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  1. I stumbled upon this program a while ago and never installed it until now. The default into it displays isnt what I want it to display. Ex: It displays info for C:, D:, E:, F:, and G: drives. I only have C:, D:, and my storage drive, T:. I cant figure out how to make it display the info I want it to... Im in the customize menu, and I set it how I want, save, exit and restart the program, and it still displays the default info. Does anyone know of another program other than this one to display my PC health? I saw the MBM5 thread, but I want it to be somewhat seamless with my desktop.
  2. Im still on air myself, but lurking around XS water cooling forums, and either you get a full cover block (EK blocks are godly in their opinion) or get the MCW60 and the MC14 RAM sinks and youre set. Advantage of a full cover GPU block is no hassle with the thermal tape for the RAM sinks.
  3. What Ive got right now is just fine for what I do... no complaints with my Antec. Probably wont get a PC P&C or anything of that caliber until I upgrade from my current rig, and with being in college, I wont be upgrade for a long time... coupla years, hopefully sooner though. PSU design seemed like fun... in my intro to engineering class, for my group design project, we made a 120v AC -> 5v DC @ 3A power supply. Seeing how much went into something as simple as that made it really interesting to look at the guts of the PC P&C supplies.
  4. So the 4x +12v rails each at 20A is a gimmick? This is making it harder and harder on me to not grab a stellar PC Power and Cooling 1kW power supply next time I upgrade some parts... something about 72A continuous, 76A peak on the +12v. Who did you design power supplies for? This is something that interested me, being in college for computer/electrical engineering currently.
  5. Series yeilds roughly 1.5x the head, actually. Theoretically, 2x, yes. Tons of info about that here.
  6. Ive heard very good things about the Thermalright HR-03, but Ive never used one.
  7. Understand what you said, still confused. You say all +12v "rails" are supplied from the same current source.... how come with one of Mushkin's power supplies, it has 4x +12v rails, each at 20A. How come it cant put out a straight 80A? Its "Rail Fusion" limits it to a mere 48A. What Im saying is how can they rate it at 20A per rail, but when you combine them, you only get 48A max?
  8. I say either the Tagan or the Enermax for the first one, the one that will have SLI'd 8800's. The other PC, you didnt specify a videocard, so its hard to recommend a PSU. Assuming you wont be SLI'ing 8800's, the Corsair or the Seasonic will be more than enough.
  9. I read somewhere on XS that some of the newer videocards are going to require an 8-pin PCI-E power connector along with a standard 6-pin one. Yes, the 8800's do infact require 2x PCI-E power connectors.... makes you wonder. If nVidia is the more efficient card in terms of power consumption, and they require 2 connectors, makes you rethink Crossfire R600 since Radeons have been power hungry as of late.
  10. The difference between the Apogee and the Apogee GT is the pin design on the inside of the block... the GT version has smaller pins and more of them. Apogee For the life of me, I cant find any pictures of the Apogee GT's pins, just know that there are more of them.
  11. Ive got the HR-05 and its excellent. Pair it with a 70 or 80mm fan and its just butter.
  12. I updated my video drivers when I got BF2, and now Medal of Honor crashes when I try and load it. I played MoH since it came out... very fun. I played Call of Duty for a long time too... another great game. Never got into Brothers in Arms, my brother loves it though. Im going to stay at 3.5GHz for the time being... more speed than Im going to need for a while. Now I just wish I had the cash for watercooling and a nice 8800GTS. Damn you, damn you college text books!
  13. For those suggesting CoreTemp: I ran a little test last night after I posted here. I loaded up Orthos on small FFTs and let it run for about 10 minutes while I got ready for bed. I when at idle, CoreTemp read temps 4-5C higher than SmartGuardian. When at 100% load, their temp readings were at most, +/-2C, usually they were the same. With a bigger class load this semester at college, and a new obsession, BF2, I dont really have time to spend hours and hours fiddling with RAM timings... 3.5 is probably as high as Im going to go until I get water (summer). My RAM is definitely NOT holding me back. I wanted to see how far I could push it a few months back. I cleared my CMOS and reset everything to default on the 9/13 BIOS I had at the time. I put in the 800 divider, and then proceeded to overclock my E6600 to 3.0GHz, which had my RAM, DDR2-675 at 1005MHz @ 2.45v. I was Orthos stable for 8 hours with that and it ran just fine for a few days until I shut my computer down. The next day it refused to start up and gave me the DRAM error beep code prior to POST. I checked the sticks, found the "dead" one and pulled it out. Needless to say, I was pissed because at that time, DDR2 prices were in outer space, $350 for DDR2-533. That stick sat on top of my case for a week until I looked at it... 3 of the contacts had a black smudge or something on them... looked like corrosion. Scratched that off with a finger nail, popped it back in and its been working ever since. 1005MHz, 430MHz above stock speed, I can push this RAM. Currently, at 3.5GHz on the 400MHz divider, its at about 760MHz IIRC.
  14. Coretemp always saw lower temps for me than Smart Guardian... Ill check next time I try. Any quick guides to RAM timings, or should I just make them hella loose until I can get POST at 3.6, and then once 3.6 is stable, should I go back and tighten the timings? I dont think I tried more DRAM voltage.
  15. I am Orthos stable at 3.5GHz. 3.6GHz eludes me. I get no POST. 12/1 BIOS. A little overview of my BIOS settings: Everything in RAM settings is Auto except for the divider, set on 400MHz. FSB: 400 PCIE: 115MHz CPU Voltage: 1.35 + 325mV (as high as Ive tried) DRAM Voltage: 2.1v NB Voltage: 1.75v I have everything disabled that I need to be, C1E, Execute Disable Bit, L3 cache, other trivial things. If you read my sig, you will see that Ive got an SI-120 and some random fan (I think its a Thermaltake). My computer is on my floor with the side panel off, next to my goofy dorm room heater. The heater spews out 85F air out the top and then 45F air out the bottom. Hence why my computer is on the floor... higher clocks. When it was on my desk, I would load at 3.2GHz @ 65C. Ive been watching for condensation, and even if the room gets to 70F, (roommate and I get uncomfortably warm), there is no condensation. Im glad. At 3.5GHz with the side panel off, I load at 57-59C in Orthos with Blend and Small FFT's. I want to hit 3.6 just to see if its possible on air with decent temps, bragging rights against my buddy and his finnicky DS3.
  16. Ive got it, its not bad. Good value. If youre using it in the computer in your sig, you wont have a problem. Considering what Ive done with mine (for my CPU at 3400mhz now @1.525), I wish I would have gotten something a bit beefier.
  17. When I got my drives for RAID, my product key didnt work. Called M$, told them I got some RAID drives, and they gave me a new key. I didnt have to talk to anyone overseas, and if I did, I had no idea, they spoke very good English.
  18. Maybe evaporation through the tubing itself... I dont know.
  19. Alrighty... once I pay off all this Christmas debt on my CC, Im going to look into watercooling. Ill check Home Depot... closest Lowes is like 30 minutes away. To attach the fans, I need M3.5 thread, about 1.25 inches long I guess.... Can I get those at Home Depot too?
  20. Your truck reminded me one a guy had that I worked with at a summer job 2 summers ago (2005) and he had this F-150 with the V8 Lariat diesel. He had: Lifted suspension (worked at a boat repair place) Complete new intake Supercharger (no idea why... diesels benefit more from turbos?) Performance chip Complete 5" dia exhaust 35" tires Damn thing sounded like a helicopter on take off... charger had the whine, exhaust had the thump-thump-thump like rotor blades. I asked him how much horsepower it was making... he replied "Only about 540." I said "oh" and walked away because my boss was coming, then he yelled after me and said he was making upwards of 800 ft/lbs of torque. I talked with him at lunch about it... he said he was towing a boat and went to pull away from a red light, and smoked all 4 tires in 4 wheel drive for 75 feet. That is some serious power.
  21. How long would I need them? Im planning on doing something like this guy, he called it a "roof rad" I think. Any idea as to what i can use for spacers like he did? He showed me something made by Alphacool, but it was sold in Europe, and I dont feel like waiting a month for it to get here from over the pond. Anything at McMaster Carr that I could use? Im not asking you guys to serach for me, I just have no idea where to start looking for a lot of modding stuff.
  22. Who needs a side panel? Honestly... Side Look at all thems wires... One I got my 2x80 Western Digitals for my RAID, I did a bunch of cable management and now its much better. If I stop being lazy any time soon, Ill get some new pics up. Reminder for those who went to college and stayed in a dorm... kinda cramped, but its not that bad. No, thats not me or my roommate with the pink socks and girls shoes... my girlfriend is modeling her foot in the corner on the futon, heh.
  23. Im thinking about watercooling in the next few weeks... can someone post an example of a screw you would use? Im thinking about getting Swiftech's MCR320 with some Yates, Swiftech Apogee and a DDC+Petra's top... Yes, a 120.3 rad because sometime in the future, Im planning on adding my GPU to the loop, so Im going to need more rad. The MCR320 specs on Jab-tech.com said they are threaded M3.5... whats that? Does mcmaster.com have something I could use to attack Yate Loons?
  24. Well, here I am before I went to my senior prom earlier this year in May. I dont have anything else uploaded or on this computer... Im not too much of a fan of having my picture taken... dunno why.
  25. I went on a school trip once, wrote a letter home to my mom, forgot to sign it. Woops... I used to climb, then I gained weight. Then I ran out of funds for more/better gear. Rain here, Cleveland, Ohio. Usually we have a foot of snow by now. That is what Christmas is about. Awesome. Pat yourself on the back... that really made the kids day. Now you wife/fiancee/girlfriend wont be on you back so much about computer parts being all over like my mom is... lets you buy more new stuff! Spent the first half with my girl and her family, then came home. It was great, loved every minute. As for what I got... - Some Dockers (way too expensive, returning and getting 2 pairs for same price... microsuede golf pants... :cool: :drool:) - Dozen Bridgestone e6 golf balls - $80 in giftcards to American Eagle - Boxers/socks/undershirts - New Columbia jacket and liner... been eyeing that for a month.. the "Night Shadow" color - 2 University of Akron t-shirts - $25 Subway gift card (on-campus Subway at Akron... spend wayy too much money there... ) - $75 cash - Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses... black/black and a hardcase for them... probably my favorite gift yet From my girlfriend... - 2 shirts from Hollister - Cologne... Kirra something... cheap but smells good and it drives her wild... ... and to top it off, a kiss. Oh, I almost forgot... way too mush debt on my credit card... Oh well... it was worth it for the reaction on my family's faces when they opened their gifts. Y'know, I came in here thinking I did well in terms of a Christmas haul, but then I saw people getting hundreds of dollars in computer gear and thought to myself that damn, Im not that fortunate... I sat back and thought that I would have foregone the computer gear just to spend the time with my girlfriend and believe it not, her family. As goofy and weird as they are, they make me laugh... and just the time I got to spend with some of my family I havent seen since I left for college was great. Seeing that AceGoober built 2 computers for less fortunate families really got me thinking that Christmas isnt about getting gifts, but about giving and family. Happy Holidays everyone.
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