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  1. Buy whatever card is cheaper. I don't understand what you posted about perhaps overclocking if you buy expensive RAM. You can overclock your CPU with cheap RAM or expensive RAM and to be honest I would always use cheap RAM. Over-priced over-hyped RAM like the Corsair Dominators are just marketing gimmicks to take advantage of people who think more expensive RAM is better.
  2. You can't put a velociraptor and a barricuda in RAID-0. As far as getting a raptor cuz its "awesome" or mushkin psu cuz its "sweet", by all means buy them. I doubt it really matters what the item's real world performance is. People have different reasons to buy different hardware. Reading through their posts can usually identify which course of advice to give. Giving practical advice such as " a velociraptor's performance compared to 7200 rpm SATA II drive isn't worth its cost" isn't going to mean much to a guy who thinks a Velociraptor is "awesome"
  3. Who knows, I have no clue who he was talking about. As far as your build, everything looks fine. A lot of times people come here and give advice based on what they would do if they built a PC. I would be crazy if I thought you bought an expenisve case and could not afford it. I would be crazy if I thought you bought 2 video cards and could not afford it. Other than the fact all of your hardware choices look like they are compatable, I think you are going to enjoy your new PC.
  4. I would get a 4890 and then you can get another and crossfire later depending on your board.
  5. Phil that wallet should be sent to the Smithsonian... I wonder though, you might want to market that, I would buy one.
  6. Most LCDs are rated for 50k+ hours. More than likely one would replace their LCD way before reaching that kind of useage.
  7. Just what the world needs, another lawyer. Congratulations, now that you are done with classes for a while it's time to relax nad have some fun. Enjoy your summer. B:)
  8. I am a bit confused... So you can see the post screen and the windows screen and then when your desktop is set to launch you get nothing? If that is what is happening you appear to have something set wrong in your BIOS and your PC is unstable(overclocked or not). This would have nothing to do with your video card or power supply.
  9. Good for you if you like CRTs or good for you if you like LCDs. I like both(still have a 21" Dell CRT as a back-up screen) but prefer LCDs, I think they look better. What I don't understand is how you can state that an advantage of having a CRT is you can view it from any angle. Who is going to view their screen any other way but right straight in front of them? And then you said you can drop one and it won't break? Who is going to drop their monitor unless of course you drink several litres of Mountain Dew a day, chew on your shirt and can't sit still for more than 2 minutes.
  10. If your PC is shutting off and restarting it may be a temperature issue. When is the last time you cleaned out your heatsinks and cooling fans?
  11. Interesting , how would anyone know what piss tastes like? But hey, I won't argue, if you know what piss tastes like, more power to you!
  12. Ah, I think they are all good really. I prefer OCZ and G.Skill for my builds.
  13. Intel quads are notorious for having stuck sensers. My core 0 is stuck until the chip gets over 40c then it starts monitoring. Maybe yours is just stuck all the time.
  14. Disagree to a point, those salespeople are annoying though. There IS a distinct difference to me when looking at these TVs in a store. Keep in mind though that your home more than likely has different lighting than a store. I have an Olevia 32" that I just love, but I will admit that Samsung, in my opinion are the top brand on the market. I think their blacks are blacker and the overall viewing picture is second to none. Also look for the 120 mhz TVs, they look better than a 60 mhz tv. Plasma TVs tend to get hot so be aware of that. They are like a space heater ,imo I would buy LCD all day long. In the end, what looks best to you is a personal preferance so listening to us tell you what looks better may or may not be much help as far as which screen looks best. Budget TVs are worth a look but you are going to pay more for Samsung.
  15. I'll give you a hint, try overclocking it and see for yourself. <_< Seriously though, alot depends on the card itself and the cooling device.
  16. Budweiser, there is no other beer for me and lord knows I have drank plenty nectar of the gods. I always come back to Budweiser, the King of Beers. :thumbs-up:
  17. You might want to run a series of that benchmark, say 10 of them and see what the average is. Benchmark scores can vary without ever changing the overclock.
  18. Make it a vegemite sandwich! I (don't ) come from the land down under.....
  19. That is too practical Verran , You are correct and it's probably the best solution but I get anal retentive sometimes and like to play around with the various adapters and such. Though these are very cheap(a few dollars at best), you hit the nail on the head and it's not really worth the bother to mod something as cheap as a fan.
  20. I feel for you, I have had first-hand experience with a cheating wife. It's argueably among some of the toughest ordeals one can endure in a lifetime. I would advise you to find a psychologist that you trust and talk things out, it will help escpecially when you are feeling "lost". Time is your best friend, it will pass and hopefully you will have learned something through all of this. It's real easy to be bitter and rightfully so, but I would hope you don't hold a grudge towards women, something I had a hard time dealing with myself for a long time. Good luck, it's nice to know that even on a computer forum, there are folks here that can help, if anything to take your mind off things for a while. :thumbs-up:
  21. I really enjoy the TW series, I play Medieval II still. Looks like Empire is worth buying now as the bugs are/have been squished. Thanks for the heads up Lo, I'll tell the game developers you deserve an "atta boy" for promoting it.
  22. Nice hardware. If I had to choose between a 4830, 4850 or. 4770, I would take the 4850. It would perform better than the other 2 and cost is minimal. I would like to think that any P45 board made by Gigabyte, Asus, or MSI would be just fine so look for the cheapest board with the features you need.
  23. Very nice IVI, be sure to post up some results compared to your Q. Looks like a lot of fun for you coming up.
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