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  1. The temps in the BIOS for me are a good 10-12 degrees lower than the program I use to measure them. I figured the program would be more accurate than that considering it came on a CD with my motherboard and is designed to use the sensor on my board, but whatever.
  2. Wow... werent you talking about people cant be closed minded a few posts ago? Let it go man, just because what your parents taught you where youre from isnt the norm here in the US of A, dont get your panties in a bunch. We do things differently here, and just because we do, that doesnt me we are "red necks." I could pull out a stereotype like that against you just as quickly as you did against myself and my fellow Americans, but Im not going to because you are too close minded to see the point. Excuse me while I grow up and make decisions for myself not based on what my parents tell me to do.
  3. Ive gotten up to 378MHz on the FSB and theres plenty more where it came from... If I had water or better air cooling (if there is?), Im sure I could hit 390, maybe 400 on water. With the 9/13 BIOS on this 975X/G, theres nothing to dissappoint you.
  4. I was talking with someone on another forum who was questioning why people curse/swear/cuss. He said that its wrong to do and that no one should do it. This was my reply. Suppose I was hammering away at some nails, putting together something in my garage workshop. Then suppose I hit my thumb with the hammer. Which one conveys the idea better that my thumb hurts like no other? Calmly saying "Ow! I hit my thumb with the hammer while driving this nail!" OR Yelling "AHHH !!Son of a classy lady! F***in hammer! Damn it all to hell! F*** this project, f*** this nail!" as I throw the hammer through my neighbor's window. I think the second one.
  5. Err... uhh... "Cha Cha Slide" - Mr C The Slide Man LOL :cool:
  6. On my college network, I get about 6000/1000 on average. Ive seen 9000/1500 before, but its rare. Doesnt really matter to me... I dont download much anyway other than game patches, pings in games under 80 are fine.
  7. I just got my HR-05 and my temps havent dropped much... theyre at 43C after some overclocking and voltage increases. This is about 5 degrees cooler than stock. I expected more. Can someone show me how much AS5 to put on the chipset before I put the heatsink on? I think I used too much.
  8. Someone said there were 7 finalists and they were going to pick 5 winners.
  9. I think its harder waiting for my damn heatsink to get here. My northbridge is crying out in 63C idle agony.
  10. Any pics Happy? My HR-05 should get here either today or Monday... probably should have waited for pics before I bought it, but I got impatient. If you say it fits with an SI-120, it should work with me, so I guess I should stop worrying.
  11. Is there a link to this? Its no where on their website.
  12. To whom it may concern: I believe I need a new power supply for a few reasons. The first one was when I built my rig, I was basing everything on vaule at the time, and trying to stretch every dollar I had to get the best I could without sacrifices. Now that I look back on it, I could have spent less on a case and more on a power supply, but such is not the case. My Antec SmartPower 2.0 500w seems to be belching out quite a bit of warm air (more than what is exiting from my exhaust fans) due to my overclocking and system specs. It begins to worry me when my smallish dorm room starts to heat up. This leads me to another reason - here I am in college, barely able to afford food, needing a new power supply that can cope with my overclocked system without breaking a sweat. If my Antec kicks the bucket, I will be out of a computer, and with winter coming up, its a long, cold walk across campus to the mess of tangled network and print cables that this college passes off computer lab. Speaking of cables, that is my third reason for needing a new power supply - mine is modular. While I realize this beautiful piece of electical engineering artwork is modular as well, my Antec's modularity (is that a word?) leaves one thing to be desired. Each molex and SATA cable has 3 connectors on it, and I need one of each. It defeats the purpose of the power supply being modular if I still have to hide all of the extra connectors. A few other note worthy reasons for a new power supply is the metalic casing of this Mushkin one will match better with my black Tsunami case for an industrial look rather than this drab, grey Antec one. The cable sleeving is also better-looking than the sleeving on my Antec. This Mushkin specimen also has 4, 12v rails, each at an astounding 20A, which is great for multiple 12v rail supplies. Its definately better than my Antec's dual 12v rails @ 17A and 19A. Mushkin, I believe you have created a winner. I hope I wrote this in time...
  13. I shoulda paid attention to your sig with the 939 bracket, my bad.
  14. Ive got it running almost 1000MHz over stock, thats why its warm. My SI-120 allowed me to overclock it more because with the stock cooler, it was about 74C at full load at 3.1GHz. Im at 3.34GHz now at 63C, so Im very happy.
  15. They supply a new bracket for you that is already pre-fit for the SI-128. He just wanted to re-use the yellow one he had, thats why he filed it down.
  16. Air Cooling Harddrive: 31C Processor @ 3.34GHz & 1.45v: 42C/63C (100% load with Orthos) System: 37C/40C Chipset: 56C/65? (botched the application of AS5, getting a Thermalright HR-05 in a few days, re-applying then) This is all in about a 70F room.
  17. Ive said it a million times, the Corsair RAM Ive got is Awesome, DDR2-675 @ 928MHz. I couldnt ask for more out of $168 RAM that I bought not even 2 months ago from NewEgg. I consider myself lucky because there isnt any way I would pay for 2GB of RAM at these prices. No idea where you can get 2GB for under $200, but if you can, jump on it before it jumps even higher!
  18. Bought my first Thermalright last week... I dont think Im going back. I can slap whatever fan on I want and get the cooling I need.
  19. Yeah, I need to do something about my 60C idle chipset... AS5 didnt bring the temps down compared to the stock stuff, they are actually up about 12C. I think Im going to buy the HR-05 tomorrow and see what I can do.... I dont know.
  20. That sucks. My 7200rpm drive is just fine for what I do, unless I want to rip a DVD and then everything bogs down. I noticed youre just shoving the voltage into that E6700... do you really need that much to keep it stable? I was 5 hours into Orthos with 370x9 @ 1.45v before my AC bit the dust and my temps shot up.
  21. Ok, theres going to be 2 cases - 1 will have the parts in it, another will have the pumps, rad, etc. I want to use the "main" PSU from the actual computer to power a relay which will turn the pumps on, which will be in the second case. I looked into the relays, and yes, there are 4 leads. Would I use the 12v, yellow wire to power the relay, and then route that ground from the coil back to the PSU? The relay will use the DC from the PSU to turn on an AC pump, which will be powered with wall current. Its been done before, Ive seen it.
  22. He would have to show off a few... maybe he can get the sponsorship of Falcon NW or Voodoo or some other company like that.
  23. A friend and I are going to build a "water box" we call it, which would be an external pump, radiators (we have 2 car heater cores) and a resevoir, which we would run external tubing to the computer that would be water cooled. The pumps we were planning to buy arent designed for use with computers, but for ponds and such, so they are rated for 120v @ 10A from a wall outlet. I was talking with my electrical engineering professor at my college about rigging up a relay system so that the pumps would turn on when the computer turns on, but neither of us knew something about the power supplies... Note: I have a few 200-300 watt PSUs that we would use to power fans and turn the pumps on and off (via another relay from the main PSU in the system that will be cooled), I still dont want to burn out this junk PSU's. The "supply" pole will be the yellow, 12v line from the PSU, correct? Or should I use the 5v? Does it depend on the relay? Second, the ground pole on the relay, the one that comes off the end of the coil inside (the other end from the 12v? supply line), should that go to the computer PSU or should I splice it into the ground line of the pond pump? I just want to know if it matters or not where the ground of the relay goes. Sure, I know this is making it more complicated than it needs to be, but hey, my friend and I are going to be engineers and we like to make things more complicated than they need to be. Could we just plug the pumps in when we turn the computer on? Sure, but we both know we would forget.
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