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  1. No the gold standard WAS not is a good idea Lets assume ol ronny gets elected and returns us to the standard We have approx 445B in gold at ft Knox to pay off the trillions in debt owed to china Japan etc. That math doesn't add up. How do business with no gold start up? And last but not least Ronny better have the house and senate at his back to even consider passing legislation for it.
  2. I hate to break the news but "some radical people" happen to be in power there. Cheer up
  3. While you are over there saving the Muslim women you will have your hands full saving the Israeli women too. There won't be any men left either because they would wipe out Israel the second we turned our backs.
  4. Ron Paul says "today there was a national poll that came out and they were talking about how many people supported the gold standard. How long has it been since they've taken a national poll on the gold standard? And guess what? The majority of the American people believe we should have a gold standard and not a paper standard" for U.S. currency. Paul says "the majority of the American people believe we should have a gold standard and not a paper standard." But the polls his campaign cited to back up that claim surveyed likely Republican primary voters in three states -- not voters nationwide. The one national poll that addressed this question found 44 percent in favor of a gold standard, and that isn’t a majority. Ron Paul says “The individual suffering from AIDS certainly is a victim — frequently a victim of his own lifestyle — but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for his care,” Paul wrote. Employee rights are said to be valid when employers pressure employees into sexual activity,” Paul wrote. “Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem? Seeking protection under civil rights legislation is hardly acceptable" I have read these and some other quotes really really really good and can't find any reason to like Ron Paul very much. **Edited to add more profound quotes
  5. Haha, well it's ok, Ron Paul doesn't make much sense to me either. He wants to limit government (I agree) he wants to follow the constitution (I agree). He wants to keep our country isolated(don't agree). He wants to allow countries like Iran and Syria and even the fine people of palatine(Hamas) freedom to wreak havoc on the world(destroy Israel). Strange indeed
  6. I grew up as a kid with Muslim neighbors..They weren't radical. They owned a gas station. What is absurd is to think they are bombing us because we are bombing them. The real danger here is this kind of thinking. People who strap bombs to themselves and blow up school buses full of kids in the name of god is a fairly normal activity , right? Firing hundreds of rockets into innocent civilians is normal, right? No it's absurd. And to ignore it and pretend the USA is responsible is even more absurd.
  7. "To declare war on 1.2 billion Muslims and say all Muslims are the same, this is dangerous talk,” Paul added. “Yeah, there are some radicals. But they don't come here to kill us because we're free and prosperous. Do they go to Switzerland and Sweden? I mean, that's absurd….The CIA has explained it to us. They said they come here and want to do us harm because we're bombing them." Outstanding foreign policy there Ron Neville Chambelain Paul. Oh yea, that "bring back the gold standard " is another gem of an idea. This guy is absurd , I'm sorry but I'd rather have Obama and his socialist agenda than Ron Paul for 4 more years. This is exactly why Paul doesn't have a chance in hell.
  8. I have been looking into getting an SSD to use as cache for my new z68 board. I've seen so many different specs mentioned. Some claim they read up to 500 but write up to 95. Other will claim over 500 read and writes. At the end of the day aren't they all the same performance wise? Assuming its a sata III Runnimg on a sata III controller In real world fr the average joe computer builder/owner who plays games and looks at you tube videos , does it really matter which SSD you buy?
  9. I did test my psu gang Replacement board comes tomorrow so I can finally get my new hardware up and going, assuming this board isn't doa like the last one.
  10. If both computers are identical as you say, then I would take the ram out of the working pc and try it in the troubled pc. If you don't get errors then you solved your problem. Good luck with it.
  11. What you really want to do is go with total submersion
  12. Pelosi opposes it, not much more to say ...
  13. I've had several hitachi sata drives and I can honestly tell you I've dropped kicked butchered and battered them over the past 5 yrs and they still work great.
  14. I have the same Asrock board on its way in the mail. For cooling I picked the CM 212 Evo for a fraction of the cost of those $100 coolers that are a waste imo. What little extra overclocking you gain from the expensive coolers is negligible.
  15. Yep. Just let steam do it's thing , it will keep all your games patched to the latest updates.
  16. Actually the best deal would be to have mom pay!
  17. tax and gas and sitting in traffic and it's still not newegg customer service< a few mouse clicks
  18. I bought these two through steam but play them very little: Far Cry 2 Rome Total War Gold Edition because.. I too have been only playing my retail copy of Skyrim, the game even made me upgrade to an i5 2500k set-up(coming soon)
  19. You can set up the ssd and hdd in BIOS. I am thinking about getting one ssd to try that in my new set up As far as I know the z68 chipset on 1155 boards has srt feature. 8 gb ram is plenty but if you want more it isn't going to hurt
  20. I dont mind paying a re stock fee for that reason. After all. It costs them time spent packaging your order and shipping costs. It's not like you went to Walmart , bought a pair shoes and decided to return them. You do most of the leg work there and it doesn't involve someone driving a brown truck. Oh and Newegg also will waive re stock fee if you return an item and purchase something else.
  21. Sort of the same thing, the difference is my current asus board will behave like its dead (has done this every time I clear CMOS) and then atart adter a few secondsand the intel board is just plain dead. The only thing was maybe I was a bit impatient this time. I am returning the intel board and will pick up an Asrock extreme 3 gen3 board. I tested the psu and it tested out fine. If somehow the Asrock board doesn't start up then I'll go ahead and replace the psu (and buy a Dell) j/k. Thanks for te tips gang
  22. I am replacing parts in my sig with i5 2500k , intel dz68db mobo and patriot ddr3 1600(2x4) I did basic test set up with mobo on cardboard CPU and 1 stick of ram in dimm1 per motherboard manual. Connected CPU and 24 pin connectors and CPU fan to its header. Power up and nothing but the standby light on mobo. Built in speaker didn't beep either. Unplugged everything , took battery out for five min , and still nothing but little green light on mobo. I re install my old system(in sig) and it does same thing. Just the little green light. I take battery out and clear jumper and nothing. I think it's time for a break. I come back hour later and press case start button and still nothing. I flip the rocker switch on back of power supply and nothing. I wait another ten minutes and I flip the rocker switch and my old system(in sig) lights right up and boots into windows. I'm ready to rma the motherboard but can't help but think maybe it's my power supply or something really strange. I plan on testing the supply wih a volt meter but do not have the time until Tomorrow. It's about 4 yr old FSP Group
  23. It's a sad day, parts arrived and I fired up the mobo and nothing zilch nadda zero. . Guess I'm back looking for a new Motherboard. Sigh...
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