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  1. Head is ok at 6.1m... 3100Lph is a lot though. Waste of money IMO.
  2. Koolance usually gold plates their blocks, so it doesnt matter what their radiator is made of... Koolance is kind of goofy like that. Cheap on the radiator, but then they put gold on their blocks.
  3. Probably... I would just get it all off and apply 1 drop to the CPU, put the heatsink on and twist it a little, then secure it down and thats that.
  4. Using "car coolant" doesnt guarantee 100% safety from corrosion. Brass in the radiators and copper blocks are fine, brass and aluminum are fine. Aluminum and copper are not ok. Proof: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showpo...21&postcount=39
  5. Ive had my E6600 at 3.6GHz on my DFI without much work. It took him weeks to get his to 3.33 stable. Next upgrade I'll show him the wonderful world of DFI. On a side note, youre right... 3.33GHz on a Core 2 is an insane amount of processing power, maybe "only" wasnt the right choice of word.
  6. 2 drops of AS5 on the CPU and 1 drop on the heatsink? Wayyy too much. Angry_Games used this much on his P4 520... the IHS is or is about the same size as a Core 2 Duo and he used the SI-120 with that.
  7. My buddy got the DS3 v1.3 a few days after C2D was released in August... finnicky board. He can only get his E6600 to 3.33 stable.
  8. catkicker, that resevoir is aluminum. I would recommend you dont use it unless all of your waterblocks are aluminum. Copper blocks and aluminum resevoirs dont play nice.
  9. Its called a Proxy.
  10. Unless your fan controller can handle the power draw of your pump, (not many can) and your controller can provide clean power for the pump, I wouldnt do that. Fan controllers have a tendency to take nice, clean DC PSU power and fudge it up to some rippled DC.
  11. I scratched most of mine off with my finger nail when I replaced my northbridge heatsink on my 975X/G, then cleaned the rest off with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  12. I scratched most of mine off with my finger nail when I replaced my northbridge heatsink on my 975X/G, then cleaned the rest off with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  13. I used the spring clip thing that came with it for the 2 loops on my Infinity. Temps are 35/42 for idle/load in a 19C room.
  14. Why get a fan controller if your fans are always going to be at full blast? Doesnt make sense to me. :confused:
  15. Kind of pissed off that I turned on my computer this morning and managed to fry a stick of my Corsair XMS2. I had already voided the warranty some months ago when I pushed the DDR2-675 to 1005MHz @ 2.45v, so Im not too upset. I had since reduced it to 838MHz on the 800MHz divider with my CPU at 3.0GHz at stock volts. Now I have one of my beautiful sticks of XMS2 sitting here on my desk. Im now looking at these Geil sticks on newegg, not because theyre orange, but because theyre DDR2-800 and can be pushed to 2.4v without voiding the warranty. Cheap too, free jump drive is a plus I guess... already got a 1GB stick though. How does Geil work with DFI motherboards? Any other RAM recommendations? I was looking into Mushkin on newegg, but I dont see any DDR2-800 with low timings short of the eXtreme or Redlines. I would love a pair of Redline sticks, but I cant afford it. Any cheapish RAM... like, under $170ish? 2x1GB
  16. My Antec has loose tolerances and its at 5%... yours are not even 2% off. They are well within spec... dont worry.
  17. Delta has 2 fans that push 220CFM. The are however, deafening. http://sidewindercomputers.com/de12gf.html http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/de12tfexhisp.html That ducting is a good idea however... I have some POS Thermaltake fan on my SI-120 and a lot of the air is blown around the fins and not through them... seems the fin area is about 100mm square.
  18. Ive had my Razer Copperhead for 3 days now and I love it.
  19. Must be because I might not be using the same USB port. Im going to fiddle a bit and see if I can find the one I used originally. XP Pro btw. EDIT: Found it... Razer control panel recognizes it now. Thanks... I had a feeling the port was the problem but wasnt sure.
  20. I bought my Razer Copperhead at my local CompUSA for 20% off due to the store closing down. Excellent, excellent mouse. I installed it just fine, hooked it up, installed the drivers, played some BF2 with it. I shut my computer down and carted it back to college with me, and now when I hook up my mouse and open the Razer Control panel thing, it pops up a window telling me that the mouse isnt detected and that no settings will be saved. The mouse still works beautifully, the on-the-fly sensitivity adjusment buttons and my settings are still stored in the mouse, but I cant change/save them. Any insight? Ive tried restarting my computer and changing the USB port that its plugged in to.
  21. I cant remember if I had to remove the jumper for my SATA II Western Digital drives... I think I did.
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