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  1. Well, I guess I was wrong, I uninstalled BF2/reinstalled with 1.4 full, now I have more CTDs and my VOIP stopped working, 1.3 worked better for me!
  2. watsonte I also have never had a PC shutdown with BF2, I did experience a reboot once, I don't know if you are overclocking but I've read on a BF2 Forum, this game is very sensitive to overclocking. just a thought. Hope 1.4 gets your proble fixed.
  3. Don't know if something like this was posted already, thought it was good info to share on speeding up Windows XP boot times; http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1819090,00.asp I've tried some of their suggestions and did notice some good speed increase.
  4. Should help, one of the big things for this patch is the CTD fix.
  5. Check out BF 2 forums for some info on release notes and mirror download sites; http://www.totalbf2.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94514
  6. I'd like to benchmark results with the official release drivers before I take the plunge into quad.
  7. Hi all Just read an article on Extremetech that Nvidia will post a new Quad SLI driver http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558...2129TX1K0000532 sure enough they did, its release Version: 91.45 http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_91.45.html
  8. Wesspot, I went into BIOS PC Health and changed the fully on option to 25c and still getting same behavior. Kak, I did flash the bios when I got the board, I’ll try it again ans see what happens. Thanks Guys for the suggestions if this doesn’t work I’ll RMA the board.
  9. LowBoy, At this point it’s not sound coming from the MB but it the behavior patterns, the clicking sound is only present when I connect the DVD or HD. The whoosh sound comes from the 2 remaining fans (CPU and Chipset), to be exact the pattern in the fans onboard speeds up then down 3 times, this behavior is repeated 3 times example; “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, pause whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, pause whoosh, whoosh, whoosh pause” then it will boot. The click is not present since the DVD is not connected, if it where the pattern would be as follows and I confirmed it “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, click, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, click, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh click.” I don’t want to disconnect the fans for fear of heat damaging the CPU or Chipset. Up until this past Monday the board would boot up very quickly without delays or strange behavior. I think I should have named this post a “behavior problem”. BTW: I did test the CPU in my old board without problems (ASUS A8N32)
  10. Thanks, I’ll RMA it, you guys have any ideas as to the turn-around time would be?
  11. Thanks Guys for the quick reply, I did replace the factory chipset fan with an Evercool VC-RE and for troubleshooting purposes put back the factory chipset fan. The Bios temperature setting are at factory default and have been since I got this board for just over 2 months now, these symptoms just started this past Monday. You guys think I should then RMA this board?
  12. Hi All, I noticed this past Monday a strange sound from my PC when I turn it on, I appear as thought the Fans speed up 3 times then a click sound, it repeats this pattern 3 times before it finally goes to POST and boots to windows, it sound more like “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, click” and repeat itself 3 times. I thought at first it was my DVD drive going out since I noticed the click sound from the drive so I completely disconnected it and the problem is still there but now I don’t here the click only the whoosh sound. By process of elimination removed all HD’s one by one, still the same behavior. Finally removed all internal cards and installed a spare video card and still getting the same whoosh sound. Then removed all fans except CPU I used the OEM fan that came with the CPU still the same behavior with a single fan (CPU). I then gave it a CMOS clear for about 2 hours first that didn’t help, then another 14 hour CMOS clear, but still the same. Also tried another PSU (Antec TP 550). Any thoughts on what may be happing here?
  13. With my Evercool VC-RE my temps are running 41c idle up to 50c and I’ll bet it’s because my 7950 is right above it.. I think that will change once the Thermaltake Mozart TX case is available, has lots of room for cooling fas and W/C kits , then I’ll be able to do some serious OC’ing
  14. Great, the Innovatek looks great but the ¼ fitting versus DD ½, the less restricted flow the better chances of keeping the GPU’s cool, IMO. When the time is right I would like go the quad SLI route, but looking at just the 1 7950 in the top PCIe slot water cooling the NF4 chip would near to impossible getting a water block underneath these cards. Have you guys looked at other solutions for the NF4 chip cooling, if you go quad configuration?
  15. Thanks Sorrento, I really haven’t seen any problems using the 91.33 drivers, I guess I’m one of the luck ones, I’ve search for problem with these divers and haven’t found anything so far. What temps are your GPU cores running?
  16. Yes, I'm waiting on that w/c block and also waiting for the Thermaltake Mozart TX case, looks like alot can be done with this case, here's the link http://mozarttx.ecrm.com.tw/product.html
  17. Thanks Blaise, I must have fat-fingered it, looks great now core 1 reports 57C and core 2 67C, wow I guess being sandwiched like that I’d hot too. I guess this is alright for now but I think I should wait the water cooler for the 7950 come out.
  18. Hi All, I’m running the 7950 and wanted to monitor the temps just to make sure the case is circulating properly, but for some reason it doesn’t show in the control panel, I’m using Driver 91.33 and also have coolbits installed using the A1 option. I also installed MBM5 per instructions using nVidia driver 7.22. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  19. Thanks Guys, Well now I understand the video clock speed. As far as the lapping of the CPU I read somewhere or maybe I just misinterpreted the article, it was something to do with the ability to keep a processor from being overclocked, which I don’t plan on doing anytime soon but was a bit curious about this lapping thing.
  20. Hi All, I’m new to this forum and it is a great source of information that I’ve used to build my rig based on recommendations. I've switch from Intel/ASUS to AMD/DFI and very pleased with my new systems performance. I have a couple of questions I haven’t found yet using the boards search engine and maybe someone can point me in the right direction The XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 M520 according to specifications states a Clock rate 520 MHz which according to PowerStrip is correct but the Memory Clock of 1.3 GHz per XFX specs versus PowerStrip's reading of 650 MHz. Is this right or am I missing something here? And last question, how can I determine if my CPU is lapped? Other than that this thing is a speed demon and rocks. Just for kicks I replayed Doom 3 and what a difference, can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Thanks all
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