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  1. Ive hit idle temps around 23/24C in an 18C room with my HR-05. Its a great little cooler. I paired mine with some 80x25mm Masscool fan, its rated for 33CFM. I think how Ive got it placed, the fan is a little starved for air, but thats ok I guess, temps are great. Well spent $18.
  2. I dont think it matters which way you mount it as long as it has airflow through the fins. If you were questioning mounting because of the heatpipes, it doesnt matter as far as I know.
  3. I dont know much about motherboards other than mine, but Im going to hazard a guess and say yours supports SATA II. Look on the back of your hard drives... there should be the SATA cable connector, SATA power connector, and then 4 little pins with a jumper. For the Western Digitals and Seagate I have, I had to remove that little jumper to enable SATA II. With the jumper on there, it is limited to SATA 150.
  4. I have a feeling the soap would change the thermal properties of water and make it less effcient at transfering heat.
  5. Like I said before, when I pick up Vista, Im going to dual boot with it and XP Pro and put both on 32k stripe sizes and see if that speeds things up. I might try 16, but if you can (do) show that 16k offers no performance gain over 32k, I will stick with 32k. My 64k stripe RAID 0 array is noticably faster than the single Seagate I used for my boot drive before... never going back, haha. I love cold boot to Windows desktop in about 20 seconds.
  6. Sounds very good for $360. Impressive considering thats cheaperthan a single Seagate 750GB with better performance of RAID 5.
  7. I got my E6600 to 3.2GHz on the stock cooler. Granted, it was at about 68C. I didnt mind though because in gaming and the multitasking I do, I never even got close to 100% load. Got my SI-120 and a cooler room and now my temps are frosty. Ive been at 3.4GHz in a 17C room and load would be about 48C.
  8. With that much expensive hardware, I wouldnt trust it to anything other than a PC Power & Cooling or maybe the Enermax Galaxy.
  9. A buddy of mine has one (was too cheap to shell out for the Infinity 975X/G at the time) and he wishes he could have my DFI. After he saw how much easier my BIOS was to manipulate, he hated his DS3. Solid state caps or not, his DS3 still has lower clocks than my DFI.
  10. Got C1E enabled? That drops voltage down along with the multiplier on Core2's to cut down on heat/wasted energy when the processor isnt under heavy usage.
  11. I cant speak from experience, so if you have time, why not try both? Post test results for both if its not trouble. I would disable SATA II on the HItachis just so there isnt any conflict... Im paranoid of troubleshooting errors because Im not the greatest at it. I couldnt turn my computer on when I first built it and it took me half an hour to figure out I had the front panel connectors hooked up wrong - HDD LED and power switch reversed.
  12. I get it now... Ok. If Im going to dual boot with XP and Vista, Im going to stick XP Pro on the earlier (outer) partition so its faster because Im not sure how Im going to like Vista so it can run slower if need be. I can always format the Vista partition and merge it with the rest of the diskspace. I dont know... Ive got time to figure that out, not getting Vista till April or May when I can get it though my college for $20. The bigger numbers become moot at a certain point I think... After a certain speed, you dont notice the difference anymore. If I could crack 1GB/s with my drives, I dont think I would notice anything faster than that like most people cant tell a difference between 80FPS and 200FPS.
  13. So if I had 2 RAID stripes, like 2 RAID 0 arrays on the same 2 drives, I would start seeing numbers like yours?
  14. Every 3dB increase in fan noise makes it seem twice as loud to your ears, if that makes any sense.
  15. How do you guys get numbers like these? Mine are so low compared to yours and I dont think it can just be because of the brand... I have Western Digitals and you have Hitachis. I have a 64k stripe size. Might it be because I have a whole 149GB single partition on my RAID 0 boot array?
  16. You can get a 250GB SATA drive for a couple bucks more... why not do that? If thats too much, I picked up some Western Digital's for RAID that are 80GB SATAII for $43 a piece.
  17. All Im going to say is damn. Damn. Very nice numbers. Damn.
  18. I have RAID 0 boot array of 2 Western Digital drives and a single Segate storage drive and they mingle just fine. The only time I have a problem is when I have to clear my CMOS and then forget to re-create the array in the BIOS and set up the boot order... I always forget that. Short answer: No problems at all. Its been 4 months since I set up my RAID 0 array... is the cluster size setting in the RAID BIOS? Will I see a performance increase with just 2 drives if I set my cluster size to 4k next time I create one? How do I disable NCQ and read caching? Never heard of read caching. Can I go that even though my array is already created?
  19. Logitech X-530s arent bad... Ive had them since September and I like them. They get loud enough and provide nice sound even through my onboard audio. I dont think these speakers will shine until I shell out for a soundcard. For the $55 I spent, I think theyre worth it. EDIT: Go for the X540s.
  20. Very glad to hear that... should be getting Vista Ultimate sometime in April through my college for $20, so Ill have 32k stripe soon. I might try 16k and see how that is.
  21. I forgot to put in the Atto screen shot that Im running a 64k stripe size for my RAID 0 boot drive... When I get Vista, I think Im going to dual boot with XP Pro on a 32k stripe. Atto bench - would post as picture, but its 608px tall.
  22. Well, the skin I wanted showed drives C and D. I want to show C and T. There is no way to do that?
  23. Can someone walk me through customizing it? I couldnt get it to display what I want it to. AIM and email in profile.
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