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  1. Ive got an SI-120 and no complaints with it whatsoever... I jsut wish I would have got then SI-128 with more fins. Tuniq Tower 120 is also good, if not one of the best aircoolers out there, but its hard to find and damn heavy... gotta be careful when moving your rig around so you dont crack the board.
  2. The Shark is a full-size ATX. My Tsunami is pretty good for airflow. You can get some better fans though, make sure theyre 120x25 otherwise they wont fit in the bracket thingy. 2x120mm and a side 92mm... replace all of them for better fans and you wont have any problem cooling it. Or you could be like me and just leave the side off and use the front fan to blow over the hard drives and thats it...
  3. Dont know about your problem, but I just wanted to say that the 975X/G is a Crossfire board natively. It is possible to run SLI with hacked drivers, not sure if you knew that or not. If I had to take a guess as to why your board burned up, I think it might be with the 2x CPU1/CPU2 4-pin -> 8-pin connector dealio. Try a PSU with a native 8-pin instead of 2x 4-pin.
  4. He probably stuffed them behind a removeable motherboard tray.
  5. Some guys over at XS have removed the IHS on their Core 2's. They did was cut the adhesive around the edges of the IHS, then wedged a razorblade in each corner, so that you can feel resistance, like youre bending the IHS up at each corner. You heat the IHS for a breif second and try to pop it off... if its not coming off with minimal effort, heat it some more. Some guy suspendedhis using the razorblades using some bricks so that the IHS was pointing down and the contacts were up, heated the IHS, and it just popped off. It works, you can get it off, you just have to be more careful. There are also some electronic bits real close to the adhesive, so you have to be careful when youre cutting the adhesive.
  6. Well, my parents are divorced, so this is how it goes. Its my dad's sister's birthday on Christmas Eve, so we usually have Christmas Eve at her house with immediate family, usully 6 or 7 of us. Dinner and then we open presents, followed by dessert. Christmas Eve is with my mom's side of the family, which has varied every year with the amound of people... usually about 10-12, sometimes 18 or so. This is usually at my mom's brother's house thats large enough to hold that many people comfortably. Dinner (usually turkey, I swear my aunt is addicted) followed by presents, and then usually thats the end of the shindig. As for what I asked for this year... not much. Some Docker's microsuede golf pants, golf balls/tees/towel, boxers/socks, um, money, American Eagle gift cards, thats it pretty much. Been at college since the summer, so doing laundary as little as possible, so the more boxers/socks/undershirts I have, the better... Im a practical kinda guy.
  7. Looks good to me... from what Ive heard, having the PC Power & Cooling badge warrants the premium. I would never think twice about getting a PC Power & Cooling PSU... they are without a doubt one of the best.
  8. Not always true... some rads are designed to work with low CFM fans. WIll they work with high flow? Sure, wont see a huge difference in performance though. Yate Loons are popular... 28dB and 47CFm.... theyre like $3 everywhere.
  9. Even though the Infinity series is DFI's LanParty with training wheels, that board is still a beast. You'll overclock far with it once you update the BIOS.
  10. No patience to learn a new OS... hassle to format/partition. When I install Vista (Can get it for $20 through my college), I think Im going to dual boot with XP Pro, Vista, and maybe, maybe triple boot with some version of Linux just to be badass...
  11. I did that last night and I kept getting a balloon popping up from the task bar saying there was an IP address conflict. Maybe I was using the straight through cable though, let me try. Works like a charm. Now I jus tneed a faster connection.... Damn advertised 1.5Mbps DSL, 384Kbps provided...
  12. To make things short, Im home from college for a month, and with the holidays coming up, Im too cheap to buy a router. Im using my computer as a router, and connecting the family computer to mine to share an internet connection. I have the internet connected to my computer (via onboard ethernet) and the other computer is connected to this one through a PCI NIC using a straight through ethernet cable (also tried a crossover cable). I ran the network wizard and set my main computer to "Other computer connect to the internet through this one" and the secondary, family computer is set to "Connect to the internet through another computer" option. I ran the wizard exactly how it should be, and it says it completed successfully. Windows firewall is off on both computers. Problem = no internet on secondary computer. Can someone walk me through the steps or tell me how to do this? The wizard within Windows, well, sucks. EDIT: Every now and then, I get an IP Address Conflict balloon popping up from my taskbar. It doesnt give me any "Click here to fix," it just tells me there is a conflict. Both computers are set to obtain an IP address automatically.
  13. Did you enter the "main" BIOS and go into Advanced Chipset Features or whatever it is, enable RAID, force Gen II, or whatever that is? Make sure the boot order has your RAID drives first, then try and boot into the RAID BIOS by tapping Control+I. No idea why it doesnt work for you other than not enabling RAID in the BIOS... worked for me.
  14. No problem, H_G has some pics up too in some thread on here... Ill try and find it. Edit: Here it is.
  15. Not too familiar with the AM2 socket as Im an Intel guy right now, I just wanted to say to the other guy... the Ultra 120 doesnt blow air towards the motherboard. By the looks of the mounting brackets, looks like the LGA775 one can be mounted in all directions, while the AM2 one can only be mounted to blow up or down... Like I said before though, Im not too familiar with AM2. PS - Make a proper sig... you agreed to it in the forum rules.
  16. Its a vibrant green, almost like the standard "green crayon" green. Here are some pictures of mine, complete with bad wiring. Ive cleaned up the wiring since then.
  17. If they only cost a couple bucks more, the extra warranty might be worth it. I cant really say that though... I got Western Digitals because the Seagates were $12 more overall for my RAID setup.
  18. Didnt vote, but if I did, it would be for G69T's Dark Blade. Not really a case mod at all because he built his own, but whatever. One of the sickest computer cases I have ever seen... theres something about black anodized aluminum, green and silver... awesome. He could have put some bigger rads in it, but whatever... hes got some talent.
  19. True, but judging by the aura around eVGA and their 680i board, I think eVGA is the exception - great videocards and a decent motherboard atleast.
  20. "Colt 45" - Afro Man ... with my girlfriend in the background reading outloud studying for a chem final we have tomorrow... yeah, should be studying but Im researching watercooling bits.
  21. LMFAO That was me. Back on topic, my LAN disappeared as well. My USB headset is really picky, so sometimes I have to go into device manager and disable my onboard audio to get audio to play through the headset (gaming) and then I go back and enable it when Im done. I accidently uninstalled my onboard LAN (I was tired, woops) and I cant get it back. I tried adding new hardware from a list and nothing. Trying drivers now, maybe they will show Windows that I have hardware.
  22. Helps a ton. 120.3 is out the window, just looked inside my case and there is no room to internally mount one without significant modification. Best performing 120.2 rad without breaking the bank too badly?
  23. Im looking into rads that work better with fans at lower speeds... Im going to be putting some cheap Thermaltake case fans on it... (the black case, orange blade ones), and they only push like 50CFM, so... Im leaning towards the Apogee after reading some things... Storm is better, but not worth the $35 price hike. I think Im set with the MCP355. Just need some rad recommendations. Thanks a bunch.
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