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  1. If you are having trouble clocking your cpu what makes you think getting a new one will be easier? As far as performance is concerned E5200 at 3.6 will do slightly slower performance than E8400 at 3.6 but you wouldn't be able to tell without benchmarks. The PCI-Express version 1.0 is fine, you won't even saturate the lanes so getting a version 2.0 equiped board isn't necessary.
  2. Go one step further, what if you bought 6 two gig ddr3 sticks? Guess that won't work either. You can't triple stamp a double stamp.
  3. Never owned a true but I find it hard to believe it is the best air cooler. I think they are all good but a bigger factor would be how big is your case, how good are your wires hidden so it doesn't look like a rat's nest. Do you keep your case on the carpet stuffed under your desk, etc... You could have an air cooler that Chuck Norris made and it still wouldn't help much. A lot of factors are present to cancel out " the best cooler on the market". Also $84 is a lot of money to spend on air cooling specifically without any cooling fans thrown in mix.
  4. Before you buy that E8400 , have you tried clocking your E5200 higher? I have 2 friends that have that chip and both have theirs clocked at 3.7ghz. One of them has never pverclocked before. In my opinion I wouldn't waste money on the E8400. It is only 500 mhz faster than the E5200 and to me, that isn't going to make a hill of beans. If you don't have the money to get an I7 or other powerful hardware it isn't worth worrying about upgrading a tiny bit unless you just can't keep that money from burning a hole in your pocket.
  5. The public schools system along with poor parenting are the blame for a child's poor attitude and behavior. Teachers have little authority anymore. If a child uses the f word or punches another person all a teacher can do is make them sit in the hall outside the classroom or "send them to the office". There is little consequence and the children know it. I'm not saying teachers should be able to put a hand of a child but there has to be better procedure when these unruly kids act out. @ Andrew, that is good to know. I have that voice in my head as well that keeps me from doing things I shouldn't. What is scary though is that a lot of people don't.
  6. You can cut and paste your current music folder to your new hard drive. Do you use windows media player to rip cd's and listen to music, etc... If so you would have to go into media player options and tell it to save your ripped music to your music folder's new home.
  7. I don't want to sound like the old mean guy. I'd like to think most kids do what they are supposed to. However, it seems some have never been taught the word no, it is a bad word and we don't say no to our child, right? Liberal thinking produces consequences.
  8. I'm surprsied nobody has brought up the fact that why do children need cell phones at school in the first place? Some schools ban cell phones. My friend's wife is a high school teacher and the garbage that goes on today by these children is amazing. I applaud the police officer, about time some of these kids were taught a lesson.
  9. As long as you monitor your temps(and if those temps are what you reported they are), you have nothing to worry about as far as hurting your hardware. Voltage is good as well it appears. Have fun with your new cpu.
  10. Credit cards can be good but having one with a high balance or even having too many like Clay has ,can actually hurt your credit score. Best way to earn and keep good credit is through installment loans like a car or small bank loan.
  11. Yea and while you are at it why not volt mod the video card, flash the video card BIOS and pencil mod the motherboard for vdro.... Oh wait, this isn't going to be overclocked. And can someone explain why that Q8200 isn't as good as a more expensive/higher priced overclocking friendly chip for the OP to consider when he says he isn't overclocking? Heck, why not ditch the entire thing and get a tri-sli i7 build they are much better. Stop chewing on your shirt, put the mountain dew 2-litre down and read what the OP is asking for instead of "just telling him what you would do"
  12. None of the above. Either a cheaper phenom II or C2D/C2Q.
  13. The gigabyte board does have a better northbridge cooler and the amount of copper used in that board "should" help overall cooling otherwise they all are good choices. The Asus, DFI and Gigabyte offerings.
  14. Yea well, I heard Bosco is giving out free i5's to any member who's name ends with Kingfisher. We are all free to believe what we like!
  15. Going on what you said earlier you mentioned unlocked cpu multipliers and under $200. I would go with Verran's advice. I would have to also point you toward an AMD phenom II. I'm pretty sure the black edition AMD chips have unlocked mulitpliers. From what I see from our AMD guys like Damian and Nuclear, these cpu's perform great and are a good bargain. If you insist on staying Intel, the only unlocked multipliers are the extreme versions. I can't say there is any practical use for them. Otherwise I agree with redtiger, go with an E8400 for pretty decent ovoerclocking chip.
  16. Your RAM has a max speed of 333 mhz so even with dividers, you more than likely are trying to run it faster than its capability. You didn't list its brand so I am assuming it is generic RAM. You may want to look for some faster RAM to continue your overclock.
  17. Not sure I understand your question but if by "pushing it" you mean to overclock, I have bad news. There are no overclocking features in BIOS for that board.
  18. I saw a few 100's before when running prime or intel burntest. It would pretty much be left to the individual what is comfy temps or not. For 24/7 use I don't like going past 50c under load. I can run my quad around 4.2-4.3 but I don't like the temps at all, upper 60s loaded. Besides for what I need even 3.75 giggabiggles is overkill.
  19. The difference you are seeing in cpu-z voltage compared to BIOS voltage is called v-droop and is common on motherboards. Some newer boards have a BIOS option setting called load line calibration to help correct v-droop. Some folks also have modded their v-droop issue using #2 pencil. I personally don't enable LLC or worry about v-droop , others do. Its a preferance thing. As for your struggle with reaching 3.6 ghz you seem to know what to do but it may be a case where your chip can't. Check your cooling temps and keep playing with your cpu and nb voltages.
  20. After you flashed your BIOS did you clear the CMOS?
  21. The guy lost his job, his money and his character. He still has to get the Commissioner's approval to be reinstated. He did his time and should now be allowed to be a part of society again. Who cares what job he has. Do convicted felons work in society after they do their time? There is one who works at my place of employment. One thing I don't understand and never will about these types of crimes is that sure they are wrong, but animals are not people. Its not like Mike Vick raped a girl or shot an old Lady. He will get a chance to get back in the NFL and I think he deserves that chance just like anyone else. Oh and I also think he has talent, he didn't get paid (at the time)more than any other QB in the league on accident.
  22. Quick sidestep here. DSL2008 stated that I7's require triple-channel RAM. You cannot use one stick of DDR3 or even two sticks of DDR3? It has to be 3 sticks? I am confused.
  23. What would cause this to be relevant to the OP's problem though?
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