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  1. I guess i'll just buy one an try it Actually i have my pc very low noise, cpu cooled by water, the case with coolink and noise blocker, same for HDD's and the vga with an arctic ati silencer 5, even playing or seeing a movies i don't ear it, but i don't ear it because i have a noise blocker sending air to the original chipset cooler so i'm going to replace it for that one and see if it keeps runing low noise, i guess ajusting the fan speeds and checking the temps after is going to work, i just keep reading good things coming from that cooler thanks!
  2. Wow, looks cool, actually i have temps around the 48c idle and less than 58c playing because i have a Noise Blocker 120 sending air to it so it does not start full power and make noise, so the question is: Does that cooler is low noise? Can someone tell me the level of noise? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone! I don't know if there is already a thread for this problems but there it goes! After assembling my computer i tried to reapair windows so i configured to boot up from cd-rom drive, then i started windows setup but it just keept hanging on the transition fase betheen loading the setup and asking what to do next and what HDD to choose windows to be installed or repaired, so i searched for some solutions on some forums and found that desabling the ONCHIP USB whas the solution, but not quite right, after completly formating the HDD and installed a fresh windows xp sp2 i enabled ONCHIP USB again started windows and installed nForce Chipset Driver's, restarted and the system handed on the same place AGAIN, so i just disabled ONCHIP USB again, then windows just starts fine, but if i enable ONCHIP USB it hangs, does someone have the same problem? Does someone know a solution for this? ----------------------------- MB: DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D w/ BIOS NF4LD406 2006/04/06 CPU: AMD Athlon 64-Bit 3700+ San Diego GPU: GeCube ATi Radeon X1800GTO 256MB DDR3 RAM: 2GB DDR Corsair Value Select (2x1GB) HDD: Western Digital 250GB Sata 2 PSU: LC Power Silent Power 550W PCI-E Ready CD/DVD: LG DVD-RW 16x Dual Layer OS: Windows XP SP2