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  1. I didnt think we had a "rival" per se... I just know you and other users dont appreciate their suicide screens over here, didnt think there was any animosity towards them. Good to know.
  2. For now, Im just looking to watercool my CPU. GPU will be added to the loop later when I have more money. Should probably add that this wont be happening until spring break time (will be home from college when I'll time to mod my case). I figured it wouldnt hurt to start researching parts now. I was over at XS (are they our rival forum? :confused: )... they have a pretty large watercooling forum over there, so I was looking at their recommended parts guide, and Ive got a few parts in mind, just coming here to see what other users think. Warning: About a billion questions below. :confused: Block: Swiftech Storm or Apogee - I hear the Apogee is just a waste of money, that Swiftech went backwards in terms of performance. I dont really want to pay $85 for the Storm though... :eek2: :sad: Is the Apogee that bad? What about the Danger Den TDX? Any other recommendations? Radiator: Is a 120.2 going to be enough for an overclocked E6600 (3.0 now, Im planning 3.5+ with water when I get it) and possibly a GPU in the loop? I will probably keep the GPU (7900GT KO SC) stock as I dont play that many demanding new games (read as too cheap to pay for them). If I got a 120.3 rad, I would definately future proof my rig as far as rad needs, but I would need to mount it in the bottom (I hope?), I was planning on the top (cutting out the USB and mounting that on the side) for a 120.2. Brands? Model? Pump: I guess it depends on the block, no? Some blocks do better with lower flow, some do better with higher flow. I was looking at a Laing DDC-2 or Swiftech MCP665. Im getting really confused with these... the DDC pumps look very similar to the Swiftech 35x series? :confused: I was planning on the DDC-2 because I would be able to stick that in the floppy drive cage of my Tsunami, mount the rad mounted in a custom hole in the top, block, no res (T-line). It would minimize the amount of tubing. Does the 3/8" barbs of the pump really matter that much with 1/2" tubing as long as I put some hose clamps on it? Sorry about all the questions, Im very new to watercooling. Im hoping I can hit 3500MHz+ (goal = 3600) on water... With my SI-120, I could hit 3400 with 70C load temps in a 23C room. My idea behind this water cooling purchase is, might as well spend a decent chunk of money on a rad and pump, that way I wont have to replace them for a while because their performance isnt that great. Same goes for the CPU block... if the Storm is that great, Ill get it. Like I said before, this probably wont happen until spring break-ish (mid March) because Im going to be in debt up to my eye-balls after Christmas shopping and buying books for second semester college... Thanks a bunch everyone for any help.
  3. I thought it was cool that they recommended the Street in their review. They hit on the only 2 beefs I personally have with this board - only 4 SATA ports and a poor placement of the power connectors. Everything else is great.
  4. What did you order for parts pikachinks? Ive got a Tsunami too... only thing Im worried about is where to put the rad.
  5. My buddy had some chrome plated U channel molding that covered up my horrible cuts. I was using an angle grinder type thing to cut it, and it had a 6 inch wheel, so it was a little harder to control.
  6. You might want to try a Y instead of a T fitting. I know the power of tools and the ease of messing things up... did that on my last case mod adventure... it still turned out half decent though.
  7. lmfao I dont have that many parts, but Ive done that before. Newegg has a deal on Masscool 80mm fans, buy 10 or more and theyre $1 each with free shipping. I bought 10, and thought I sold my buddy 5 of them. I bought 10 more for a mod I was going to do, and when they got here, realized I still had my original 10. Now I have 20, well, 18. I put one on my HR-05 (nice and cool, only goes above 45C load when my room is warm) and another one is going into my final project for my engineering class.
  8. If the rad is mounted in the bottom, it wouldnt be drawing hot air... cold air is at the bottom of the case. The 2x80mm fans in the front would be blowing cool air towards the rad too, so the air going through the rad wouldnt be warm.
  9. It not so much how mnay fans that yo uhave for intake/exhaust, you want to match the airflow of them. Say you have 2x120mm fans, each blowing 60CFM. Thats 120CFM total. Then say you have 4x80mm fans, each blowing 30CFM. Thats also 120CFM total. That would allow you to have the 2x120's for intake for the rad, and the 4x80's for exhaust. Ideally, you want a little more intake CFM than exhaust. I personally wouldnt do that, I would have the 2x80's in the front intake, the rad 120s as intake, and the rear 2x80's as exhaust. Then again, I would cut a hole in the top of my case and mount the rad there, so the fans wouldnt be blowing hot air into the case, but venting the hot air out the top.
  10. Sure it would. I hope hes got a storage drive and the 4x36GB Raptors are just a Windows/Programs array... I wouldnt put any "mission critical" data on there.
  11. Awesome hole for that rad... I was thinking about doing something similar to that when I finally get water for my rig... Aiming for spring break if I do decide to get it. I would mount it in the top and probably put the pump in my floppy bay in my Tsunami if I did something like that. My boss from my old job is a family friend who has a boat repair shop with a buttload of air tools, so I could just drive down to his shop and borrow them for a few hours... Oh, the things I could do if I had his tools. For the T-line with your fillport... I would try and make the middle part of the T, the inlet for the fillport, and the straight through part going from the rad to the pump... less flow restriction without the 90 degree bend. Aside from that, awesome.
  12. I have a 7200.10 drive with 8MB of cache... I got it mixed up with the 16MB cache one on newegg when I was buying my stuff. D'oh... I need more self control when Im spening money and buying stuff.
  13. Thats not even an hour from where I am at college. Damn, thats a nice house.
  14. They left 7.5 pounds of it behind... damn... thats a lot of weed.
  15. I saw some Ballistix on newegg with yellow heatspreaders that was $310... either way, more expensive than when I paid for my DDR2... now I wish I would have gotten something like DDR2-800 or 1000... oh well.
  16. Seems like the only bad thing about the Ballistix is the price... $310. I dont think Ive ever heard anything bad about 'em, but Ive never used Crucial RAM, so I cant be much help.
  17. XMS2 is great stuff. Had my DDR2-675 at 1005MHz before one crapped out temporarily... turns out the 2.45v I was pumping into them started to corrode 3 of the contacts... scratched that off and it was fine. My next set of RAM will probably be Mushkin... nothing against Corsair.
  18. Polizei


    Having better RAM will allow for higher overclocks, but you could always run a divider and not overclock your RAM as much, or actually underclock it to achieve a higher CPU overclock. I say the 6400 is a waste, either get the 6300 or the 6600. The 4MB cache doesnt make too much of a difference (I remember benchies saying it made like, 5% or less difference in frame rate and speed increases). The 6600 may be worth the extra cash for the higher multiplier, which would be better for you so you dont need to overclock your RAM as much or run such a harsh divider. Depends on a lot of things.
  19. Heh, small caps. My electrical engineering professor was showing off his "ultra capacitors" yesterday in class. Theyre only good for 2.7v, but good for 3500 Farads. They use them to power a "Challenge X" car... take a Chevy Equinox, deck it out with electronics, and then power the car and the electronics with only electricity... batteries and those massive caps. Get some of those on the C2D LanParty...
  20. I was thinking cut out the USB and that stuff from the top, and integrate that area into part of the hole for the rad.... I would more my DVD drive down 2 or 3 spaces, and mount the rad in the top towards the front. I have a ton of time to think about this, I dont have the money to pay for it yet. Maybe spring break at the earliest, probably summer though.
  21. Its been abused too much, lol. I should probably leave it with my mom at home so I stop buying computer parts I dont need. PS - Didnt meant to thread-jack.
  22. Really? I was trying to figure out how to internally mount a 120.2 rad, but it seemed like a ton of work. Ill just mount it externally for the time being and then internal over the summer or spring break from college when i have time. Damnit... someone needs to take my credit card away from me.
  23. Speaking of cases.... think I could manage to fit a water cooling loop in my Tsunami? I would probably get an external 120.2 rad, no res (fill port), and just a CPU block. I was thinking about 1/2" tubing which would make it a bit harder.
  24. Was that 12.38v under load or no? Also, it takes more than .3 Amps to kill you. 5 amps when applied directly to your skin will kill you definitely, 1 amp properly applied within your body will kill you. .3 Amps isnt much.
  25. D'oh, hah. My RAM wasnt dead.... I limped on 1x1GB stick for a few days until I pulled the "dead" stick out of my desk drawer... I noticed a black smudge on 3 of the contacts... scratched that off and popped it back in and it works just fine. Got it at 838MHz without a hitch. Lucky with that... For now Im going to run it on a divider and keep it reasonable (or as reasonable as 150MHz above stock is... ).
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