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  1. Oh, I made sure to get it off, and let me tell you, it wasnt easy. It took a while to get it off the heatsink, and I could tell the chipset was clean because it had a mirror finish on the top. I figured I put it one wrong... it was my first time putting it on a bare core/something without a heatspreader so I was bound to do it wrong. Now Ive got to wait till payday to get a heatsink...
  2. ...except this is an Intel 975X chipset. I would assume they are specced to run at similar temps as their NF4 counterparts, but I still dont like it getting this hot. If these temps dont start dropping in the next couple days (I know it takes something like 200 hours for AS5 to break in), Im going to grab the HR-05 unless someone else can recommend another heatsink.
  3. Alrighty, Ill give it some time. Without anything running except Firefox, it sits at about 60C in a 70F room. Maybe I should cut back on the overclock for a little bit while I order a Thermalright HR-05... I dunno. It makes me nervous with it getting this hot.
  4. http://www.angrygames.com/975X-G/initial/975XG-8.jpg Thats a picture Happy_Games posted when he was installing an processor on his new 975X/G. You only need to cover the center of the IHS (integrated heat spreader, the metal part of the processor) because the core is in the center and its either empty space or the parts underneath arent as hot running. The AS5 will spread itself out when you put the heatsink on, no need to spread it yourself.
  5. I applied some Arctic Sliver 5 on my 975X/G and reapplied stock heatsink. Before applying the new Arctic Silver, I made sure everything was clean. At idle my old NB temp was in the low 50C but with the new TIM, as soon as I booted into BIOS my NB temp was 72C and climbs rapidly to 76C within 30 seconds, which is when I turn it off. Is there something I should use other than Arctic Silver 5 for this chipset, or did I apply it wrong or is there something unrelated? EDIT: I took the heatsink off and saw that I had not applied enough (didnt want to apply too much), so I put a little bit more on there, put the heatsink back on and my temps dropped into the mid to high 50'sC, which is still 10C hotter than it used to be.
  6. Yeah, I got scared when I installed my new heatsink when I couldnt turn my computer on. Turns out I didnt have the switch in the "on" position on the power supply. Long CMOS clear would be my guess.
  7. Yeah... I google'd "white PCB" last night and found a bunch. They look funny in my opinion.
  8. Wow, never seen that before... then again, I didnt know Sapphire made motherboards either.
  9. White PCB? Never seen that before. White PCB and black slots might be ok... I dunno. I actually like how the Infinity looks, Lanparty's arent exactly hard to look at either.
  10. I dont see whats wrong with the green PCB of the Infinity 975X/G... its not that vomit colored green of the old days, its like, "fresh" green. I like the blue and white DIMM slots and PCI slots. Like H_G said, who cares about asethetics. I bought my Tsunami because, sure, I liked how it looked, but I got it for the functionality of the drive bays and the cooling. My RAM has black heat spreaders. My 7900GT KO SC has the puke green PCB - oh well. The window of my case isnt facing me, and is blocked by a TV sitting next to it. Color didnt matter to me one bit... I dont have UV lights either.
  11. My SmartPower has that temperature sensing fan stuff so it spools up when it needs to, I just wish the fans would run all the time. I have a 48dB, 92mm fan on the side of my case... I think I can handle a PSU that emits 25 dB.
  12. Mine does too with my rig... might need to enter and win that new Mushkin PSU...
  13. Sorry, but I would take Brooke Burke, thanks.
  14. I vote thermalright - cheaper than the Zalman while still getting excellent performance.
  15. The 9/13 BIOS let me run different dividers... for some reason other dividers wouldnt work on the 7/31. It would hang at POST, restart and then everything would be at stock again... 9/13 fixed it.
  16. While pushing things to the limit and overclocking may be artwork, you have to admire the artwork and talent that went into that.
  17. I believe it... cant bash the Infinity though. For DFI's first run at a Core2 motherboard, I think its holding up pretty darn well. No Lanparty board for me when its released... should probably let the ol' checking account dust settle and maybe start saving again 'cause before I know it, Im going to need about $500 for second semester books... :eek: :mad:
  18. Im a college student now, but I used to work in the dairy of a local grocery store for $7.50 an hour. The summer before that, I worked at a boat repair shop that a friend of the family owns ... got paid $8.50 for landscaping and painting boat bottoms there. My entire rig cost pretty much everything I made in my dairy job in 8 months. Im a full time student at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio studying Computer Engineering, pondering a minor in networking.
  19. Very nice... who doesnt love a 1400MHz overclock above stock? :cool: Pat yourself on the back for that 3807... then click tbe button already and buy that Vapochill! If I cant get it myself to get it to 3900 or even 4000MHz, might as well see someone else do it!
  20. I think he got that side resevoir idea from someone else... a guy did something like that where his res was made of 10mm plexi formed into a box about 1.5" thick. He made his own radiator and his own blocks, watercooling everything in his case - processor, north and south birdge, videocard, RAM and even his power supply with water cooling. It was nice... havent seen results yet. It does work though.
  21. Ill be posting (or attempting to) in the OCDB now that I have my SI-120 installed... gotta let the AS5 set for a few days. Wow Happy_Games, you werent kidding... this is one amazing cooler. At idle @ 3.15GHz, Im getting 37C... thats an 12C drop from the stock cooler. :eek: Dont know about load yet... going to test that in a bit. Amazed... :cool:
  22. My NB idles warm too, but that might be because Im overvolting it for overclocking. I was looking into 2 Thermalright heatsinks, the HR-05 and something else... forgot the model. Newegg has both of them and theyre both passive.
  23. Dane Cook talking about being abducted by aliens and now the atomic bomb.
  24. Didnt mean to derail your thread back there. My friend and I are more into the modifying hobby instead of the "push it as far as it can go with water cooling" type thing... we just want to build and modify the case to make it work as a rad/pump/res box.
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