never had to... first system Ive built was with LGA775, so no pins on the processor to bend. The socket though, thats another story... they look kind of like springs? As the processor gets pushed down, the contacts on the motherboard look like they get pushed down closer to the PCB, no?
  23. Sorry, I would rather Crossfire some X1950s, grab some DDR2-1000 and then watercool my whole rig and then pocket the remaining $1500 than buy a PS3 for those prices. Cell processor or not, Im not paying that. Ill wait till rumors of PS4 start coming out and the PS3 drops to like, $200 before I even consider buying it.
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