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  1. I see... Doesnt matter what is going on with case modding, I love seeing pictures of the process and start/finish pictures. A friend of mine and I are going to be making our own watercooling box sometime over the winter break when we are both home from college. Hes going to try and use the machining lap at his college to make some simple blocks, and were planning on recycling an old case of mine. We are thinking something along the lines of a ghetto, ad-hoc, Koolance Exos type thing, external cooling, then run tubes into the actual computer. We'll see though... still looking at pumps - we've got 2 things that look like car heater cores, but they dont have as many fins, and appear to be 3/8" ID.
  2. Oh c'mon... you know Corsair makes great stuff... atleast the XMS/2 series.
  3. So what exactly are you planning on doing? Modding the case to fit a theme or are you turning it into a water box?
  4. Hell, 3.2 on this board with air is a piece of cake... it'll probably be hot enough to cook a cake, but you can do it. I was at 3.15GHz on the stock cooler, with decent idle temps of mid 40's until our AC decided not to work for a day, so Im back to 3.06. Hopefully I can do 24/7 at 3.2 with the SI-120 with decent temps...
  5. I think hes talking about the dielectric inside the capacitors... sometimes its an oil, the other times its a solid... whatever it is, it has to be non-conductive. I dont know about the caps on the Infinity 975X/G... I just know what youre talking about.
  6. Im going to have the Si-120 sometime tomorrow hopefully with a 60CFm Themaltake fan.
  7. What heatsink are you using? I was going to try and get 3.2GHz on a Thermalright SI-120, but seeing Happy_Games read 75C full load with that at 3.2, its slightly discouraging. I'll see what I can do though... he said his ambient temps were a little warm (78ish?), and my ambient is about 65F.
  8. Wow, that might make me think twice about buying from Samsung in the future... It may have been shipping though too... :confused: Ive got a 19" BenQ FP98GX that I got for $215 after rebate on NewEgg. I know BenQ doesnt get rave reviews from everyone, but Im very happy with it - 2ms gray to gray response and 6ms black to white response.
  9. When is this contest over? Im somewhat pressed for time lately.
  10. Do you mean the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor configuration thing where you have to press Shift+F10 to configure? That shows up for me, doesnt bother me... like its going to save a huge amount of time booting up... what? 3 seconds?
  11. Yeah, technodanvan linked me to the same thread. I must have read that thread a million times, just didnt grasp the part about the HR-05 working with the SI-120 because it didnt concern me at the time. My bad.
  12. I might need something equally huge for this chipset... right now in at 70F room at idle except for FireFox and Gaim, its sitting at about 54/55C. Maybe the fact that its at 1.75v instead of 1.60 has something to do with it...
  13. D'oh! I must have read that thread a thousand times and I missed that in the 3rd line. Thanks. I was getting worried because the SI-120 just keeps getting bigger and bigger in the pictures I see.
  14. Hopefully by the end of this week, I will have a Thermalright SI-120. I was thinking about getting the non-SLI version of the HR-05 for my northbridge, which is getting pretty darn warm due to overclocking. With the SI-120 on there, will the HR-05 fit, or will I have to buy the SLI version of it to move the fins out of the way? Does anyone know? Happy_Games, if you dont mind, would you eye ball it and see? I know youve got both the SI-120 and the HR-05 SLI.. if the SLI fits with the SI-120, I will get that and not risk an RMA with the non-SLI version.
  15. I havent had any problems with my board that a BIOS update hasnt fixed... you'll like it.
  16. I can attest to some good DDR2-667 kits that hit well over DDR2-800. Mine did for instance, and I got it for $165 2 months ago... its well over $250 now.
  17. Awesome idea with the alcohol "wet wipes." I'll see what I can do about this, Ive got a week to worry about it now. I cancelled my order for an SI-128 because its on backorder for 2 weeks, then ordered an SI-120 from a different site.
  18. Im giving it a shot... if I get a free, 7 day vacation because this sig is off somehow, I know where to look!
  19. Ive got some Corsair XMS2 DDR2-675 that, as far as I know, is rated at 4-4-4-12. Ive got it running on a 5:4 (DRAM:FSB) divider at 865MHz, 190MHz over spec. Im just saying that when you get quality RAM, you can push it pretty darn far before it hits its limit. I would say that DDR2-800 would be fine, but if youve got the cash, what the hell, grab some DDR2-1000. I dont think you would ever get close to the limit of that RAM unless youre running something like a 550MHz FSB on one of these Core 2 processors, which would probably take liquid nitrogen or something else extreme. I would save my money, but maybe thats because Im on a college budget.
  20. Alrighty, thanks. I would put it up, but Ive gotta change the text now, getting an SI-120 instead of an SI-128.
  21. Well, case-mod.com just emailed me telling me that the SI-128 is on backorder for the next 10-14 days. Im going to try and cancel this order and get the SI-120 and the bracket from another website. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  22. After getting threatened with banning after 2 tries at a sig, H_G told me to come here to have you guys make one. I already have one made, but for some reason, the site or H_G himself keeps erasing it in favor of the embarrassing red text reminder. This is what I have so far, Im wondering if you guys could check it for rules compliance or rework it a tad... Im going with the police theme, as "Polizei" is "police" in German. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/toms918/Misc/DFISig.gif
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