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  1. That is why I said you can't lose. You are not going to overclock heavily so getting a "mediocre" motherboard is a good plan and since you are not a heavy overclocker you won't need the water cooling set-up. You can't lose.
  2. If you can swing that deal for $289 I'd say go for it. Even if the motherboard isn't the best, you are a new to the overclocking world and what better way to learn? Also, from what I understand, temps are an issue with I7's and would require water to acheive the high overclocks. You can't lose imo. Go buy it.
  3. I would say the general concensous here is that you wouldn't want to pay extra for a factory clocked card. Buy vanilla and clock it yourself.
  4. Ah, very good then. A hint for future posts regarding your hardware, you will get the most (and willing :thumbs-up: ) help by listing your current hardware you are using including operating system. Good luck.
  5. Memory voltage is set in BIOS. As far as what you set your RAM to, that's up to you. If, as you have come here saying, it's giving you trouble, what better place to start than at stock settings/voltages. Once stability is confirmed through stress tests then by all means clock it as high as it will go. All that said, as I said earlier in a post, 1193,1123,1066... you won't see any dramatic increase in performance from using 1193 down to 1066 speed settings. Stability > oooo look at me, I can clock fast.
  6. 1193, 1123, 1066, it's all a wash in real world performance. I think you just solved your issue, you had your RAM set to high.
  7. I agree with Paul, you have 4 GB RAM already and unless you have money to burn then going with 8 GB of RAM isn't really needed. If anything perhaps get a second kit of the 2x2GB OCZ Gold.
  8. You might be able to find wire adapters at places like xoxide.com. Thing is, even those 4pin to 3pin adapters might limit the current and then make using them to connect to yoour fan controller useless. Can't hurt to take a look, good luck.
  9. Good stuff so far guys. My friend has now seen it and said he didn't like it because it was more less an entire movie with humor intended "cheesy" quotes from the other movies. As I said in my previous post, if he doesn't like a movie, I usually do so I guess its one more of those cases. I'll look to go see it here in the next week.
  10. Both you and your brother can downlaod super PI. Run the test and then maybe you can understand. This thread reminds me of watching an NBA game where the refs call a foul and the player complains about it. The refs are not going to change their mind. Folks have shown clear examples of why an I7 is faster than a P4. Sell your I7 and buy a pentium chip if that's what you want to hear. But you really should run the super PI test you will get a good laugh.
  11. You have several choices there for the power supply. Some folks will tell you that 500w would be plenty but for me, I would go up a step and get a 700w+ and you would guess which one of those I would pick. Paul is very knowledgeable here at OCC with PSU's and alot of folks(me included, respect his advice) If he says Thermaltake is good now, then I would trust him. It's your choice in the end and as I said earlier. I have not heard good things about Thermaltake's. I will say that was several years ago(perhaps not fair to Thermaltake currently, but so be it) as I have not bothered to look any further than FSP group since my current PSU has been very solid for me for several years. I also have purchased FSP exclusively for friends/family builds. As for your monitor and RAM choices, I do not have any experience using those brands. Kingston and Super Talent are reputable I would say but I use OCZ and G.SKILL for my builds.
  12. I grew up watching re-runs of the original series with Bill Shatner and watched TNG as well. I saw all the movies and liked some and disliked others, especially the one where they bring back a whale. I haven't decided yet to go see this remake. I'm going to wait until one of my friends goes to see it. If he likes it then I won't go see it. Just about every movie he said he liked, I disliked.
  13. The Presidents of the United States of America - Lump
  14. Ah, good to see there are "old-school" folks still around who use CRTs.
  15. Nice Turo, you got a great chip it seems. It's odd that CPU-Z won't recognize the half multi, maybe it's an MSI thing.
  16. Careful flashing a BIOS, it can be tricky. You might want to contact Dell and ask them for help on how to flash your BIOS.
  17. None, I have no point. I clearly don't understand at all. The pen is blue.
  18. Well, you can be like Waco and selectively read it the way you did. I was actually agreeing with you. What I disagree with you on I thought I explained in my earlier posts. Of course you can't board a plane and smuggle in weapons. I was being sarcastic. I should have used smilies and eyerolls.
  19. No, again you misinterpret my point. I generalized, I should be more clear. Ahem... You are not going stop these illegal guns by having the folks in DC try and save us. We agree to disagree and I'll kindly leave it at that.
  20. Are you serious? Yea let's smuggle in guns through the airports and see if we get past the TSA. Again, only a na
  21. I don't think its up to the feds to decide what's best for me. Verran if you chose to read what I said, I agreed with you meaning I don't carry a gun so if there was new laws for regulating guns it doesn't affect me. I am just argueing in principle here that the folks in DC don't have a right to make blanket rules. And that "fluff" as you called it has happened to me. The difference there was that I am rational. I'm not going to run out and get a gun just to get even. Anyways, the bottom line here is that guns should be regulated by the state not the feds.
  22. I can't cut and paste too good on my BackBerry but basically to Verran: I am agreeing with you, I could care less about gun laws. What's wrong with the current system? I never said anywhere that there should be no laws. I am pointing out that attempting to restrict further won't matter. stop all the dramatics!!!
  23. Have you ever seen the bad side of life Verran? Have you ever had someone point a gun at you? Call it what you will, its called life and it aint pretty. There are a lot of people around that could care less and those gun laws are not going to stop these people. I truly do hope you never have to see the ugly side of life but trust me it exists. I myself don't carry a gun and probably never will. I could care less as you say, but to believe that these gun laws will limit crime is fantasy. And about your edit, do I really have to coment on that sillyness? Common sense will take one very far in life.
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