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  1. I think Gates said no one would need amore than 640k of RAM sometime in the 80's, or maybe it was 1978. I dont remember, wasnt alive then.
  2. I'll take your word for it, believe me. I just want to get out of the "normal" 60-70% of people who want mediocre overclocks and I want to get better at it. I will admit, this is my first, but I think a 710MHz bump is pretty darn good for a newbie. Unless I ignore my studies more than I already am, I wont get to a level like that of yourself or R_Gone or any of the other crazy OC'ers here anytime soon. Patience young grasshopper... I know, I know. The reason Im overclocking more than I need to is that a buddy of mine has a similar rig (7800GT, a Gigabyte DS3, and a Tt Blue Orb are the only differences) and we are somewhat competing for higher overclocks... hes at 2.92 right now because of instability, not enough voltage I think. The competition and more importantly, the sheer enjoyment of it. Aside from that, Ive got the 9/13 BIOS now, but its chow time. Ill see what I can do with it after I eat something.
  3. Alrighty, thanks a bunch, I'll look into the 9/13. I couldnt get it to POST when set at 533... raised the voltages on the RAM and chipset and it would reset everything when it failed to POST. I dont think I'll have the chance to dab into water cooling for a while - college really puts a drain on the ol' bank account. 345x9 when running Orthos with a ~60-65F room gets me low 70s on stock cooling and stock thermal goop. Ive been reading reviews on the SI-120 like its my job, its hard though to compare their results to what I may get... different TDP's, their overclocks versus mine, their room temps vs mine, etc etc etc. No cash and I dont know whats good in terms of watercooling... I will someday. Im most likely going to order the SI-120 on Monday after my paycheck gets deposited, I'll hit 3.2 and maybe 3.25 if Im lucky and call it quits... no sense in going higher because my monitor is limited to 1280x1024, and I dont do any encoding or editing. Hell, my system lags (bought the damn 8MB cache version of the 7200.10 hard drive instead of the 16MB... didnt read, too excited spending money) when I rip a DVD. :confused: :mad:
  4. Got a question Happy - how did that Thermalright SI-120 work out for you? Im trying to get one because my E6600 @ 3.1 (forgot voltage, Ill write it down next time) is getting a bit toasty at full load. I was also looking at the SI-128, dont know if it warrants the extra cash out of a broke college student's pocket. Also - my FSB is at 345Mhz right no and my RAM is set on 400MHz in the BIOS. What divider is that? How high did you have to get your FSB up before you could get it to boot at 533MHz? I love this thread, giggling away at the potential my E6600 has as soon as I can find $300 laying in the street for a WC setup. edit: How is the 9/13 BIOS? Is it still beta? Worth updating from 7/31 for a few extra MHz?
  5. Specs in sig, of course. Ive got my E6600 to 3.0GHz and on the stock cooling and thermal goop, its getting a bit toasty. I was wondering what all of you guys use and what works for overclocking these processors. I was leaning towards the Thermalright SI-120, but many places are sold out and other places want $50 for them. While Im sure they are worthy of such a price tag, Im a semi-broke college student, so Im trying to keep the costs down as much as possible. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Alrighty, I can do that Happy_Games. I saw in the thread you made back when you first got your 975X/G that you were using the Thermalright SI-120. Hows that working out for you? What fan do you have on it? Temps?
  7. I know I shouldnt have done this, but whatever I did, fixed my overclocking woes. At first, I set my RAM speed to 533MHz. I disabled c1e (dont know how I forgot that), changed my RAM refresh rate to 7.8 us, and the PCI-E clock to 101MHz. I then rebooted, went back into BIOS, changed my FSB to 315MHz, and it booted to 2.835GHz. Restarted, went to 320 and then 325. It reset back to 266 when I tried to boot with it at 325. I then changed my RAM to 400MHz and then tried 320 again. It worked. Went to 325, 330 and then 334. It booted at 334, 3.02GHz on stock cooling, idling at about 44C. :eek: I think the funny part is that Im using the stock heatsink and stock thermal paste/pad too... I couldnt find my AS5. I think the room temperature being 60F may have something to do with my temps... Im going to check stability tonight, 2 instances of SP2004, 1 on each core for what, 9 hours is enough to test stability, no? Thank you so much everyone who helped me! :)
  8. Alrighty, thanks a bunch for putting up with my noobiness.
  9. Alrighty, the 533 setting is 1:1. Should I have it set on that, or should I put it on 667? I know the 667 is a different divider, but I dont know what it would be - enlighten me, please? :confused: I read in a topic, I think it was by raju, that said the 8/16 BIOS was causing board damage in some cases - is that the case with the 8/23 ones too? As far as the heatsink goes - Im looking at the SI-128 and the HR-01, or the XP-120. How hard is the LGA775 bracket to install for these heatsinks - some of them arent compatible with the 775 socket until you get this optional bracket - Im sure you know what Im talking about. Does that just clip into place or do I need to take my motherboard out? Right now Im really leaning towards the XP-120. Where can I get BIOS other than the 7/31 I have? On a side note - if that 73C temp you have is with the 975X/G, use that ITE Smart Guardian to read the temps - I think I would trust it more than Everest, which registers my CPU temp as 49C idle, while the ITE SM says its 41. That program should have come on the driver disk with the motherboard.
  10. Well it just frustrates me that I can have it overclocked at 2.835GHz (315x9) for a month, and when I go to increase the FSB to 320, it resets to 266 and refuses to go any higher than that. Im just baffled. Can you explain a little about the two voltages Im seeing in BIOS? What makes them different?
  11. Can I get the 8/23 from DFI's website, or is that still in beta stage? Im weary about beta stuff, but maybe I shouldnt be because Im overclocking... When you adjust the voltages technodanvan, which one do you adjust? I see the CPU VID and CPU VTT? The manual isnt very clear on which one to adjust - It says CPU VID is the Vcore, but then CPU VTT is what is supplied to the CPU... dont those mean the same thing? :confused: Someone on another forum suggested I change my multiplier to 6 and then change the FSB to 400 with a 2:1 divider and +.2v DRAM - where can I find the divider and multiplier settings? Sorry for all the noobish questions, this is my first build and my first overclock. About the Thermalright coolers - which one would you recommend? Im trying to keep costs low being a college student, but I want the best bang of my buck as well. Because you have the same board - have you noticed the NB chipset gets a tad warm? Should I look into an aftermarket cooler for that as well? After a few hours of uptime, it idles at about 48ºC, gets to about 51ºC after an hour or two of gaming.
  12. Specs in sig, of course. Im at college now, and my roommate and I like to keep the room cool, so I figured I would take advantage of the excessive air conditioning and cool air and overclock some more. I had it at 9x315 for 2.835GHz, but when I bumped it up to 320, it reset back to the stock 266MHz FSB. I figured I would give it a try again and see what I could do, back to stock 266 again. I said screw it after about 20 minutes of trying 310 and even 300, but no dice, I cant get anything above stock speeds. I updated my BIOS to the 7/31/2006 using WinFlash, and that didnt help any. I tried upping the core and NB voltages .1v ( in .05v increments) and that didnt help. I manually set my RAM timings as well and as far as I know, my RAM divider is 1:1. Disabled LPT and Virtualization. Im on stock cooling for now, taking recommendations for air coolers... I was thinking about the Tuniq Tower 120, Zalman CNPS9500, or Thermalright SI-120/128.
  13. Well, its not like Im going to use them that often. I have a Logitech 350 USB headset that I use, not the 3.5mm jack stereo ones. I just thought that having them hooked up would come in handy some time. If anyone else has any input on it, that would be great. If not, oh well. Thanks anyway.
  14. The only manual I found on the DFI site was a .pdf version of the one that came with the motherboard. Link perhaps?
  15. Im still in the process of building my computer, and I dont have a spare Socket 775 processor so I cant turn it on really to get a BIOS version, so bear with me. I'll update my sig when I finish building it. The only problem Ive run into so far is my front panel (well, top) audio connectors on my Tsunami case and where they go on the motherboard. I found the header for them, but based on what the DFI user manual says and my case manual, I cant figure out how to hook them up correctly. The connectors on the case are: Ear R Ear L Return R Return L Mic In Mic VCC Ground The DFI book labels the connections as: Port 1 L Port 1 R Port 2 L Port 2 R Front Sense Presense Signal Port 1 Sense-1 Return Port 2 Sense-2 Return Ground Sure, I can connect the ground wire to the right pin, but the other 6 wires, I havent the slightest idea. Thanks for any help.
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