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  1. Unfortunately AMD doesn't have any gainfully employed underpants gnomes....
  2. Been away from here a few years and I am shocked to see him gone. I actually was looking for him when I came back here to say hi. He was a class act for sure
  3. 90% of the populace couldn't tell you how many cores their CPU had.
  4. Just want to plug Newegg's $15 promo on the i5 2500k deal and share an experience. I purchased one of these on the 23rd before the deal started. I called Newegg today and asked if I could receive the promo deal and they gave me a $25 gift card as a trade off. They may not be lowest prices all the time but you can't beat their customer service.
  5. Good point , I will have 3 120mm antec case fans plus I'll mod up a smaller fan for the nb. I would like to add that while I haven't kept up with all the best products available today, a quick read of the reviews section here gets me up to speed rather quick (I chose the cm 212 Evo cooler i5 2500k and an hd 6850 based on them) Thanks for all the advice and kudos to the reviewers here
  6. Thanks , I'll let you know how well it all works out later in te week when my i5-2500k arrives. This intel motherboard has the UEFI BIOS so it appears to have overclocking capabilities. This should be fun
  7. Yes I see your points. I may decide to use the freebie with an i5 2500k. I could sell my current parts and break even. Or wait.
  8. As far as motherboards, sure, I prefer Asus but as I have this free Intel board, my curiosity is getting the best of me and I want to give it a try out and save a few bucks .
  9. Hi gang, Its been a while since I upgraded and I received a free Intel DZ68DB board from a friend. I was going to put an i5 2500k along with 8gb of Patriot. I mostly game and have been working through skyrim and bf3. My current cpu can do adequate but I am thinking there will be a major difference using this i5. I notice results on new ivy cpu is modest gains over sandy at best. Would it be worth it to wait for these new ivy bridges? I sure would love to get my hands on an i5 2500k, however this motherboard may not be up to the task. Anyone have any experiance with this Intel motherboard?
  10. I don't like macs because you can't upgrade them. If that's nonsense you need a clue. Its also an opinion. I could care less if you disagree with me. Calling me a troll and all that other crap is on you, not me. I don't have a problem with this site, only with you and a few other choice individuals who can't handle someone with a different opinion.
  11. Oh crap, a warning. After the crap you are spewing I lost any respect I had for this website. On top of that you think its ok for a staff member to attack someone for their opinion. Get a clue about life. I feel bad for the good folks who do all the work for a dipcrap like you to polish, pfffft. Polish this pal. what the heck is that? Anyways, to Verran and Praz, you guys are class folks.
  12. Yea, how dare I say that. It sure helps the guy who needs a BIOS file or which RAM settings to use. How dumb of me. I forgot this iis CNN and not OCC. My appologies.
  13. I'm going to tell you something a lot of people should have a long time ago you stupid .. Who do you think you are other than a self-rightous idiot who adds nothing to this forum as far as computer hardware is concerned. I have yet to see you help anyone. That being said and to the rest of the forum, the reason I don't like Macs is obvious, I can't tinker with them or upgrade them. As a computer hardware junky it is obvious. But yea, I am not entitled to my opinion. I am a troll and closed minded.
  14. Before you start throwing money into your problem you may want to do as was suggested and re-seat your cooler and be sure to not over do it on the thermal grease. Assuming your PC has good air circulation and free of wires preventing air flow and your room's temp is at or around 22c, your idle temps should be near 30-32c and I personally don't like load temps higher than 50-55c. My tuniq keeps my cpu under 50c under load at my current clocks. Each has their own comfort level as far as temps go.
  15. After reading all of this I am not sure what "braking the OC" means. As for your temp questions, the i7 chips will run hotter. It is up to you how comfortable you are with your temps. I like to run prime95 blend test for 24 hrs and at least a run of ten intel burn tests. If temps stay within my comfort zone(especially when the IBT) then I would be done with it. To answer your last question, I would cloclk my cpu at the lowest stable voltage possible along with the lowest temps.
  16. Macs are just like any pre-built PC, a throw-away. Besides that, Mac users reveal their political affiliationan which is another reason I dislike Macs.
  17. Well for AMD socket 939 and Intel socket 775 you can. The cpu heatshield is displayed through a plastic window on the box. The stepping code is also stickered on the box as well. Verran had posted a picture of an example somewhere in a thread before. As for other cpus, I can't be certain but I would imagine they all display stepping code somewhere on the retail package like the two examples I posted.
  18. I would stay away from plastic and choose aluminum enclosers. its not like the hard drive is going to burn up, but if you are worried, get one with a fan. Newegg has several different choices. You could spend anywhere from $15-$75 or so. As far as re-installing windows , obviously no if this hdd will be storage and obviously yes if this is going to hold your OS and be a bootable drive.
  19. Agree with Savan, hepa filtered air purifier or what Verran said, get a small air compressor. I have the air compressor and I take my whole tower to my garage and blow it out. Rinse and repeat the process once a month.
  20. I use Asus mainboards all the time and I have put plenty of OCZ ram in those boards without ever having any problems. Don't always believe what you read, OCZ makes very good products.
  21. If you ever have run the linpack tests you would know they creat a lot nore heat than prime 95 tests. I wouldn't worry about your temps at all. And just because someone gets a certain clock and a certain voltage means nothing. There are no black and white overclock settings.
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